The Winter Makeup Menu

As much as I love the bright shades, the corals, the pinks and the peaches, rich chocolate browns, burnt burgundies and coppers are what my heart truly loves.

The temperatures have dropped, the Holidays Are Coming advert has graced our TV screens and I’ve just brought a fleeced line coat… Winter has well and truly captured my heart and I’m SO ready to fully embrace this season.

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The Blogs I’ve Bookmarked

My Bloglovin following list is ridiculously long and there are just so many bloggers absolutely killing it right now but these are the current fab four that I’m pretty obsessed with right now, they’re all down right lovely and I do hope you maybe find a new blog to obsess over too!

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Hove, Brighton

Winter Style Essentials

After the mild fall we were lucky enough to have this year, my Winter suitable clothes were firmly stuck in the back of the wardrobe. It was a ridiculously warm September and October and even now, two weeks into November, the temperatures are only just dropping.

Now that it’s actually cold enough to warrant the woolies, I headed onto ASOS for some Winter wardrobe inspiration and boy, did I find it!

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Chelsea, London

The Apps That All Bloggers Need

I don’t know about you, but when I get a new phone, I just have to fill the thing with apps. Even though I’ve only just upgraded.. even though I already have apps… I just have to get more!

So when my fancy new iPhone 7 arrived at my door (in the beautiful rose gold colour I’ve always wanted since it’s release), I decided, instead of downloading twenty million games, I thought I’d find apps that could be potentially helpful in this blogging world.

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The University Everyday Makeup

By the time my 7:30am alarm rings and I’ve accepted that I need to get out of bed, I’ve only got a little while before I need to be out of the door and running for my bus so on university days; makeup takes a back seat.

I like to keep it simple whilst still being able to wear the bits and bobs I love the most. I tend to keep the faffy bits (yes, liquid liner, I’m talking about you!) for when I have more time and focus on all the important bits i.e lashings of mascara and highlighter.

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