The Pink Pastel Bag Of Dreams

The Pink Pastel Bag Of Dreams Topshop Sicily Bag

The Bag of Pastel Dreams

I’ll be honest with you guys, I’m not a bag girl. Nope. As long as I can remember I’ve been a shoe girl, ever since I was a little girl struggling to walk up and down the garden in my nans’ heels and forever wanting those awful, uncomfortable princess shoes you could pick up in the Disney store. Even now I’m 22, I’m no better at walking in heels but hey, at least my shoe collection is pretty impressive and growing. It is never not growing. But, the one thing I was never massively into when it comes to ~fashun~ is handbags. In fact, I have been alternating between two Zara bags I have had since I was seventeen.

Don’t get me wrong, I still buy the odd handbag every now and then, I just don’t feel the same love for them as I do say a pair of loafers, a striped tee or cosy jumper, but then I was introduced to this Topshop beauty and honestly, it was love at first sight. And believe me, that doesn’t happen often.

So, let me go on to introduce you to the bag of pink dreams, the Topshop Sicily Asymmetric Shoulder  Bag. I mean, just look at this beautiful pink dreamy goodness. It’s spacious, it comes with a mini wallet bag and have I mentioned how dreamy the colour is?! In fact, I’m going to apologise in advance for just how much you’re probably going to see this on the gram on here in the next weeks, it’s practically become surgically attached to my shoulder. And, I think, I may just prefer it to the brand new loafers I bought the other week…

The Pink Pastel Bag Of Dreams Topshop Sicily Bag
The Pink Pastel Bag Of Dreams Topshop Sicily Bag
The Pink Pastel Bag Of Dreams Topshop Sicily Bag

The Lowdown

For me, this bag is the perfect size for most days. It can fit all my essentials; purse, keys, fragrance, 25 million lipsticks and the little ‘toiletries and essentials’ bag it comes with plus more if I need to, including my iPad, bobble hat (it’s cold, ok), magazine and whatever junk I manage to chuck in there.

I initially thought the front pocket would be pretty useless for me but I have found this pretty great for shoving my phone in if my outfit doesn’t have any pockets (god forbid) or cards/receipts. The bad is held together with a magnetic clasp but it isn’t entirely secure so I like to walk around with it tight to me which works quite well so no one can stick their hand in a have a little treasure hunt. Safety and all that. I have had this since Christmas and the quality of the bag is incredibly impressive for £28, I’m not the most careful person ever and I am yet to find any scratches, marks or whatever else which is just fabulous.

The Pink Pastel Bag Of Dreams Topshop Sicily Bag
The Pink Pastel Bag Of Dreams Topshop Sicily Bag

The Pink Pastel Bag Of Dreams Topshop Sicily Bag

So, we are only a few weeks in 2018 but I think I have definitely found my favourite fashion find of the year so far. Let’s see if anything manages to overtake my love for this beauty later in the year! What do you think, do you need this Topshop bag in your life?


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