Saying Goodbye To 2016!

So, 2016 was a whirlwind that I didn’t expect. It was full of milestones, slowly exploring the world and saying ‘yes’ to oppurtunites I didn’t think I was lucky enough to even receive. Another incredible year that featured so much laughter, adventure, dreams and hopes that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. It’s going to be hard saying goodbye to everything 2016 offered.

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Disneyland Paris, France

Trip Report: Disneyland Paris 2016

The first day of the trip is always so magically overwhelming. That first walk through the Disney village, that first walk through the barriers into the Disney Park with that first view of the castle. We took a million pictures, pointed at every little detail we came across

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Barcelona, Spain

The Barcelona Photo Diary

There was no place I’d rather had been on my 21st birthday than beautiful Barcelona. The second we walked out of the airport and into the last of day’s Spanish sun we were greeted by the most beautiful sunset complimented by plenty of palm trees, providing the most perfect Instagram shot. And we’d only been there two minutes.

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Rome, Italy

How To Plan Your Holiday Wardrobe

Jet-setting season is well and truly upon us; just a quick scroll down my Facebook feed and I’m greeted with several plane emojis, those little interactive maps that shows your flight route and about a million beach selfies.
It’s so exciting going on holiday

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