Calling all students! Introducing #boohooONCAMPUS.

I was gifted a pair of shoes, a dress and a bag from Boohoo as part of the student meal deal in exchange for a blog post. I promise you that all opinions and thoughts are my own.
Calling all students! Introducing #boohooONCAMPUS.

The Student Meal Deal You Don't Wanna Miss 

I can't lie... there are definitely some major perks to being a student. Sure, the 10,000 word dissertation isn't great and that debt you automatically gain? Not exactly fab but ultimately... three years of fun? Uh, yes, please! There are plenty of student deals you can take advantage of when you're studying, from hefty discounts to free things, to student dedicated locks-in and so much more! And now everyone's fashion favourite, Boohoo, has added something pretty exciting to that list too!

Introducing #boohooONCAMPUS. And oh... it's something you're going to want to hear about. Allow me to introduce to you a pretty darn great fashion student hub!

From an exclusive delivery service to fantastic tips and advice and a meal deal like no other, Boohoo has created something so unbelievably useful if you are a student!

This is one student deal that is well and truly worth shouting about and definitely going to make those long library days or nights out so much easier! Boohoo offered to send me an outfit in exchange for a post all about the #boohooONCAMPUS experience but all opinions are my own! Plus, there is just no way you couldn't love this! Let's find out what exactly this is all about... shall we?

Calling all students! Introducing #boohooONCAMPUS.
Calling all students! Introducing #boohooONCAMPUS.
Calling all students! Introducing #boohooONCAMPUS.

Starter + Main + Dessert = £30!

What's the deal?

I don't know about you but in my university days, there were definitely moments when I wanted a brand new outfit. Whether it was the start of the academic year and I wanted that perfect, first impressions lecture outfit or joining all your mates down your favourite club for a few cheeky bevvies and a boogie on a Friday night and you just needed that killer outfit. Especially because the cutie from your seminar was going to be there...

But simply, my bank balance wouldn't allow for the dress and the shoes to go with it. You could forget anything else too! So, *drum roll please*, in step Boohoo with a meal deal that is truly too good to eat!

Signing up to Student Premier (it's really easy!) allows you access to their exclusive meal deal which includes a starter, a main and a dessert in the form of a pair of shoes, an outfit and a bag. All for just £30!

That's right, a complete, Insta-worthy outfit all for just 30 quid. What I love the most is not only the amazing deal but the fact that it is a right mixture of outfits. You've got outfits perfect for lectures and outfits perfect for all the fun in the evening. Whatever you need, the meal deal most likely has it.

Like my outfit, a black pinafore, some comfy trainers and a little clutch bag would be just perfect for a day at university! Cute, comfy and definitely makes me feel as if I've put it in a little more effort than just chucking on an old jumper and jeans. The clutch is perfect for carrying my phone, money and student card and I can bring a laptop bag if I need anything else too!

Calling all students! Introducing #boohooONCAMPUS.
Calling all students! Introducing #boohooONCAMPUS.

Signing up to get your meal deal also signs you up for free premier delivery which is just amazing and perfect for those a last-minute outfit for student night down the local tomorrow!

There are competitions (win your rent?! Uh, hello!), exclusive videos, a chance to become a student ambassador and some really helpful career-related blog posts. Plus, the chance to intern for Boohoo and do work experience! It truly is pretty darn great student hub for fashion lovers!

What else can you get?

Calling all students! Introducing #boohooONCAMPUS.

So, if you are a student, whether it's your first year or your third, head on over to #boohooONCAMPUS and have a little browse. There is just so much to offer and I am really impressed with the service! Especially as it offers so much more than just a pretty good student deal.

One of the best advice pieces I could offer you in terms of university that isn't along the lines of studying is simply to take advantage of everything being a student brings you. The deals are one of them and Boohoo has pretty much nailed this one!

Thank you so much Boohoo for allowing me to try the new student meal deal and letting me pick out the cutest outfit! Let me know what starter, mains and desserts you guys go for too!

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I was gifted a pair of shoes, a dress and a bag from Boohoo as part of the student meal deal in exchange for a blog post. I promise you that all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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