February Makeup: The Top Three

February Makeup: The Top Three

02. 18

Annnnnd we are back again for the second instalment of the new top three series where at the end of every month, I’ll tell you all about my top three makeup products of that month. What I have loved, why I have loved it and why you will probably love it too. There is just a whole lot of love over here!

This month, in a bid not to feature the same three products of last month, I made an effort to switch things up which ended up coming naturally due to wanting to spend less time on my makeup as a whole. I adore experimenting with makeup, trying new products, trying new techniques but sometimes I just want to slap it on and go, ultimate lazy girls problems and all that. So, the products I have picked for my top three this month have been a result of that. Products that are easy, quick and give me the desired look without having to spend ages working on them.

Do make sure to have a look at the products I adored last month, my January Top 3 and without further ado, let me introduce you to the products I have been all over this month. We have got a brand new love, a new launch and the perfect one-step product! Here is the February Makeup: The Top 3.

February Makeup: The Top Three
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

February Makeup: The Top Three Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation
February Makeup: The Top Three

If you haven’t noticed, I am definitely having a Charlotte Tilbury moment right now. My wishlist is quite literally as long as my arm and every time I get paid you can guarantee I’m on her website trying to narrow down what I’m actually going to buy and get delivered in that little cardboard box of goodness (with ALL the samples of course). Earlier this month, I decided to finally bite the bullet and purchase the much-adored Magic Foundation, a semi-matte, full coverage foundation that took the beauty world by a storm when it was first released.

I adore the IT Cosmetics CC Cream foundation I featured last month, but it is slightly too dark for me without a tan so I was after something that could offer the same coverage and finish without having to buy the same product twice. So whilst that is sitting patiently ready for Summer to arrive (if it ever does…), in the meantime, I have been loving Charlotte’s offering. This is definitely more matte than the IT Cosmetics CC Cream but certainly not one-dimensional and flat. It covers flaws and redness perfectly but still feels pretty weightless on the skin, even if you decide to build it up. This does oxidize slightly, which you can see in the photo’s but it is nothing a bit of bronzer cannot fix. I am in love with this foundation for every day, it offers me the coverage I want, is a pretty decent colour match and I can apply it, with or without powder over the top and not have to worry about it for the rest of the day. Oh, and not that packaging should make too much of a difference, but isn’t the bottle just gorgeous?

L’Oreal Infalliable Shaping Sticks

February Makeup: The Top Three L'Oreal Infallible Shaping Stick
February Makeup: The Top Three

I’ll admit it, I don’t enjoying contouring. There. I said it. If I am perfectly honest, I find that it a step where I either go slightly over the top and look a little bit like those kids who smear chocolate cake over their faces or I over blend to avoid said look and it just disappears. Out of all the ‘normal’ beauty trends we see (i.e, not the ones where we stick eyelashes up our nostrils and all that), contouring was just one I couldn’t get one hundred percent on board with.

But then L’Oreal announced the release of their new Infallible Shaping Sticks designed to give you your base, contour and concealer all in one and I definitely jumped all over that. I’m not going to talk too much too much about these as I have a full post coming Wednesday but this little stick of magic makes contouring so easy. It is creamy, blendable, buildable and just so simple to work with. Draw lightly on, blend and you’re good to go. No fuss contouring – perfect!

Colourpop¬† Supershock¬† Shadow ‘La La’

February Makeup: The Top Three Colourpop Super Shock Shadow
February Makeup: The Top Three

You could hand me any Colourpop Super Shock Shadows and the chances are I’m going to blooming love it. A creamy, mousey texture that let’s be honest, is pretty fun to use and creates the most gorgeous eye look. I may only have three of of the shadows, but I just adore them for a quick and easy eye look with no fuss and an apperance that makes it look like you have put alot more effort into the look than you actually have. Fab.

La La is beautiful glittery copper that makes the perfect day-to-night eye look, a light application is the perfect wash of colour but you can also build it up for a much more intense look that is just beautiful. I have been using this nearly every day the last month, I simply use my finger to blend it over my lid, add eyeliner and mascara and I’ve got myself a eyelook that is incredibly simple, easy but still packs a punch.

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What was your favourite makeup products of February?


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Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation
L’Oreal Infallible Shaping Stick¬†
Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in La La

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