Worth the hype? The Naked Heat Palette

Worth the hype? The Naked Heat Palette

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Whenever Urban Decay announces the addition of a new Naked palette to their well-loved collection, the blogosphere and beauty industry go a little bit crazy and hey, rightly so! The Naked palettes are truly some of the most well-loved products in the makeup world so it is no surprise that whenever you scroll through Instagram or whenever someone shares their top beauty products, this palette is usually featured. So, standing alongside the original palette, two, three and the smokey offering, we now have the Heat Palette. Full to the brim of warm shades including those you don’t always typically see. I’m talking those beautiful burnt reds, deep browns and a few shimmer shades that Instagram is obsessed with.

Believe it or not, I didn’t give in to the hype straight away. The palette was released back in the Summer, July to be exact and I always like to wait a little while to see how people feel about it a few months after the hype has simmered down. The reviews were still pretty good so it was safe to say that I knew exactly what was going on the top of my Christmas list. Santa must have known too, as Christmas morning I unwrapped this little beauty, with the Naked Palette’s famous packaging and a pretty decent double-ended makeup brush I end up always using. I’ve worn this almost daily throughout January, so I thought it was time to share my thoughts and whether the Naked Heat palette is really worth the hype.

Worth the hype? The Naked Heat Palette
Worth the hype? The Naked Heat Palette
Worth the hype? The Naked Heat Palette

What I like About It

When it comes to their Naked Palettes, Urban Decay always gets their theming right. From the pinky hues of the Naked 3 edition and the dark shimmers of the Smokey palette, Naked Heat has got the warm, burnt shades spot on as usual. Whilst I may not own or want all of the Naked Palettes, I’ve got to hand it to them, they always manage to introduce shades we’ve seen before beautifully packaged and complimentary so you don’t feel the need to buy another palette. I like that I can rely on my Naked Palettes for set shades, which makes them perfect for travelling as you don’t need to bring along anything else with you.

As usual, you have got enough shades to create a beautiful warm daytime look easily and then, of course, a stunning, intense evening look, whether you go for a smokey finish (which is so easy to achieve with this palette) or just something darker.

The pigmentation of the shades is insanely impressive, just what I expected. I find myself barely hitting pan on the Naked palettes no matter how much I use them purely because you only need a tiny amount of shadow to create an intense, pigmented look. It’s amazing! The texture is one of my favourites too, soft, almost creamy and beautifully easy to blend.

The actual palette itself is nice and sturdy and I always love the mirror they have inside. Again, like the theming of the palette itself, I always love the individuality of the packaging and I quite enjoy the almost firestick look this palette has and I am especially glad that gone are the days of felt packaging (yes, the original Naked palette, I am looking at you!).

Worth the hype? The Naked Heat Palette SimplyAbbi

Shade Guide

Ounce – A beautiful cream pearlescent shade that makes a pretty decent inner corner highlight. Perfect if you like something a little more subtle though I tend to reach for something a little brighter that goes better with this palette.
Chaser – A matte-flesh toned that if I’m perfectly honest, I’ve barely used but it does make the perfect all-over lid shade to matte down concealer or for a super natural look.
Sauced – A warm coffee shade that is just the perfect transition and crease shade. I use this with pretty much every look I create with this palette.
Low Blow – A darker, warmer version of Sauced. Perfect for an all-over lid colour or adding to the crease to darken out Sauced.
Lumbre – A bronzed-rose gold shade with gold glitter. I.e my most favourite shade out of this palette, isn’t it just beautiful?! The perfect lid or even highlight shade.
He Devil – A burnt red. Another perfect matte shade and pucks a punch that offers something different than your everyday brown.
Dirty Talk – A metallic copper. Again, very similar to Lumbre but another stunning shade with a beautiful metallic finish I can’t get enough of.
Scorched – A pinkier version of Dirty Talk that I don’t tend to use. If you ask me, the palette could have probably lost this shade; Dirty Talk and Lumbre are too similar.
Cayenne – A super warm matte that really packs a punch. Again, the perfect outer crease shade.
En Fuego – A deep red. A beautiful shade but one I haven’t used all that much yet. Again, I’m not sure the palette needed this.
Ashes – A dark matte plum. A beautiful shade that you don’t see all that often but doesn’t pack the punch I wanted to.
Ember – A rich bronze come copper shade. Another shade I’ve barely used as I have so many similar shades in other palettes. Such a beautiful, high-shine finish though.

What I’m not as Keen On

If I was to be really picky, there are one or two shades I think the palette could lose due to their similarities to other shades and you end up just not really using them. For example, Dirty Talk and Lumbre look different in the palette, but on the eye, they have a very similar look and the exact same finish. I would have loved to see more orange shades in place of these but you already know I love the shade range and it is still unique enough to justify the hype.

Consistent with the other Naked Palettes, the shadows do fall down on me, especially those shimmers and I always find myself having to clean up my under eye area afterwards and this is a shame to see as all the other Naked palettes do this so it would have been lovely to see an improvement on this.

Packaging-wise, it is a little bulky and not the easiest to store or transport, though I got to admit, this doesn’t bother me as much as I thought when I first opened it but I know this is pretty important to some people.

Worth the hype? The Naked Heat Palette
Worth the hype? The Naked Heat Palette


So, do I think the Naked Heat palette is worth the hype? Well, there is only one answer… yes! If you have used or loved any of the previous Naked Palettes and you like the look of the warm tones, then this palette is going to be for you. The pigmentation is beautiful, the texture is a joy to work with and I am always happy with the finished look. And hey, so far whenever I’ve worn this (which has been alot, I have always received a compliment or asked what I used. And that is the sign of a pretty good palette.

Have you tried the Naked Heat palette? Do you think it is worth the hype?


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