The much needed hair refresh with Live True London

The much needed hair refresh with Live True London

Falling in love with salons again...

I'll be perfectly honest... I thoroughly dislike getting my hair done. And yes, I know, I know this is coming from someone with highlighted and toned hair! Because of my colour choice and the maintenance of it, of course, I have to visit my salon often and admittedly, now that I have finally found a local salon and hairdresser that I love, who I get on with well and knows just how I like my hair, my salon experience is no longer a case of avoiding booking and sitting there with a ball of knots in my stomach.

And we've all been there, right? Asking for an inch off and coming out with a bob. Asking for a few blonde highlights and leaving with a look that resembles that double cheese string thing I used to get in my school lunch box. I've had rude experiences, I've felt uncomfortable and, at the risk of sounding a little dramatic, it's truly heartbreaking coming out of a salon, after putting that trust in someone, with a style/cut/colour that you absolutely hate. Even worse if you didn't ask for anything like it.

So, when Live True London Clapham got in touch and asked if I wanted a cut and blowdry at their Clapham salon, I was definitely hesitant. Could I trust another salon with my hair? But, with an Instagram as blooming brilliant as theirs (#goals), I knew I could leave my hair in the very safe hands of the salon and their stylists.

So, off I popped to London, ready to allow someone to give my hair the much-needed TLC it needed, after months of well, forgetting to book a hair appointment, it's safe to say I definitely needed an inch off...or two! And plus, isn't it the best feeling to have someone else wash your hair? There is truly nothing like that head massage you get between shampoo and conditioner... dreamy! It had been a shockingly long time since I had had my hair cut... you can imagine the condition it was in so Live True London, thank you! You definitely called at the right time!

The much needed hair refresh with Live True London
The much needed hair refresh with Live True London
The much needed hair refresh with Live True London

The Salon

Located in an archway just off of Clapham High Street is where you'll find the Live True London salon. Because of that stunning archway it is housed in, the salon itself is beautiful! Featuring subway tiles aplenty, with gorgeous classic mirrors, pendant lighting and comfortable seating. Straight away, the salon just feels friendly when you walk in, it's open, bright and everything is in on display which I just love.

I was greeted by reception and offered a drink whilst I sat down to wait for my stylist. There were your usual magazines to keep you entertained but I didn't need to flick through the pages of the latest celebrity drama as I was greeted soon after by my stylist, Yonny. We talked through my hair, what I was after and what I loved the most was that he clearly explained and talked through with me what exactly he was going to do, going as far as showing me the products he was going to use, telling me clearly what each one was and why he was using it.

Already I felt safe in the salon. Nothing was a surprise, nor a 'secret' thing that the stylist just got on with - both things I have definitely felt and experienced in salons before. The service from the very beginning was comfortable and friendly, with no stone left unturned!

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I may have only been having a cut and blow dry but you are truly spoilt for choice if you head to Live True London. The salon and the stylists are beautifully creative and ahead of the times, (I mean, just have a quick peek of their Instagram to see for yourself!). No matter the style or colour you have in mind, you can guarantee that Live True London will not only offer it but bloody ace it too! From up do's to balayage to bleach to hair extensions to fashion colours to occasion hair, there is a whoooooole range of services that the salon offers.

So, treat yourself. Live True London offer online booking too (perfect if you're like me and hate phone calls!) so if you've got a particular look in mind (I'm personally loving all the pastel colours again!), let me assure you that Live True London and your stylist will do a pretty darn fantastic job of achieving it!

The Services

The much needed hair refresh with Live True London
The much needed hair refresh with Live True London
The much needed hair refresh with Live True London

The Products:

I love seeing brands and products I already love and use in salons. It fills me with confidence that I know the products, I already know how they perform on my hair and it just fills me with trust.

On my hair, Yonny used both Redken and Pureology products. Two brands that I use every time I wash my hair. All the products made my hair feel like an absolute dream but my favourite had to be the Redken Colour Extend Deep Attraction Treatment. Despite forever toning my hair and using purple shampoo, I always forget to use products aimed at coloured hair but it's amazing at not only how soft my hair felt and looked, but how nice the actual colour looked itself. Refreshed and healthy, as if I had just had it done again!

None of the products made my hair feel heavy or sticky. It felt normal, it felt soft, light and bouncy which was just lovely. And honestly? It was a complete breath of fresh air to leave a salon with my hair feeling 'normal' and not weighted down by numerous products I don't understand the use for. Yonny talked me through everything he was using and because of that, I put my complete trust in him.

The Cut & Finish

I mean, it was pretty obvious my hair needed a lot off and honestly, I was so incredibly worried that I was going to come out with some sort of long bob that was a result of "oh yeah, you need a lot off for this to look healthy again" but, thankfully, there was none of that!

I told Yonny that he should take off as much as he thought needed too and he showed me clearly just how much was going to come off and really made sure I was 100% ok with the amount. Creating a blunt edge which I love, Yonny went ahead and finally got rid of all of those split and dead ends. I don't even know how he did it, but by some sort of miracle, my hair didn't even look shorter than it was. Just thicker, healthier, but still 'me' with a finish I just adored.

Yonny cuts the hair dry which I instantly knew I preferred. For me, this meant that he could really see my hair in it's 'natural' state which allowed him to see how it sat and how it lifted as it dried as opposed to taking off the lengths when it's still wet. Again, this filled me with complete trust as I was never waiting for that reveal of how different my hair would look. I could see the cut and finish straight away which I just loved it. No unwanted surprises. No unpredictability when it comes to how the hair drys.

A few curls later and my hair looked the healthiest it had looked in a very long time. It was bouncy, light and I just loved it! 

The much needed hair refresh with Live True London SimplyAbbi
The much needed hair refresh with Live True London SimplyAbbi
The much needed hair refresh with Live True London SimplyAbbi
The much needed hair refresh with Live True London SimplyAbbi

So, to finish off, thank you so much Live True London and Yonny for giving me the confidence in salons I needed! From impeccable, friendly service to a beautifully clean salon to a haircut and finish I adore, my experience at Live True London Clapham was nothing less than perfect!

If you need a little hair refresh of some hair TLC like me, or if you're looking for a colour update, some extensions or something drastic, please allow me to recommend Live True London, I was so impressed with my time there and this is coming from someone who genuinely struggles with salons!

Have a little look at their website to see all the details of what they offer and more and to book your appointment too! I hope you fall in love with this salon just as much as I did!

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