The Winter Essential: Frills

I couldn’t help it, the second I saw this jumper hanging up in Berksha, I just had to have it. It was the last one in a small, so naturally, it was fate, right? It ticks all the boxes, oversized, cosy, soft, there was no way this wasn’t coming home with me.

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Brighton Seafront

Self-Caring This Winter

It’s not breaking or headline news that January is a hard month… well, Winter is a just a hard few months in general. It’s cold and it’s dark. You arrive and leave the office in that never-ending patch of darkness and you wonder if the sun even made an appearance that day.

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Royal Pavilion Ice Rink, Brighton

Why Blogging is Good For Me

as we enter 2017, one of my ‘goals’ is to be more thankful for the platform I’m on, to be more confident and to realise “hey Abbi, your blog is pretty cool and what you do is pretty cool, and who gives a monkey’s what anyone else thinks?”. And the very first step towards that is quite simply, sitting down with my cuppa and exploring why blogging is good for me (and millions of other people).

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Hove, Brighton

So this is Christmas

There are two things that truly make me feel like my past five year old self: Disney… and Christmas. The contagious festive energy, the way you can sit snug as a bug, surrounded by twinkling fairy lights, watching timeless films that the whole family loves… not the mention the fact it’s the only time I ever purchase the Radio Times. Christmas is truly one of my favourite life traditions.

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