A Look Back At My 2018 Goals

A Look Back At My 2018 Goals SimplyAbbi

Because What Good is Making Goals if You Can’t Remember what they are?

I don’t know about you but we are five months into the year and I may have already forgotten those New Year goals I made for 2018. They were, of course, made with the very best intentions, to improve my life, probably my health and wellbeing and I guess, to make me a better person too. But now, five months in, those goals I made for the year have slipped my mind. Instead, replaced with those mini goals we have to set just to get through the day or week. Honestly, one of this week’s goals is to actually take those vitamins every day that I most likely brought in January. January promises this beautiful fresh start, it is a whole new year after all, but a few months and I find I fall into those old habits, with January and the all the blues that come with, firmly in the back of my mind, an almost forgotten month.

But, when I woke up this morning, the sun streaming through my blinds, the beautiful scent of fresh, Spring air floating through the gap in my window where I actually had it open a crack overnight, it came with a sense of reflection and wanting to make progress. Wanting to actually make a change and difference in my life for the better. And not just start every day with the same ‘well, come on then’ attitude I have, hoping something somewhere will inspire me. Sometimes, all you need is to have a good nights sleep, a little bit of sunshine and a spring in your step.

So, let’s look back on those New Year goals, shall we?

01. Give More of Myself To People

I vowed to make time for the ones I love more, promising to see more family and friends, promising to stop reading and accidentally ignoring texts. In reality, I’ve found myself just getting from one day to the next, you know? My mental health definitely took a little dip in the last two or so months so it has taken a little while to get myself back on track and to a place where I’m not just spending days wanting to hide under my duvet cover wishing the day would just hurry up and end. So, yes on one hand, I haven’t seen my family or friends as much as I have liked, but, I did meet someone so it has been so lovely to spend time doing different things with him, I still stay in touch with my university friends and very recently, I attended one of my old school friends baby showers which was the most lovely day and showed that the girls from school and I still make the same jokes and have the same minds. It was wonderful and paved the way forward for more opportunities to catch up.

This goal, more than anything, has definitely made me realise that time truly escapes us and you don’t realise how long it has been since you last saw your loved ones and how, despite how ‘busy’ life may seem and despite how ‘tired’ I may feel, it is always worth making the effort to see those people who can always put a smile on your face!

A Look Back At My 2018 Goals SimplyAbbi
A Look Back At My 2018 Goals SimplyAbbi
02. Continue To Work Hard

For this goal, I spoke about how proud I was of my time at university, especially my final year where I really put in the maximum effort my body seemed to produce at the time and watched it really paid off. I spoke about how I wanted to continue that this year, take on new projects and start new challenges.

I hate to delegate the blame, but again, this is one of those goals that made me realise how bad my mental health dipped earlier this year but now, how much better I am already feeling. A big issue with this goal as well, which I didn’t even realise till now is my confidence. I didn’t feel confident enough to put my self out there. In terms of blogging, I didn’t feel confident in my writing, my photography, my social media presence. Confidence and low-self esteem always seem to be addressed as a ‘teenage’ phase but I am twenty-two and definitely have those days and weeks where I struggle with it. This goal has made me realise that even when my confidence is at an all-time low, just having the ability and mind power to push yourself and work through it really works wonders. That and putting your mind elsewhere, I like to tidy, read or go for a walk those days I feel super down in the dumps, letting nature and everything around me give me that helping hand.

A Look Back At My 2018 Goals SimplyAbbi

03. Take Care of My Mental Health

I have definitely been tackling this goal throughout the last four months and I am so happy that it is starting to pay off. There have definitely been days where I haven’t been able to pull myself out of my bed and where doing tiny, tiny, simple, everyday tasks feel like the biggest challenge of time. There have been some really difficult days and weeks but, slowly but surely, I have been getting myself back on track. When I get into that bad rut, I recognised that I completely neglect self-care, I completely forget to look after myself and I’m finding that even though I don’t want to, the quicker I start to put me first and listen to what my body needs, I can start to feel a little bit more balanced and normal. Some days that is filling up the bathtub with hot, bubbly water and having a long, calm soak. Some days it is picking up a book and letting myself get lost in all the pages, forgetting the pressure and the do-list for a little while, some days it is getting out the house, going for a walk, going to the supermarket, anything. I have been learning how important it is to listen to your body and how getting into a routine really helps. Mental health and everything that comes with it is a complete and utter learning curve, but one that is needed to be embraced. My mind is definitely better for it!

A Look Back At My 2018 Goals SimplyAbbi
A Look Back At My 2018 Goals SimplyAbbi
04. Make Happiness the Final Goal

If anyone knows me, they know I live by this. Life is full of things we don’t enjoy or don’t want to do but I’m getting better and better at trying to put a positive spin on things or finding the silver lining. I’m learning to do things for myself sometimes and not feel guilty about it. I’m still learning it is ok to cut toxic people out, cut toxic things out and I’m learning that there should not be guilt in embracing what makes you happy. I’m living the best life for me right now. I’m lucky I get to do this part-time, I’m lucky I do something creative and fun. I’m lucky that I have a small group of friends who are truly the biggest rays of sunshine. I’m lucky to have the family I do. To have someone who cares about me and makes me laugh at any given point. I’m lucky to have the opportunities I do. Everything. This isn’t about living life wearing rose-tinted glasses, it is about finding what truly makes your heart sing and make sure you embrace it. Even in my darkest hours, it is becoming easier and easier to find that little source of light and chasing it.

A Look Back At My 2018 Goals SimplyAbbi

05. Start Putting Money Away

As a self-confessed shopaholic where money literally burns a hole in my pocket (or purse… or through my bank card), I’m definitely finding saving pretty hard! I recently went back to Brighton (see the post here!) and this was the trip that truly cemented in my heart that that is where I want to be. Where I want to wake up in the morning and where I want my ‘everyday’ to be spent. But, like anywhere cool and thriving, Brighton is pretty darn expensive and I’m not going to get there on the £30 savings I have.

I’m slowly getting better at this, at the moment, I’m shoving all my tips from work into a jar and not touching it until the end of the month where I change them up and then stick them in my savings. I’m trying to put half of my weekly wages into my savings and then have half to spend. I’m trying to get better with my spending habits, slowly training my brain that when my weekly pennies are gone, they are gone and I shouldn’t be dipping into my savings. I’m one of those people who lives life on impulse and I’m no good at things that take a while, but I am definitely getting there and this is one of those goals which is certainly going to change my life for the better!


Upon reflecting, I’m realising that this year, I picked really huge goals to try and nail, not even realising how much work, effort, time and change they are going to take to get to where I want to be by December of this year. But, reflecting on them has truly been so helpful, being able, just a few months in, to notice where I’m already going wrong, where I’m not putting enough effort it and where I need to make more changes or effort. But, I also loved reflecting on these goals and it has definitely made me realise that I do want to complete them and work harder at them!

How are you getting on with your 2018 goals?


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