Reflecting on Posting Everyday

Reflecting on Posting Everyday

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Oh Blogmas, what a fun little project you were. After never having the confidence or time to attempt Blogmas (December is one of the busiest times at university, after all!), I knew it was my mission this year to give it a go for the very first time in my blogging journey. It is no understatement that I knew it would be a challenge, creating blog content is no easy feat and whilst I bloody love it, worries definitely crossed my mind like, would I run out of creative ideas? Motivation? Simply, would I even have the time?!

Let’s be honest, Blogmas didn’t go entirely smoothly. I fell ill midway (yay for Winter and the colds and flu it brings) and therefore missed about a week and after Christmas, I made the decision to focus on January’s upcoming content as opposed to forcing out the last few December posts, most of which I didn’t have ideas for in the first place.

But, ultimately, I loved it. I was so proud of myself for getting over two/three weeks worth of daily posts out, it was such a great feeling seeing the content go live every day, content I was genuinely proud of and enjoyed creating. The issue started the second I wasn’t one hundred percent motivated to write when I was starting to feel ill or wasn’t full of creative ideas to write about once Christmas had passed, it added that extra pressure and the sense of failure. But, it was a great month and I loved the challenge and honestly… I cannot wait until Blogmas next year, is it sad I’m already excited about it?! But without  further ado,  here are my reflections on posting every day.

Reflecting on Posting Everyday
It’s Hard Work

This is completely undeniable, it’s blooming hard work and has given me so much more respect for those bloggers who manage every day to put up a post that is so consistent with quality and style. How do they do it?! Posting three times a week is hard-work so naturally, upping the ante and going from three to seven posts is considerable hard work, but so so enjoyable. From photographing posts every day, writing, scheduling, tweeting, everything involved constantly meant I was tied to my phone and laptop and constantly thinking about what I needed to do. For me, I learnt that whilst it is do-able, I constantly worried I had missed something or something had gone live that shouldn’t or I hadn’t scheduled the tweets for that day. Posting three times a week allows me to break that up a little and get everything done with a tiny bit of time to spare for brainstorming and checking everything through. I felt posting every day didn’t allow me that extra time to make sure I was 100% happy with every single task I had to do.

Reflecting on Posting Everyday

It’s Pressure

The second I tell myself I am going to do something which is a bit challenging, I already feel pressure to do so so the second I said that I was determined to do Blogmas, the pressure to make sure a post went up every single day was pretty intense. I wanted to do it for myself, to show that I could do it and that it was possible and just for the personal achievement but, of course, for my readers. Saying you’re doing Blogmas means a post should be live every day which means people may be looking forward to your new content. I really didn’t want to let anyone down, so the pressure became quite intense and alongside my hefty to-do list that kept growing, it did feel a little overwhelming! The pressure of having the deadline did help me get it all done but naturally, was so much harder on the days I dedicated my time to my other job or just socialising/going out, I felt like I wasn’t dedicating the time to working  and this was a little hard to deal with, esphecially in December which is naturally a full-on month!

Reflecting on Posting Everyday

It didn’t suck the fun out of blogging

One of my biggest worries when it came to blogging every day, was that it would end up feeling like a chore and just a task I had to do. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I found I really enjoyed it, yes it was pressure, but that pressure was the pressure that had me sitting at my desk every day sorting myself out, writing, photographing and doing everything I needed to. It definitely created more of a routine when it came to blogging which I loved and I finally had a way of doing everything. I loved the constant creating, I think sometimes, with only three posts a week, I’m not constantly creating as I space all my tasks out, daily posting didn’t allow this and it actually oddly meant I was writing and picture taking more and more. It taught me a lot too, writing daily helped with my actual writing and I learnt more about what kind of photography and editing I liked. And, that, was really fun in terms of development and branding.

Reflecting on Posting Everyday
Reflecting on Posting Everyday
It felt great

I know I didn’t get all 31 posts out but regardless, I loved Blogmas! Writing so much Christmassy content was just a lovely way to get festive whilst also doing something productive and it was so fun reading all the other Blogmas posts from the blogging community, everyone did seriously amazing and I loved how active the community was! I felt such a feeling of achievement seeing the posts go live and honestly… I really did love the challenge!

I’m still going to back to 3 posts a week just so I can try and incorporate Youtube more (Youtube is seriously so time-consuming!) and also work around my part-time job whilst also job hunting and all other life stuff. But I may challenge myself to more daily posting other than Blogmas, I’m thinking March, August and October, just to have a couple more months of more blogging. I just love it too much to wait until December to do it all over again!

Have you ever tried daily blogging?


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