• Disneyland Paris, France

    The Things That You Just Shouldn’t Miss …

    The beauty of Disneyland Paris for us Brits is that it’s kinda basically on our doorstep? If you count a 40 minute flight or a few hours on the Eurostar as your doorstep… either way, it means that it’s pretty easy to visit the magic for just a few days or a long weekend.

    Introducing Drunk Elephant Skincare

    When I first started SimplyAbbi and dived head first into the slightly crazy but wonderful beauty blogging community, I was forever stopping myself from jumping on a hyped product or brand. And boy, did I fail. Many, many times. Whether it was the newest celebrity MAC lipstick, Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, anything from Barry M or the Revlon Lip Butter lipsticks, I found myself regularly clicking the virtual check out button on many a beauty website just because so many of my fab blogging girls were raving about it.

    The Positive Diaries

    Introducing the newest installation on SimplyAbbi… the Positive Diaries. In a world where opening a newspaper or turning on your TV is a terrifying activity that fills me with butterflies daily (and not the good kind), where clickbait and Momo are a thing and where we’re experiencing a beautiful Spring… in February (?!), we need a source of positivity.

    Southend-On-Sea, Essex

    The Big Update & My Thoughts on Blogging

    After nearly two months of not posting, I guess it’s finally time to blow off the cobwebs and give every thing a good dust, Mrs. Hinch style, obviously.

    Rayleigh, Essex

    Surviving the Hardest Month of the Year

    Oh January, how bittersweet you are. You’re a breath of fresh air after all the festiveness and you’re the start of something new but you’re also really, really hard. You’re awfully cold and grey, you’re incredibly long and you can be just such a low after such a wonderful month. But let’s not focus on the negatives, shall we?