What I Have Been Thankful For This Month

What I Have Been Thankful For This Month

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It doesn’t matter how positive I am trying to be or if the sun is shining or if my Glossier orders arrive early, I’m just not the biggest fan of January. At all. It is cold, rainy, feels as if it is lasting forever and I’m still struggling to control my finances after a very spendy December. It probably doesn’t help that I have another cold (will it ever go?) and I’m currently typing this from my bed with a Beechams Cold and Flu Blackcurrant drink I’m trying to force down. I am very much looking forward to February, we are one step closer to Spring (who else is excited for florals and sun and warmth?!), which in turns mean a little bit closer to Summer and everything just seems a little better when February rolls around, doesn’t it?

Because I do tend to struggle with January I wanted to really think about what I have been thankful this month and what I am grateful for as opposed to just moaning about the weather and the messy January sales in the shops. Because, even though it is cold and there are messy sales in the shops, this starting month of 2018 has actually been pretty good and I’ve had some fabulous moments in the last 30 odd days. So, instead of wishing it away, here is what I have been thankful this month!

What I Have Been Thankful For This Month


A clean, fresh house after taking down the decorations

Don’t get me wrong, we all know how much I love Christmas and everything that comes with it. Seasonal cheer, the decorations, the magic, the atmosphere… everything. But, when it comes to January, I’m ready to say goodbye to all the festive cheer and start afresh (don’t worry, by March I get excited about it all over again) and one of the best ways to do that is by taking down all the decorations. Yes, the house looks so cosy and wonderful with all the decorations up but when they come down, it feels as if there is more space and a clearer space which is just perfect when you’re ready to face the New Year!

What I Have Been Thankful For This Month


The New Start

Don’t you just love the feeling of a fresh start? A brand new year is truly the perfect fresh start, the perfect opportunity to blow out the ol’ cobwebs, re-align your focus and truly move on from the past. I spent the first few days of January organising myself, having a clear out, a huge tidy up both online and off and just spent it appreciating the new start and the New Year. Everyone was just a little bit more positive as well, weren’t they? Everyone just seemed to appreciate the fresh feeling of a new year and it was so lovely and inspiring to see so many people relaxed and ready to boss 2018!

What I Have Been Thankful For This Month


Taking Time Off

I wrote a few weeks ago about needing to switch-off and have a break and even though Christmas offers you a break, it isn’t really a break is it? It is hectic, full of constant doing and can be a little overwhelming, despite how magical it is. Once all the festivities were over and we got the first week of January out the way, I truly needed a break from everything and to just take time away. I closed my laptop and kept it closed. I picked up books and jumped into all these mystery stories, I took the time to just breath and relax and it truly shifted my focus and anxiety, whilst giving me a little refresh. The world just seemed a little bit calmer, and I couldn’t have been more thankful for that.

What I Have Been Thankful For This Month


Visiting Brighton

You are probably bored of me banging on about how much I adore Brighton but it is truly my favourite place. It is most definitely considered my second home and I am so grateful to have been able to live in a city that is so vibrant, wonderful and full of so many amazing memories for me. Every building, location and road has some university-related memory for me and getting to visit again and look back over all those memories is always an honour. This month I got to visit again for a weekend, where I wondered the Laines, spent some money in Churchill Square and even managed to come back with a little tattoo to celebrate my time there. I couldn’t be more thankful that I found Brighton and the experiences I was so lucky to have there.


Everything Else

Charlotte Tilbury orders. Trips to London. My amazing friends. Having a right laugh at work. Hugs. My two dogs who put the biggest smile on my face every day. Living by the water. Sudafed. Getting nine hours of sleep. Friends on Netflix. The smell of lighting my favourite candle. Hot cups of tea. Cosy pjs. New makeup. Pastel highlighters making work look pretty. Good morning texts. Dua Lipa’s album getting me through a rainy, miserable month. The sun. The light sprinkling of snow we had this month. Spotify Premium. The One Second Every Day. People who will happily come round your house at 11 pm just because you want their company.


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