April Makeup: The Top Three

April Makeup: The Top Three


Lots and lots of rain and a three-day heatwave later and we have officially come to the end of April. I am so excited for May, for the (hopeful) promise of warmer days and a taste of Summer. I am in pure saving mode at the moment so I’m looking forward to bright, sunny days where our days out can include beaches, parks, picnics and exploring, all those things that can be enjoyed on a minimal budget. I’m counting down the days to Summer!

Last month carried on the new tradition of lighter and radiant makeup. I have still been using highlighter and strobe cream religiously (see March’s post here) but going even simpler all round.

At the moment and especially since the weather has got a little warmer, my routine simply consists of a BB cream, concealer, bronzer and blusher, highlighter, brows and the eyes. It is still a long list but I am enjoying the simpler look and hey… I am never parting from my beloved eyeliner.

So, let’s have a look at what made me go all heart-eyed in April, shall we?

The Top Three: January, February and March

April Makeup: The Top Three Zoeva Nude Spectrum Palette
April Makeup: The Top Three SimplyAbbi

Zoeva Nude Spectrum Palette

When it comes to eyeshadow, you will always see me sporting a gold or bronze eye. We all have our makeup comfort zones and those colours are definitely mine. There is nothing easier than just a warm matte brown in the crease of the eye and then a bronze or gold shimmer on the lid, it is definitely my everyday look and this month it is courtesy of the Zoeva Nude Spectrum palette.

The palette includes fifteen gorgeous (as the name would suggest) nude shades ranging from the essential matte black, a stunning smokey red, a dazzling gold and shimmery Champagne. In fact, I’d even go as far to say that this palette is almost an essential in any makeup collection – you simply do not need anything else!

The Nude Spectrum Palette is beautifully soft, creamy and buildable, the shadows are just so easy and a joy to use and work with. I adore them and this palette has become a daily favourite since I purchased this back at the very beginning of the year.

My current favourite, really really simple and really really easy combo? The gorgeous nude on the bottom row far right just in the crease for a little definition and then the champagne shade, second row from the bottom, the first on the length. So, so beautiful and takes two seconds. In fact, it takes longer picking what brush to use.

April Makeup: The Top Three Glossier Cloud Paint
April Makeup: The Top Three SimplyAbbi

Glossier Cloud Paint

Once I worked out (definitely the hard way) that you only need the smallest, pin-prick amount of Cloud Paint, I truly fell in love with this blusher. Cloud Paint is truly in a league of its own with the amount of popularity this little tube has in the beauty world, a truly stunning creamy blusher that provides the perfect amount of colour and glow.

Beam is the most perfect peach shade to add a subtle warmth to your cheeks, it is just so beautifully soft and easy to use, it just seems that nothing else in my collection compares at the moment. I simply apply the tiniest bit to my ring finger and dab it onto my cheeks. It moves around easily under your fingers and when you’re happy, that stunning colour lasts all day, keeping you looking all warm and peachy for hours ahead! (Plus, who can resist the gorgeous paint tube packaging?!)

To get 10% off of your first Glossier order, feel free to use my friend code! This gets me 10% off too!

April Makeup: The Top Three H&M Lipstick
April Makeup: The Top Three SimplyAbbi

H&M Lipstick

When I was in Brighton a few months back I found myself swatching some of the H&M beauty items (including a bright blue eyeshadow which seemingly remained on my hands forever) and ended up completely falling in love with one of their lipstick shades ‘Pink Sands’. I’m talking about a light, creamy pink with a touch of nude as well, i.e just my perfect everyday lipstick for Spring.

Featuring simple gold and cream classic packaging and an affordable £8.99 price, this is one lipstick I can definitely get on board with! This lipstick itself is just so beautifully creamy I could sit and apply it all day. It has such a stunning sheen and shine and completely packed with pigment. Truly gorgeous and honestly, I don’t think you’re going to find me wearing another lipstick at least for a little while, this is just too pretty not to wear every day!

What makeup have you loved this month?

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