• Lipsticks in Rotation

    I am definitely one of those people who pick up the same four or five lipsticks for a month or so before I switch the whole lot up. I just cannot help it, I seem to become obsessed with a certain finish or particular shade and want to wear everything I own that fits the bill until I’m obsessed with what’s new.

    How I use my Bullet Journal For Blogging

    Bullet journalling has become one of my favourite ways to keep my life organised. A blank notebook, ready to become, in my case, the backbone of everything I do. Bullet journals have the ability to case anything and everything you want in them and whilst I definitely miss buying god knows how many random but pretty notebooks I never manage to quite fill, I have truly jumped on the bullet journal bandwagon and have truly seen the benefits work for themselves.

    The Perfect Base with L’Oreal Shaping Sticks

    One of my first makeup loves (throwback to being sixteen and browsing the aisles of Boots and Superdrug for hours after college trying to work out this make-up malarky) was the L’Oreal True Match foundation. My very first bottle was way too dark and I used my fingers to blend it in so it was pretty patchy, to say the least, but I loved it and bottles of it are still being brought now (and in the right shade… thankfully!). So I wasn’t all that surprised when I saw an Instagram advert for the new L’oreal Infallible Shaping Sticks and I rushed down to my nearest Superdrug to add them to my ever-growing makeup collection.

    February Makeup: The Top Three

    Annnnnd we are back again for the second instalment of the new top three series where at the end of every month, I’ll tell you all about my top three makeup products of that month. What I have loved, why I have loved it and why you will probably love it too. There is just a whole lot of love over here!


    The March To-Do List

    Well hello, snowy pictures! It just had to be done, didn’t it? When I was planning the upcoming photography for this month on SimplyAbbi I had pictured this post with some beautiful Spring inspired photography and whilst we have had some sun and warmer days, the Beast From The East soon made it’s dreaded appearance.


    Finding your Perfect Pair with Matalan

    I love denim. For me, there is nothing like the feel and look of a good pair of jeans. Unless it’s thirty degrees or snowing, I can guarantee nine times out of ten that you’ll see me, I’ll be in a pair of my trusty jeans.

    I am twenty-two now so I have been buying jeans for a good few years and having been a student or on a part-time hourly wage, I cannot invest hundreds of pounds into my denim. I need a pair that is affordable, comfortable and looks and feels good. The pair that you shout from the rooftops about and recommend to your friends in your Whatsapp group. Those pair of jeans.