New In From Glossier

New In From Glossier

Still On That Glossier Hype

Throwback to last October. Pumpkins were filling the supermarkets, we were planning our Halloween costumes, leaves were turning orange and brown, we were enjoying the very last moments of the Summer sun, writing posts all about how much we adore Autumn and the Pumpkin Spiced Lattes that come with it and then something major happened. Glossier launched in the UK. Yep, the moment all we beauty obsessed had been waiting for, checking our emails daily for that all-important launch date, calculating how much money we were going to drop on that very first order and reading countless reviews from our friends over the pond. We were ready.

And now we’re back in the present time. It’s February 2018, I need to re-purchase the ever-so-famous Milky Jelly Cleanser, my Cloud Paint has actually got a little dent in it and Boy Brow has truly changed my eyebrow life (read my first haul and impressions here). Glossier has well and truly found a place in my beauty cabinet and my heart so I couldn’t resist placing another order with them. That and I wanted another pink wallet and set of stickers…

I was well behaved, only ordering the two things I had truly had my eye on since the first order. The two items that everyone and their doggo’s seem to talk about and love so it was truly my time to try them out too. Introducing; New In From Glossier.

New In From Glossier

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New In From Glossier Balm Dotcom

Balm DotCom

Did I need another lip balm? Hmm, probably not. Did I another product aimed at dry skin? Um, no. But was I drawn in by the countless positive reviews of this and the pretty packaging that fits perfectly into my current Instagram theme? That’s a big fat yes from me. Balm DotCom is a beautifully thick and waxy balm that truly works wonders. I keep this on me at all times as it is truly the perfect lip balm for overly dry lips and for well, everything else. Dry elbows? Balm Dotcom. Random burn mark on your hand from your lethal hair curlers? Slather a bit of Balm Dotcom on that. Dry spots? Cuticles? They all fit the bill!

Balm Dotcom has truly become a little wonder product for me and even though I love the simplicity of the original, I kind of want to buy every single one because why not and plus, I need one for my desk, bathroom, bedside table, at least two for my handbags and just one spare you know….

New In From Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask

Moisturising Moon Mask

I am all about hydration so when I started to see the Moisturising Moon Mask doing the rounds in the blogosphere, I knew my skin needed it desperately and thankfully, it is not disappointing in the slightest. Most importantly for me, as with all the other Glossier skincare I’ve got my greedy mitts on, this is perfect for sensitive skin, it’s so simple and does what it says on the tin, with no fancy frills, sickly scents and my skin just loves it. No matter how I use this (whether it’s just for a quick twenty-minute fix or an overnight treatment) my skin is left soft, plump and doesn’t come with an annoying dose of redness. It is so wonderfully simple and if you ask me, a requirement in everyone’s bathroom cabinet.

If you’re after the Instagram glow everyone is talking about, this product is definitely for you. A thin layer overnight will leave you waking up with beautifully soft skin that feels supple and lovely or apply a slightly thicker layer for around twenty minutes to half hour for an intense dose of hydration that truly leaves my skin glowing. My only complaint? The tub isn’t nearly big enough for me!

New In From Glossier

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Have you tried anything from Glossier yet? What’s on your wishlist? If you are wanting to place your first order, use my link here to get 10% off! 


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Glossier Balm Dotcom
Glossier Moisturising Moon Mask

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