• Leigh-On-Sea, Essex

    Why I Love Spring

    The sky is a perfect shade of pastel blue, driving around I can see the first signs of Spring making its long-awaited appearance, I can see handfuls of daffodils scattered along the green. Outside my window, looking over the fields, I can see happy children darting around on scooters and bikes, dogs and puppies running loose and people taking slow strolls in the first of the light Spring sun. It’s beautiful. Truly. And my mood is at an all-time high as I can hear birds singing as I crack open my window for the first time in months.

    March Makeup: The Top Three

    I am just going to say it… we are in April. We are literally in the fourth month of the year and honestly, I cannot wrap my head around it. How has this year gone so fast already? How is it May next month? How? Just how?


    48 Hours in Brighton

    Oh Brighton, I love you. You are filled to the brim with countless memories from my four years living here as a student. You have everything I want in a city and you are a place I can honestly see myself spending the rest of my life in.

    The Ladies You Need To Follow On Instagram

    The one where I share just four of my favourite ladies on the platform and why they should be on your Instagram following list too.

    Lipsticks in Rotation

    I am definitely one of those people who pick up the same four or five lipsticks for a month or so before I switch the whole lot up. I just cannot help it, I seem to become obsessed with a certain finish or particular shade and want to wear everything I own that fits the bill until I’m obsessed with what’s new.

    How I use my Bullet Journal For Blogging

    Bullet journalling has become one of my favourite ways to keep my life organised. A blank notebook, ready to become, in my case, the backbone of everything I do. Bullet journals have the ability to case anything and everything you want in them and whilst I definitely miss buying god knows how many random but pretty notebooks I never manage to quite fill, I have truly jumped on the bullet journal bandwagon and have truly seen the benefits work for themselves.