Why You Need the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Lipsticks

Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Lipsticks

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Up until recently, I was reaching for the creamy lipsticks with a beautiful glossy finish in my Muji draws. The kind of lipsticks you apply and actually enjoy the texture. The lipsticks that are silky, the kind that are wonderfully luscious. But, that was until I broke my own little spending ban and brought two of the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Lipsticks.

Described as “statement, inked lips that last”, these have become a bit of an Instagram favourite with their straight-forward, colour centric packaging that actually, I really like. Storage-wise, they are pretty chunky and I will always adore a lovely metallic gold finish to packaging but these are pretty unique and fits the product perfectly.

These are priced at £9.99 which is just above average for a drugstore lipstick and come in ten gorgeous shades ranging from a light pinky nude straight up to a deep plum purple which honestly may just be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

I could have bought every shade but I settled on two that I simply could not leave at the store. Loyalist which is a beautiful, pinky nude that should be in every collection and Dreamer, a bright pink that just completes the perfect Spring look.

So, let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Lipsticks

Formula wise, liquid lipsticks have a pretty bad reputation of being overly drying and uncomfortable and whilst you can certainly find some good, creamy gems out there, it doe seem that the ‘matte’ claim comes with a healthy dose of dryness. The Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Lipsticks have a texture and formula that I haven’t quite come across before, sticky and feels as if it hasn’t fully dried down yet even after a little while of wearing them. They are not sticky in the sense of a bit of a breeze and your barnet feels forever stuck to your lips but just a slightly-odd texture where it seems as if your lips are kind of stuck together. For me, it is not a deal breaker and you do become used to it but it is just one of those makeup things I can’t quite put my finger on. But, in defence of the texture, once applied, the lipstick doesn’t feel drying, doesn’t feel as if it is cracking and feels pretty comfortable and velvety once you get used to the texture.

Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Lipsticks Loyalist SimplyAbbi
Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Lipsticks Dreamer SimplyAbbi

But, what really gives these the deserving place in your Muji drawers or makeup bag is the incredible lasting power I haven’t experienced with any other liquid lipstick yet. Not only do these easily saturate your lips in one clean swipe with perfect pigmentation, completely avoiding the need to apply more or build up. There is simply no-need, a little goes a long way with these! But, what is best, is that one swipe will give you a full-day of perfect wear. The first day I wore this, I couldn’t believe that after a full day of eating, drinking, talking and windy weather, my lipstick was still looking just as good as when I first applied it. It seems that these can survive everything, I sat through a full three-course meal the other day and it hadn’t even budged the tiniest bit, to the point that when, later that evening, I was taking my makeup off, I actually had a little trouble getting this off. My recommendation? An oil-based cleanser will help to break the lipstick down or you could use a scrub or holding a micellar water soaked cotton-pad onto your lips for 20 seconds or so. It takes a little bit more effort than your typical swipe and it’s all off approach but hey, that lasting power is so worth the extra 30 seconds or so. And that extra cotton pad.

Have you tried any of the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Lipsticks? I am completely won over by how long these last and at the cost! Heart-eyes all around!

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Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Lipstick in ‘Loyalist’
Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Lipstick in ‘Dreamer’

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