New In The Collection: Palettes

New In The Collection: Palettes

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With many thanks to Christmas (just how has that been and gone?!) and the fabulous Boxing Day sales, it seems my makeup collection has ever so slightly expanded. You guys know I blooming love makeup and especially eyeshadows and whilst I try not to buy every single product I heart-eye over, I asked for a few staples for Christmas that I had been eyeing up for a little while.

I think eyeshadow palettes are one of my makeup weaknesses (those and lipsticks… obviously), all the pretty shades lined up next to each other, typically cased in beautiful, Instagram-ready packaging… it is just all so inviting. And nearly every palette ends up sitting patiently on my wishlist, waiting for when I can justify another nude or bronze addition to my collection.

This year, I went for three palettes, two which I had been eyeing up for a few months and one I randomly came across but decided that I needed. The Zoeva Nude Spectrum palette is just the perfect every day with beautiful golds and bronzes, the Urban Decay Naked Heat is pure eyeshadow goals which beautiful reds, rich browns and is just so complete desirable and the Becca Eye Lights is a gorgeous palette whose shimmer shades drew me right in.

So, here are the New In The Collection: Palettes. Time to go all heart-eyed again!

New In The Collection: Palettes
New In The Collection: Palettes
New In The Collection: Palettes

New In The Collection: Palettes Zoeva Nude Spectrum

Zoeva Nude Spectrum Palette

So, I know I said I have too many nude/bronze palettes but I really couldn’t resist this Zoeva beauty. The shades are truly beautiful and there is enough of a mixture to create so many different looks, I mean just look at how gorgeous that warm copper is! Zoeva shadows truly stand out in the beauty industry, they are so beautifully pigmented, creamy and so blendable and a true joy to use. They are affordable palettes and the quality is so thorough that every time I pick this up I always wonder why I don’t own more Zoeva palettes, I think often about replacing some of my palettes I don’t pick up anymore or don’t have the quality I desire with some more Zoeva palettes. My own gripe – the matte black packaging, it’s a nightmare to keep clean!

New In The Collection: Palettes Naked Heat

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

This little beauty of a palette has been on my wishlist ever since its Summer release. I love the Naked palettes, they have always served me well and are definitely one of the most used makeup products in my collection. They always have the most exceptional collection of shades with impressive pigmentation and quality and thankfully, the Heat edition is no different. I love the rich, warm tones which are going to work so beautifully in both Winter and Summer and I love how excited this palette makes me when it comes to doing my makeup. It might just because it is the new toy, but this might just be my favourite Naked palette to date…. might be!

New In The Collection: Palettes Becca Eye Lights

Becca Eye Lights Palette

I couldn’t resist just one sale buy, could I? And when I saw the BECCA Après Ski Glow Collection Eye Lights Palette on sale on CultBeauty, it was well and truly added swiftly to my virtual basket. I normally avoid palettes without any matte shades as it means I have to use another palette to create a full look and I do typically prefer an all in one but I just couldn’t resist this shimmery beauty. With 8 beautifully shimmer shadows, this palette is truly stunning and perfect for those who like a bit of glitter or a nice, healthy, glowy eye look. Having never tried anything from BECCA before, I am incredibly impressed with the quality, there’s no kick-back, they don’t fall down and the pigmentation is insane. Not only that, the packaging itself is beautiful, I mean, just look at that gold mirrored packaging, it’s truly dreamy!

Have you tried any of these palettes? What else do I need in my palette collection?


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