Lipsticks in Rotation

The Famous Four

I am definitely one of those people who pick up the same four or five lipsticks for a month or so before I switch the whole lot up. I just cannot help it, I seem to become obsessed with a certain finish or particular shade and want to wear everything I own that fits the bill until I’m obsessed with what’s new.

And that is exactly what I’m doing right now, where I am currently obsessed with warm nudes, coffee browns and creamy finishes that feel comfortable and all-around lovely on the lips. I’m constantly picking up the shades that are long-wearing and don’t fade into nothing the second I crack open a can of Coke and pack a punch in terms of colour and finish. Basically, I am picking up the shades that look perfectly at home on a warm, vintage-feel Instagram grid.

So, introducing the lipsticks in rotation. The four lipsticks that are always being chucked in my handbag, the four lipsticks I cannot get enough of and the four lipsticks you need sitting in your Muji drawers or makeup bag.

Warning: Nude shades overload ahead.

Lipsticks in Rotation
Lipsticks in Rotation Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk
Lipsticks in Rotation Rimmel Kate 38
Charlotte Tilbury – Pillow Talk

Alongside the ‘thanks to Kylie Jenner’ fame levels of MAC’s Velvet Teddy, has their ever been a more talked about or loved lipstick than Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk? The creamy, matte, dusky pink nude that has made its way into everyone’s makeup bags and Instagram grids… Charlotte truly brought the fire with this one.

For me, this is the perfect everyday lipstick for when I want something that isn’t going to make my lips drier than the Sarah Dessert but still has that matte, bold finish I’m always after. On my ultra pale skin tone, it does sit quite dark which I just love and that slight injection of pink adds a touch of warmth for a flattering overall finish that I just cannot get enough of! No doubt a lipstick I will repurchase endlessly! Plus, paired with the Pillow Talk lip liner, you have really got yourself a lip look that well and truly packs a punch! Oh, and if you are looking for a direct comparison to Velvet Teddy, Pillow Talk is a little darker and warmer and if you ask me, more universally flattering!

Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish – 38

The Kate Moss range of lipsticks have always been one of my favourites, ever since the very early days of my blogging journey! One of my first ever lipsticks was the much loved 107 (literally because Zoella was always wearing it) and I still own a (much newer!) version today that is always a failsafe whenever I’m stuck on lipstick choices.

Also, in the range 38,  a beautiful pink with a healthy dose of peach running through. I currently pick this up whenever I want to step away from the brown-warm nudes to a nice pink. It is isn’t too bright that it is Barbie-esque and isn’t too light that is almost becomes a concealer lips look, it is just the perfect middle ground and that peach really helps to make it more flattering.

The Rimmel lipsticks are so beautifully creamy and offer a stunning high-sheen look which definitely makes a nice change from mattes and I just love it. I’m using it loads now but I betcha this will be all you see when Spring actually makes it long-awaited appearance!

Lipsticks in Rotation Colourpop Lippie Stix Cookie
Lipsticks in Rotation Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips Charlotte Darling
Colourpop Lippie Stix- Cookie

When I made my first Colourpop order last year, one of my regrets was not picking up more of the Lippie Stix. But, even though I’m still yet to make another order, Cookie is keeping me going!

Whenever I am happy minimal makeup days or going for a no-fuss look, this is the formula and colour I always reach for. A creamy, long-lasting warm nude that works for whatever look I’m going for, adding a beautiful wash of colour onto the lips.

The lippie stix formula is one of my all-time favourites with Shea butter, Vitamin E, avocado and more so they really deliver on the moisturisation of the lipsticks and they are just so comfortable and lovely to wear. You will always find this in my handbag or in very close proximity to myself, I just adore this!

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips – Charlotte Darling

The newest lipstick into my collection, Charlotte Darling is a creamy beige nude liquid lipstick that is beautifully flattering and the perfect lipstick if you want something bold and long-lasting.

Tilbury’s liquid lipstick formulas are one of my favourites, moisturising, non-cakey, non-flakey and seem to last a lifetime on the lips, I don’t know how I went so long without trying one of these! Once you get used to the texture which is almost mousse-like and never quite feels as if it dries fully down, you’ll jump right on board with these!

Charlotte Darling is my favourite to pick up whenever I am going out for the day and I want a colour that is still in line with my typically, daily nudes but packs a punch and isn’t going to wear off and this truly deliveries and I just cannot stop wearing it! It is pretty safe to say I have several others on my wishlist!


 What are your current favourite lipsticks?


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Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish ’38’
Colourpop Lippie Stix ‘Cookie’
Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips ‘Charlotte Darling’

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