Introducing the Isle Of Paradise Tanning Water

Introducing the Isle Of Paradise Tanning Water

Fake It Till Ya Make It

Abbi writing a blog post on self-tan?! I never thought I’d see the day. You see the thing is, I am a complete rookie when it comes to tan. A beginner, a bit of scaredy-cat. Haunted by the days of magazines featuring ‘dodgy fake tan disasters’ with horrifying pictures of patchy, streaky, bright orange tan which was enough to put even the most daring of sixteen-year-olds off. Even at the ripe ol’ age of twenty-two, I have only just about managed to embrace a nifty gradual tanner. But, alas, it wasn’t enough. I can’t afford to go on a beach holiday often enough to make sure I’m that beautiful shade of bronze goddess twenty-four seven. It is just unrealistic and then it hit me… I needed to face my fears head on and head for the bottle.

Or, in this case, a spray. Instagram is many things but one of its’ most useful qualities is how easy it is to discover new brands and products within this blogging community. I cannot for the life of me remember who I first saw rave about this new fake-tan magic product but even little old fake-tanning newbie me perked up from behind my phone screen.

Introducing Isle of Paradise, the new fake-tanning kid on the block, complete with aesthetically pleasing and Instagram ready packaging and a brand image that makes me want to give up my life savings and head to the Caribbean for about… ooh, I don’t know, forever? They have kind of taken the beauty world by storm and with everyone trying out their new self-tanning water, I knew it was time to dip my toe (and well, entire body I guess!) into the fake-tanning world.

Well, let’s see how this newbie got on, shall we?

Introducing the Isle Of Paradise Tanning Water

Lets Talk Tan

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m a ‘now’ girl. I’m not the biggest fan of things that take time and effort where the results are not worth that time and effort. I mean, I don’t want to cut into my Netflix time with exfoliating and moisturising my entire body, to apply tan that is simply going to stain my bedding to then washing it off the next morning, only to look like an orange patchy mess that screams ‘fake.’ I want something quick, easy on the old biscuit smell and doesn’t leave me reassembling a piece of fruit. Is that too much to ask?

Apparently not, according to Isle of Paradise who has released their self-tanning waters, where you can literally spritz, blend and go. You still have to do the whole exfoliating and moisturising ritual but once you’ve done your spraying and blending, if applied correctly, you are left with a seriously impressive tan that is as natural as they seem to come. I have found it is a little tricky to get it perfectly right, after all, the water is clear and there is a lack of guide colour meaning you don’t quite know what you’re going to wake up to, my first attempt definitely left me with orange patches on my feet and hands and a few odd places I had missed but I simply sprayed a little more on those patches and scrubbed my hands till they stopped resembling dodgy foundation hands. The tan that I had got right though, was beautiful and I loved it. I could also spritz a little more on those places I wanted to be a little more bronze too, the process was just so easy and just what I was looking for.

My only ugh? The bottle definitely doesn’t look as if it is going to last me a long while and with the £18.95 price tag, I would be hesitant to either keep using it weekly/monthly (whatever your preference) or keep buying it. Which is such a shame as it is so good but bearing in mind how much ‘water’ you waste when spraying it, I find the price a little difficult to justify, though at the moment, it is money well spent and they stock the brand at Boots too, so perhaps one to use your points on if like me you build them up and then have no idea what to use them on.

All-in-all, Isle of Paradise, you have won me over with your tanning water. It only requires minimal effort, there is only a tiny hint of that fake tan smell and you have made my skin look the best it has since my trip to Gran Canaria last June, so it is a win-win for me and if you want to look a little more tanned yourself, one to definitely add to your shopping basket! If the tanning water doesn’t quite rock your boat, they do sell a traditional tanning mousse and also tanning drops you can add to your moisturiser. Either way, they are literally tanning superstars!


What do you think of the new Isle of Paradise Tanning Water? Is it something you’d like to try out?


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