The March To-Do List

The March To-Do List


Well hello, snowy pictures! It just had to be done, didn’t it? When I was planning the upcoming photography for this month on SimplyAbbi I had pictured this post with some beautiful Spring inspired photography and whilst we have had some sun and warmer days, the Beast From The East soon made it’s dreaded appearance.

So the beginning of March has quite been the “it’s nearly Spring!!!!” time I had anticipated but walks in the snow and snowball fights may have slightly made up for it. Though I do kind of wish it would go away now, after all, I have a whole wardrobe of florals ready to wear!

February ended up being a blur of illness and trying to catch up from having that illness. I had that lovely flu/cold hybrid that everyone seemed to be getting and even though I’m lucky to do the majority of my work at home, most days it seemed like way too much effort lifting up the laptop screen, let alone trying to assemble that Instagram flatly.  Most of February was spent in bed surrounded by painkillers and Netflix documentaries.

But, we are in March now and I’m so happy about it. At some point, we will start to see the introduction of Spring (hey, I saw daffodils the other day!), I can start wearing more pastel colours, Mothers Day is just around the corner and every day get’s that little bit lighter and warmer and I just love it!

At the moment, I am entering the month feeling inspired and motivated to completely make March my own, I’m super excited so without further ado, here is my March To-Do List!

The March To-Do List
Get Back Into My Blogging Routine

You may have noticed that February slightly dipped in content and I am certainly not proud that I only managed a handful of posts last month. As mentioned above, I definitely spent a large portion of the month not feeling myself and not having the energy to muster up any motivation so SimplyAbbi spent a little time unloved which always makes me a little bit sad considering how much I love the process of making content (you know… I think I may have even missed scheduling tweets!).

So, March is time for a full comeback! The aim is to go back to three posts a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday, FYI) and even chuck up the odd Sunday post (like today!). I want to get so much more consistent with posting and also with Instagram, where I also want to attempt more Instagram Stories. I love them and they are the perfect way to introduce your personality and snapshots of your day to your audience.

I would love to get back into Youtube again soon, I do miss it and whilst I think I end up struggling to balance all the different avenues of being a blogger (blog, social media, youtube, admin, creating etc), I do love just sitting in my room and nattering to you and ideally, I would love to combine all those different avenues and make SimplyAbbi more into a solid brand as opposed to just blog posts, the odd instagram here and there and occassional tweets about topics other than my dogs.

March is definitely the month for the return of a more organised and creative SimplyAbbi! Bring it on!

The March To-Do List
The March To-Do List
The March To-Do List
Drink Water (and slowly start to give up fizzy drinks!)

Ok, so this probably seems really boring and such a typical ‘goal’ but the last few months I have had such little energy and randomly, such awful skin and of course, wherever I turn for advice the first thing that is always suggested is ‘drink more water!’. And hey, I get it, it’s good for you, I know but I have always had the most terrible mindset of but a nice cold can of Coca-Cola tastes so much nicer?!

I might not enjoy drinking water, but this is definitely a case where the benefits outweigh that little niggle and hey, I don’t have to completely give up fizzy drinks, do I? At least not cold turkey! My plan is to invest in one of those water bottles that are designed to help you keep drinking (I’m eyeing up this Amazon one with time markings and an infuser) and then keep to drinking water throughout the day. Anything to make me feel more human! Who’s with me?!

The March To-Do List SimplyAbbi
The March To-Do List
Get Out of the House Daily

When you work from home, it is so easy to just get up, get yourself sorted and then go and sit straight on your laptop, spending the rest of the day tapping away and before you know it, it is dark and dinner’s cooking nicely in the oven. And by that point, you are ready to switch off and relax in the evening, not venture outside in the cold.

I am notorious for not even realising I haven’t left the house for a few days because I have been so busy ticking off that to-do list or simply, hiding from the wind and rain. And can you blame me?! But, the last few days I have been venturing out in the snow for walks as I just love how pretty everything currently looks and even just going for a quick, short walk has done wonders for my mood and my energy levels. I feel so refreshed, focused and even motivated! Yes, it’s been cold and not even two pairs of gloves have made my hands anymore comfortable but the feeling when I walk back into the house after some fresh air is so worth the freezing temperatures.

The March To-Do List
The March To-Do List
Get Off My Phone

In January, I wrote about my digital detox and how it benefited me so throughout March I certainly want to keep that detox going!

I love social media, double tapping on Instagram, scrolling endlessly through Twitter and watching dog videos on Facebook but I know I do end up spending slightly too long on my phone, letting myself get distracted and watching my productivity levels slip.

This month, I plan to put the phone down more. I tend to leave it sitting face down when I work so I can’t see any notifications pop up and that’s helping a little bit and I plan on spending my breaks doing something productive (going for a walk, tidying, something I should do) than just spending that time going through my phone. After all, we all adore social media but it’s no understatement that we consume it way too much. For me, it is truly time to take that break and focus on pushing out content and creating my online space more positive and not just used for when I’m bored.

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