• A Look Back At My 2018 Goals

    I don’t know about you but we are five months into the year and I may have already forgotten those New Year goals I made for 2018. They were, of course, made with the very best intentions, to improve my life, probably my health and wellbeing and I guess, to make me a better person too. But now, five months in, those goals I made for the year have slipped my mind. Instead, replaced with those mini goals we have to set just to get through the day or week. Honestly, one of this week’s goals is to actually take those vitamins every day that I most likely brought in January. January promises this beautiful fresh start, it is a whole new year after all, but a few months and I find I fall into those old habits, with January and the all the blues that come with, firmly in the back of my mind, an almost forgotten month.

    April Makeup: The Top Three

    Lots and lots of rain and a three-day heatwave later and we have officially come to the end of April. I am so excited for May, for the (hopeful) promise of warmer days and a taste of Summer. I am in pure saving mode at the moment so I’m looking forward to bright, sunny days where our days out can include beaches, parks, picnics and exploring, all those things that can be enjoyed on a minimal budget. I’m counting down the days to Summer!


    Why Is There So Much Pressure on Bloggers?

    The blogging industry is never short of a little bit of drama every now and then. We are a pretty amazing community full of the most supportive, funny, lovely, inspiring ladies and gents living out their hobby of creating beautiful digital content but even we aren’t immune from a bit of disturbance occasionally. Whether it is businesses calling us out or even bloggers calling over bloggers out, it begs the question, why is there so much pressure on bloggers? Why has blogging become so controversial?

    Why You Need the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink …

    Up until recently, I was reaching for the creamy lipsticks with a beautiful glossy finish in my Muji draws. The kind of lipsticks you apply and actually enjoy the texture. The lipsticks that are silky, the kind that are wonderfully luscious. But, that was until I broke my own little spending ban and brought two of the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Lipsticks.

    Leigh-On-Sea, Essex

    Why I Love Spring

    The sky is a perfect shade of pastel blue, driving around I can see the first signs of Spring making its long-awaited appearance, I can see handfuls of daffodils scattered along the green. Outside my window, looking over the fields, I can see happy children darting around on scooters and bikes, dogs and puppies running loose and people taking slow strolls in the first of the light Spring sun. It’s beautiful. Truly. And my mood is at an all-time high as I can hear birds singing as I crack open my window for the first time in months.

    March Makeup: The Top Three

    I am just going to say it… we are in April. We are literally in the fourth month of the year and honestly, I cannot wrap my head around it. How has this year gone so fast already? How is it May next month? How? Just how?