• What I’ve Learnt About Love

    The supermarket aisles are full of pink and red, hearts and teddies, flowers and fancy gifts all embossed with those three famous words… be my Valentine?

    January Makeup: The Top Three

    I have always loved writing out my monthly favourites purely because it is such a great opportunity to go to town writing about the products that you have truly loved using. The ones where you want to just go JUST BUY IT. IT’S AMAZING. The products I recommend to friends over coffee. The products you’ll never hear me stop talking about on here. But, I will admit, once I love something, I really bloody love it and therefore, every month, I was struggling to bring together four or five different products I loved that I hadn’t featured the month before. But, I really wanted to carry on the tradition of writing out a monthly favourites and showing you what I loved so I changed it up just a little bit.

    Worth the hype? The Naked Heat Palette

    Whenever Urban Decay announces the addition of a new Naked palette to their well-loved collection, the blogosphere and beauty industry go a little bit crazy and hey, rightly so! The Naked palettes are truly some of the most well-loved products in the makeup world so it is no surprise that whenever you scroll through Instagram or whenever someone shares their top beauty products, this palette is usually featured. So, standing alongside the original palette, two, three and the smokey offering, we now have the Heat Palette. Full to the brim of warm shades including those you don’t always typically see. I’m talking those beautiful burnt reds, deep browns and a few shimmer shades that Instagram is obsessed with.

    What I Have Been Thankful For This Month

    It doesn’t matter how positive I am trying to be or if the sun is shining or if my Glossier orders arrive early, I’m just not the biggest fan of January. At all. It is cold, rainy, feels as if it is lasting forever and I’m still struggling to control my finances after a very spendy December. It probably doesn’t help that I have another cold (will it ever go?) and I’m currently typing this from my bed with a Beechams Cold and Flu Blackcurrant drink I’m trying to force down. I am very much looking forward to February, we are one step closer to Spring (who else is excited for florals and sun and warmth?!), which in turns mean a little bit closer to Summer and everything just seems a little better when February rolls around, doesn’t it?

    Falling back in love with Reading

    For me, reading is one of those that I really love to do but rarely find the time for. Which is why, when I spoke of digital detoxing last week, I thought it was the perfect time to get my head stuck into a good book or two. There is something truly magical about transporting yourself into another world through words and your imagination and since I’ve got back into turning the pages, I have really enjoyed immersing myself in all these stories and find myself really making the time to flick through a chapter or two.


    The Pink Pastel Bag Of Dreams

    I’ll be honest with you guys, I’m not a bag girl. Nope. As long as I can remember I’ve been a shoe girl, ever since I was a little girl struggling to walk up and down the garden in my nans’ heels and forever wanting those awful, uncomfortable princess shoes you could pick up in the Disney store. Even now I’m 22, I’m no better at walking in heels but hey, at least my shoe collection is pretty impressive and growing. It is never not growing. But, the one thing I was never massively into when it comes to ~fashun~ is handbags. In fact, I have been alternating between two Zara bags I have had since I was seventeen.