• Rayleigh, Essex

    Surviving the Hardest Month of the Year

    Oh January, how bittersweet you are. You’re a breath of fresh air after all the festiveness and you’re the start of something new but you’re also really, really hard. You’re awfully cold and grey, you’re incredibly long and you can be just such a low after such a wonderful month. But let’s not focus on the negatives, shall we?

    Southend-On-Sea, Essex

    What This Online World Means To Me in 2019

    Every year I like to take some time to sit down, grab a notebook and my laptop and think about both my online and digital goals.

    Southend-On-Sea, Essex

    How I’m Creating a Positive 2019

    It’s December 31st. Tonight, millions of us will lift up a champagne glass in celebration of the New Year. When the clock strikes twelve, we’ll kiss and hug loved ones, we’ll send out texts to the ones we’re not with and we’ll all vow to make 2019 the very best one yet.

    Leigh-On-Sea, Essex

    Four Big Changes I made in 2018

    It’s the time of year where we naturally start to reflect on the last year as we begin to enter the new one. Reflection and looking back… it’s just in the air isn’t it?

    Falling in Love with Makeup again

    Rewind back to 2011. I was a young sixteen year old attending my first year at college. I was studying Software Design, I was studying in a very male dominated industry, I had my first job (a waitress of course!) and I had my first wage packet. Every Friday I walked out of my job with three £10 notes and whatever tips I had managed to earn. I loved it – spending every Friday night working? Um, not so much but working hard and earning money? I was all over it.