The Latest In Beauty Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018 Box

The Latest In Beauty Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018 Box

And the shortlist please!

I love a beauty box. Aren’t they just the best idea? You choose which box you are going to go for, wait for it to be delivered and then you get to try samples (and even some full sized) beauty products. They are the perfect excuse to give something a new a go before you splurge your cash on it and they introduce you to new brands you perhaps wouldn’t have thought of trying before. Plus, who doesn’t love those little sample sized things? Sample-sized products are so blooming perfect for chucking in your handbag or your travel makeup bag. I just love them.

So, let me introduce to the Latest In Beauty Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018 Box. When I got asked if I wanted to receive one, there was just no way I was going to say no. Including 14 different products ranging from drug-store to high-end with a fantastic mixture of skincare, makeup, haircare and perfume, this box is seriously impressive. And guess what? It is only £20.

I’m not kidding. The box itself is worth over £78 but you can snap it up for just £20. Incredible pricing and hey, I’ve got to have a peek inside and I can tell you the contents are more than worth the price!

As for the Fabulous Beauty awards, the products and shortlist was compiled by 100 of their most dedicated readers, so real people, no expert beauty panel, just real women going ‘hey I love this product and I would love to see it featured’ and I just love that idea. And Fabulous have partnered up with Latest In Beauty for their first ever Fabulous Beauty Box which includes some of their favourite products that made the shortlist.

It’s incredible, fourteen amazing products with an affordable price tag. You get to try them out and from that, it’s up to you, if you’ve been wowed by the product you can go ahead and buy the full-sized if you so wish and if you weren’t? No worries, you haven’t wasted a penny. And that, everyone, is the very beauty of boxes like this.

But, now for the moment you’ve been waiting for right… let’s take a look inside, shall we?

The Latest In Beauty Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018 Box
The Latest In Beauty Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018 Box

What’s Inside?

Sanctuary Spa Purifying Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask

I just love the ease of using a sheet mask so I was so excited to see one in the box! This bubble mask (uhh, this sounds exciting?!) is a detoxifying charcoal mask that also helps to purify the skin creating microbubbles that help to dislodge the skin of dirt, grime and pollution. Perfect after a long day in the city!

Starskin 7-Second Morning Mask 7-in-1 Miracle Skin Mask Pads

I don’t know about you, but I just love the sound of these. Combing your morning skincare in one step by massaging, exfoliating, toning, moisturising and priming your skin, these pads deliver glowing skin in seconds. These sound fab and just so perfect for a busy lifestyle where you just don’t have time in the morning for a full-blown routine. Obsessed!

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Mini

This is probably my favourite Soap and Glory product so I was super happy to see this cute-sized mini in the box. It leaves my skin feeling so unbelievably soft and hydrated and has a beautiful scent of leafy greens, bergamot, mandarin and musk. Sounds like a lot going on, but in reality, the scent is fresh, light and so uplifting!

Sleek Makeup Metallic Matte Me

I’ll be honest, this is probably the only product in the box I’m really not all that fussed about. I love Sleek makeup but the idea of a metallic lip just isn’t really a bit of me, you know? But, I’d say this would be the perfect finishing touch to a festival queens’ makeup look!

Hask Conditioning Masks In Monoi Coconut Oil and Charcoal with Citrus Oil

Well, don’t these just sound dreamy? Designed for quenching thirsty hair, these two ultra-restorative treatments are formulated to bring life back into your locks so um, brb, I’m just going to slather these on, right now.

The Latest In Beauty Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018 Box
The Latest In Beauty Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018 Box

Wunder2 Wunderbrow

Oh, I do just love a brow product, me! The Wunderbrow is the answer to even the most disobedient of brows with its’ long-wearing eyebrow gel that defines, fills and thickens for a more natural brow look. This sounds right up my street!

Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery

When I grabbed this out of the box, I gave a little thank you to the heavens above. I love an overnight hair mask, they are just so simple, apply, sleep, wash out. Easy peasy! This one sounds great for dull and limp hair (is this product made for me??).

Carmex Lip Pot Original

You just can’t go wrong with a pot of Carmex, can you? I am officially a lip balm hoarder so naturally, I am very happy to have another in my collection. This is definitely going into my reserve pile ready for when my handbag needs topping up.

Jimmy Choo The Original

I’m not massively big on fragrance which is why I just love receiving these little samples. Obviously perfect for trying the scent out before you drop your moolah on the bottle but also so perfect for putting in your handbag, travel makeup bag, all sorts! I have tons of these laying around for when I want to change things up! This is described as an ultra-feminine fragrance which is fruity, rich and has woody depths. On the first few sniffs, this isn’t my favourite, but it might be a grower.

Wilkinson Sword Sensitive Razors

Do I see the word sensitive? Shaving is an actual nightmare for me because of my sensitive skin so these razors sound like a godsend! Featuring 4 ultra-blades with two conditioning strips, they are perfect for a close shave that doesn’t flare up any irritated or sensitive skin. Will report back!

The Latest In Beauty Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018 Box

Missguided Babe Power

Babe Power has been all over Instagram and I was super intrigued by it. A vibrant splash of grapefruit zest and sour cherry alongside crisp apple, pink pepper and candyfloss make for a pretty unique and powerful scent. Ultimately? I’m not a fan. It’s just a little too strong for me but I can definitely see why people like it. (I’ve had the box open next to me for a few hours now, I haven’t sprayed the perfume in this room at all yet I can still smell it – it’s insanely strong!).

Batiste Dry Shampoo Original

You just can’t go wrong with a bottle of Batiste, can you? Just a quick spritz banishes oily roots and gives hair a little more life whilst feeling clean and fresh. So easy and I just love that this is a full-sized bottle.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I.e one of my favourite skincare products of all time! This cleansing water removes makeup, daily dirt and grime so quickly and easily. Simply apply onto a cotton pad, wipe and go! What’s best? This is so ideal and perfect if, like me, you suffer from sensitive skin!

Beauty Pie 24h Pass

I remember a year or two back, BeautyPie was everywhere, you couldn’t go on a beauty blog without an introductory post to the brand. Call me a bad blogger, but truthfully, I’ve never tried it but uh, hello, an excuse to! This pass, once activated, gives you 24 hours to buy from Beauty Pie’s diverse range at cost price. So super affordable and just the best way to try the brand. Definitely taking advantage of this!


What do you think of the Latest in Beauty Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018 box? I am SO impressed!


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