The Ladies You Need To Follow On Instagram


I know that Instagram isn’t everyone’s favourite place at the moment. Whether it is about algorithm changes, shadow-banning or low engagement, most comments I see about everyone’s favourite photo-sharing app recently are down in the dumps and definitely not as positive as that community once was. It is a shame really. Instagram used to be purely about posting your latest photograph, sticking a few hashtags in the comments and getting on with it, it is sad that now the focus is mostly on the algorithm or if people are showing up in hashtag searches or not. And I completely understand it, for a lot of bloggers, this is their career and even then, taking and editing photographs aren’t just a few seconds worth of time, we want to know that the people so kindly choosing to follow our accounts are getting to see them.

We cannot change the algorithm, we cannot change how shadow banning works and everything behind the application but what we can do is what we do best, share the love and support and hope it helps someone. And that is what this post is today. The one where I share just four of my favourite ladies on the platform and why they should be on your Instagram following list too. Please also share your favourite accounts below, I find it so hard to discover new account so please do let me know and hopefully, we can all find some new lovely people to follow! But, without further ado, introducing The Ladies You Need To Follow On Instagram.

The Ladies You Need To Follow On Instagram

The Ladies You Need To Follow On Instagram DizzyBrunette3

Would you just look at this beautiful, pink, pastel, everything dreams are made of theme?! Corrie was one of the first bloggers I discovered (alongside everyone’s OG Zoella, of course) and her blog, style and online presence have evolved so beautifully over the years. Her Instagram is not only insanely appealing to the eye but I love her easygoing, positive attitude and overall vibe plus, no one does 90’s style and memories like this girl does. Everyone needs to have this pink beauty on their feeds, her photographs are truly stunning and always put a smile on my face! Plus, she is serious hair goals!

The Ladies You Need To Follow On Instagram That Girl Fleur

Whenever one of Fleur’s beautiful photographs pop up onto my feed, they always want to make me jump on a train and head into London, camera in tow. Her feed has the most perfect, relaxed lifestyle vibes and hey, I don’t even like the taste of coffee but her coffee flat lays make me want to consume copious amounts of the stuff. She posts the most stunning pictures from her adventures, I mean, I just adore those first two shots of Bath, truly beautiful and seems to capture that quiet essence in every photograph. With Instagram as chaotic as it seems, scrolling through Fleur’s feed offers the perfect calming social media experience.



The Ladies You Need To Follow On Instagram OhSoMint

I feel as if I don’t even need to put into words why you should be following Chelsea, just look at how truly beautiful these photographs are?! If you love feeds full of beautiful interiors, OhSoMint is most certainly the account for you. Just like Fleur, Chelsea’s account is so beautifully calm and a pleasure to scroll through and I just find myself double-tapping on her photo’s. Plus, if you like long, chatty captions, Chelsea nails them perfectly and you certainly feel like you’ve made a friend everytime you see her posts pop-up. She is a complete joy to have on my Instagram feed! Also, just saying, but I need that pink blanket, don’t you?!



The Ladies You Need To Follow On Instagram RushandTeal

I have fangirled over Allie a lot this past week (sorry for filling up your Twitter mentions girl!) but honestly, I don’t feel like I’ve done it enough, really. Allie’s feed offers the cosiest and warmest lifestyle vibes and her photographs always tell such a beautiful story. Alongside her beautiful photography, Allie always takes it to the next level, next time you’re on Instagram, have a little scroll through her account and take a peek at the recent Instagram collage she did. It was truly incredible and I don’t think I’m alone in saying I was almost waiting for her posts to complete the collage so I could heart-eye over the final look. She’s incredible, so-so lovely and inspiring and honestly? She is nailing this Instagram thing.


Who are your favourite Instagram ladies to follow? Please pop them down below! 


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