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    The March To-Do List

    Well hello, snowy pictures! It just had to be done, didn’t it? When I was planning the upcoming photography for this month on SimplyAbbi I had pictured this post with some beautiful Spring inspired photography and whilst we have had some sun and warmer days, the Beast From The East soon made it’s dreaded appearance.


    Finding your Perfect Pair with Matalan

    I love denim. For me, there is nothing like the feel and look of a good pair of jeans. Unless it’s thirty degrees or snowing, I can guarantee nine times out of ten that you’ll see me, I’ll be in a pair of my trusty jeans.

    I am twenty-two now so I have been buying jeans for a good few years and having been a student or on a part-time hourly wage, I cannot invest hundreds of pounds into my denim. I need a pair that is affordable, comfortable and looks and feels good. The pair that you shout from the rooftops about and recommend to your friends in your Whatsapp group. Those pair of jeans.

    Disneyland Paris

    Top 5 things to do in Disneyland Paris

    Boy, oh boy, have I missed writing about Disneyland Paris! After every trip to the most magical place on earth, I have always shared my trip report (2016 and 2017) and last year I finally managed to churn out my Ultimate Guide to the parks but definitely feel as if I haven’t shared enough Disney magic on here.

    New In From Glossier

    Throwback to last October. Pumpkins were filling the supermarkets, we were planning our Halloween costumes, leaves were turning orange and brown, we were enjoying the very last moments of the Summer sun, writing posts all about how much we adore Autumn and the Pumpkin Spiced Lattes that come with it and then something major happened. Glossier launched in the UK. Yep, the moment all we beauty obsessed had been waiting for, checking our emails daily for that all-important launch date, calculating how much money we were going to drop on that very first order and reading countless reviews from our friends over the pond. We were ready.

    What I’ve Learnt About Love

    The supermarket aisles are full of pink and red, hearts and teddies, flowers and fancy gifts all embossed with those three famous words… be my Valentine?

    January Makeup: The Top Three

    I have always loved writing out my monthly favourites purely because it is such a great opportunity to go to town writing about the products that you have truly loved using. The ones where you want to just go JUST BUY IT. IT’S AMAZING. The products I recommend to friends over coffee. The products you’ll never hear me stop talking about on here. But, I will admit, once I love something, I really bloody love it and therefore, every month, I was struggling to bring together four or five different products I loved that I hadn’t featured the month before. But, I really wanted to carry on the tradition of writing out a monthly favourites and showing you what I loved so I changed it up just a little bit.