The Joy in Autumn and the New Start It Brings

The Joy in Autumn

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall."

Technically, it isn't officially Autumn until October but the leaves on the ground, the slight chill in the air and my impatience definitely suggest my favourite season is well and truly on its way. And I couldn't be happier. After what seemed like the hottest and longest Summer of all time, I am welcoming chilly days, frosty mornings and thunderstorms with open arms. Gimme hot chocolate, under blanket Netflix binges, crispy leaves, lazy Sunday mornings in bed and everything else that Autumn brings. Don't worry, I won't say the C word yet though we all know I'm excited for that too!

One of the best things that Autumn and September brings is the new start. Whether it's the breath of fresh air clearing away all the humidity and heat of the Summer or simply just the fact that my body clock still considers September that brand new start, I just love September. I'm talking new goals, new stationery, new outlook. And I'm ready. I've got a few new pieces in my wardrobe, my hairs gone slightly more blonde/borderline silver and I'm just completely embracing this new start. And it's amazing.

The Joy in Autumn
The Joy in Autumn
The Joy in Autumn

01. Hitting Refresh 

When you turn five years old, September becomes the actual start of the year. You have the Summer off and you would fill it with days out, fun, sleepovers, late nights and as we would call it, 'playing out'. Then, as the Summer came near its end, mum would drag you to Clarks for some new shoes (I loved picked my new shoes for the year!), somewhere else for a new bag and to Staples for stationary. And I adored it. Buying all these new things for the new year, brand new, clean pages... ready for starting fresh. The week before the new year started, I would spend my time getting ready. Packing my bag, laying out all my new uniform, simply thinking about the year ahead.

I may not go to school anymore, or even university, but it is still installed in me (and I think it always will be!) that September is time for hitting refresh. Whether it's the chill in the air, the dark nights or simply the fact that, yep, school used to start now, it all feels new. And I blooming love that.

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The Joy in Autumn
The Joy in Autumn

There is such an unhealthy pressure in December and January to create resolutions or goals and there is definitely guilt attached to those if you don't make them. We see millions of advertisements for gyms, healthy food and whatever else and I'm not saying they aren't good because they are but after a month of indulging, spending money and being 'busy', I certainly don't have the mindset of a 'new start'. Instead, I'm tired, skint, cold and not ready to 'face' the new year.

Even though it is not uncommon to associate September with a new start, there certainly isn't the dose of pressure alongside it and I feel as if I can revisit and create goals almost silently. There's no need to shout about it as it sometimes feels you have to in the New Year. Everything feels a little bit slower, which is lovely, and I very much enjoy spending the darker evenings taking things easy and contemplating my goals whilst warm under blankets and watching The Great British Bakeoff.

02. Revisiting Goals 

The Joy in Autumn

03. New Wardrobe 

I'll let you into a little secret... I hate Summer clothes. I've never been into flowing dresses, shorts and sweating all the damn time. And hey, call me negative Nancy why don't you, but I hate waking up in the morning and working out whether it is actually warm enough to wear shorts and a cami. It is England after all...

Which is why I adore dressing in Autumn. It's easy. Shove on a jumper, jeans, some boots or trainers and you are truly good to go. Easy, comfy and warm. Of course, this year is no exception, except instead of playing it safe with an all black and white wardrobe, I'm adding so much more colour. I'm talking burgundy, mustard yellow, rusts, oranges, you name it, it's in my wardrobe in some form or another. This year I've already added a bright orange jumper (so unbelievably cosy), some black denim dungarees, some faux suede boots and the pink teddy jacket of dreams that Instagram just loves!

04. A new outlook 

The Joy in Autumn
The Joy in Autumn

05. Everything Autumn Brings 

Autumn leaves. Oranges, reds, yellows. Conkers. Hot chocolate. Fairy lights. Candles. Cinnamon. Fresh mornings. Blankets. Cosy evenings. Crispy leaves. Berry lips. Pumpkins. Halloween. Baked goodies. Strictly Come Dancing. Comforting food. Fireworks. Homemade soup. Harry Potter. Fresh air. Staying warm by the fire. All the knitwear. Drinking a hot cup of tea on a chilly morning. Fluffy PJ's. It's just the best season, isn't it?

The Joy in Autumn

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