Why Is There So Much Pressure on Bloggers?

Why Is There So Much Pressure on Bloggers?

& My Thoughts On It

The blogging industry is never short of a little bit of drama every now and then. We are a pretty amazing community full of the most supportive, funny, lovely, inspiring ladies and gents living out their hobby of creating beautiful digital content but even we aren’t immune from a bit of disturbance occasionally. Whether it is businesses calling us out or even bloggers calling over bloggers out, it begs the question, why is there so much pressure on bloggers? Why has blogging become so controversial?

It is so disheartening when people leave negative comments about bloggers, whether that is from someone who blogs themselves or someone who just reads or even someone who truly has no idea, why the hate? Recently, I have been trying to work out why there is so much negativity around bloggers and why I’m always a bit wary of going on Twitter to see who’s calling out who when in reality all we are doing is sharing our love of writing, photography, makeup, fashion, recipes, travel diary, advice to those who wish to read and consume it.

Is it because some people are in it for the freebies? I’m sure there are some that sign up to Blogger in hope of the odd freebie and the ‘blogger’ life but mostly, they soon learn that the passion you require from blogging doesn’t come from a free lipstick and they realise this hobby isn’t for them if that is the case. So why the controversy? Is it because it seems that bloggers have this easy, unaccessible lifestyle with free press trips to the Maldives and an overfilling PO box with all the latest beauty releases and constant blow dries and fashion shows and whatever else. Is it because it seems, on the surface, so ‘easy’? Is it because that life feels unachievable? Is it because there are always conversations about ‘ads’ and people not declaring their sponsored posts that leads to distrust? Is the whole using bots thing?!

Why Is There So Much Pressure on Bloggers?

What is important to remember when it comes to ‘bloggers’, whether you are one or not, is quite simply, we are all human and we all do this because we love it. Like anything in this world, you cannot paint everyone with the same brush. Yes, there are individuals who cheat their way to the top and it disappoints me but there are other bloggers who survive and grow through hard work and passion alone.

I think it’s important to remember that putting up a blog post, no matter how short or long, one picture or twenty, it takes effort and hard work. It takes planning, creativity, thinking, it takes time and it takes effort and hitting publish can feel like the most rewarding thing in the world. And that’s the beauty of blogging, expressing yourself. Saying, ‘here is what I love and I think you’ll love it too’ or ‘here is what has happened to me that I want to share with you’, it’s creating a partnership between you and your readers. Creating a friendship like no other. That is so powerful and wonderful, it definitely upsets me when I see the amount of criticism and pressure on bloggers.

Why Is There So Much Pressure on Bloggers?
Why Is There So Much Pressure on Bloggers?

There is pressure to not upload two or three ads in a row. There is a pressure to defend yourself for even accepting sponsorship opportunities. The pressure to follow ‘how to be the best blogger ever ever ever’ guides as if they are the only way. ‘Find your niche’, ‘engage with other bloggers!’ There is a pressure to have a perfect Instagram feed, balance so many different projects and networks at once because that is where the ‘engagement’ is. The pressure to be relatable, the pressure to ‘influence’, the pressure for perfection. The pressure to be the next ‘whoever’. The pressure can feel as if it everywhere. On every platform. On every feed.

Why Is There So Much Pressure on Bloggers?
Why Is There So Much Pressure on Bloggers?

Yet, all of that destroys the beauty and uniqueness of blogging. Because, if you are passionate about the sponsored work you received and it isn’t out of the ordinary for you and your typical content, why can’t you post about it? Even if you did the same the blog or Instagram post before. Why shouldn’t we, as bloggers, make a few quid or two if the brand of our dreams offers us it? If we already love that brand, that product, that place, why shouldn’t we get paid to rave about it if the offer is there? There is no recipe for blogging success because what is blogging success? Is it having millions of followers? Is it having an audience who genuinely like your content, your writing, your photographs?

Blogs are unique, every blog is different, therefore, I refuse to believe there is a specific path to success and following all these millions of tips and guides can sometimes take away the uniqueness of you and your blog. Engagement shouldn’t be fake. I cannot wrap my head around this. Comment on people’s Instagrams if you genuinely have something to say or share, not to get a like or follow back. Share people’s content that you adore, not to gain anything for yourself.

Want to create a podcast? Do it. Do it because you want to, not because it is the path to ‘success’ or the ‘in’ thing. The same goes for newsletters, hashtags, Instagram profiles, anything. Don’t have an Instagram theme? That’s perfectly ok, the chances are, I’ll still like your Instagram. As will loads of other people. Want to spend all your wages on a designer bag? Do it. Want to save? Do it.

Why Is There So Much Pressure on Bloggers?
Why Is There So Much Pressure on Bloggers?

There is a stupid amount of pressure on bloggers when really all we should be doing is writing whatever we wish to write, creating whatever we wish to create and sharing that with the world. There is no right or wrong way about doing so. I think it is just important to be authentic and ‘real’. And if that real to you is travelling the globe, buying designer pieces, or sharing your DIY tips, your interiors, your budgeting guides, tips on how to save money, anything, anything, anything, then that’s you and that’s all you need to be.

Blogging shouldn’t come with this amount of pressure, it should be fun. Hobby or job. It should make us happy. It should be enjoyable. And I will forever stand for that over anything else.


This was just my inner ramblings so I would really love to know what you think. Is there too much pressure on blogging?!


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