Starting The New Year Positive

Starting 2018 Right

2018 is well and truly underway, even if, like me, you have no idea how it is already 2018. I have personally never been a fan of New Year or January as a whole, but this year, I want to put a positive spin on it and start as I mean for the rest of the year to go on. January is the perfect time for a new start but you don’t have to put as much pressure on it as it sounds. The last few years I have got rid of New Year Resolutions and stuck primarily to goals (see mine here) and that already has helped to take off the pressure of the New Year and everything that comes with it.

But, still, I am determined to start the New Year on a positive note and the following list is the tasks and things I’m doing to help just that. For me, 2018 is the year of positivity and happiness, and by de-cluttering, organising myself and setting personal goals, I’m hoping that I am already on the right track!  January can be a pretty hard month as it is, so I’m hoping to spend my time working on myself and the following tasks to prep for the year ahead whilst dreaming of Spring. Here is how I’m feeling positive about January and the next few months ahead!

Starting The New Year Positive
Starting The New Year Positive
Starting The New Year Positive
De-Clutter Your Life Online and Off

De-cluttering is one of the best ways to not only clear some space but also clear your mind. De-cluttering is one of my favourite tasks when it comes to refreshing everything in the new year, especially if you’ve added to your collection of things with Christmas presents or received some gift vouchers. I always start with my wardrobe, evaluating what I have actually worn over the last year and what I haven’t really picked up. This is also a great opportunity to perhaps sell some of the items on Depop or eBay, allowing yourself a little extra money throughout the harder months. This year, I am determined to go through both my wardrobe and makeup items. There are definitely some items in there that are overdue a chuck out!

I also like to de-clutter my digital world too. Emails, files, photographs and even social networks all get a rummage through to see what can go. De-cluttering is so healthy and it is always one of those things that feel so satisfying and rewarding once you’re done. I love having a lovely, ‘clean’, de-cluttered laptop/phone/iPad at the start of the year, ready for 2018. Such a simple but satisfying task that is going to make your life so much easier!

Starting The New Year Positive

Organisation Is Key

January is really my favourite time to start organising myself for the year ahead. Organising yourself really helps with stress levels amongst everything else and certainly leaves me feeling more positive knowing everything is in order. This year, I’m attempting to bullet journal again. I started mid-year in 2017 but kind of let it trail off even though I found it so useful. This year, I have started again and spent the time between Christmas and New Year (i.e the BEST time) organising and setting it up. This year, I’ve got my future log, blogging content calendar, budget and habit tracker and already, just a few days in 2018, it is making all the difference and I’m so excited to really utilise this year.

For blogging, even though I have my bullet journal, I’ve also started to use a digital content calendar as well as I find this a little bit easier to update and view on the go. I love Google Calendar for this, it keeps my blogging life separate from my personal calendar and allows me to update instantly, colour-code and use across all my devices. For Christmas, I was lucky enough to receive The Ultimate Blog Planner from DotCreates as well, and this is proving so useful for getting my ideas down and really organise myself.

Starting The New Year Positive
Starting The New Year Positive
Practise Self-Care

If you ask me, self-care is essential for helped to stay positive all year round but also really essential in the new year where life can feel pretty overwhelming. Christmas can be pretty hectic and exhausting and January brings its’ own blues and downtime in other ways. Putting yourself first is ok if you need to. Running yourself a warm bath, taking yourself on a walk, giving yourself time to relax and get yourself stuck into a good book, saying no if you need to and ultimately, just looking after you. Always listen to your body and mind and what it is telling you, it’s for the best and truly works wonders for a positive outlook on life.

Starting The New Year Positive

Set New Goals

I’m not necessarily talking about New Year Resolutions but setting yourself small but achievable goals is a great way to motivate yourself and stay positive. I like to try and do this monthly as it allows you to keep focused on what you really want to achieve and keep yourself motivated and on track for on doing little things to lead to the bigger picture. For me, this month I would like to make sure I post three times a week without fail, fall in love with reading again and also go on daily walks (weather permitting, of course). Small, manageable goals that are not only going to help in my work life but also my personal life and especially for my mental health. Take the time out in the New Year to really evaluate what you want to do and what you want to achieve, then work backwards by working out what you need to do to get to that point. Thinking of a little reward if you complete your goals is a great way to keep motivated and remain positive too!

Starting The New Year Positive
Starting The New Year Positive
Start A New Hobby

Finally, starting a new hobby is always fun! It is always great to not only challenge yourself but try something new in hope of finding a new passion and love. Last year I didn’t really try any new hobbies at all, yet I know how good they are for you and your mind. In my 2018 goals, I spoke about wanting to learn sign language and I think January is a great month to start learning and taking on this new hobby. If there is something you’ve wanted to do or learn, now is a great time to start it!


How are you getting your 2018 off to a positive start?


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