January Makeup: The Top Three

January Makeup: The Top Three

01. 18

I have always loved writing out my monthly favourites purely because it is such a great opportunity to go to town writing about the products that you have truly loved using. The ones where you want to just go JUST BUY IT. IT’S AMAZING. The products I recommend to friends over coffee. The products you’ll never hear me stop talking about on here. But, I will admit, once I love something, I really bloody love it and therefore, every month, I was struggling to bring together four or five different products I loved that I hadn’t featured the month before. But, I really wanted to carry on the tradition of writing out a monthly favourites and showing you what I loved so I changed it up just a little bit.

Every month, instead of showing you four to five different products, I am instead going to narrow down my top three favourite makeup products from that month. I figured three products shouldn’t be that hard to gather and I also hope it encourages me to switch up my makeup and what I’m using and that is something I don’t do nearly enough.

ISo, here are the top three products I used in January and honestly, it was so hard narrowing it down to just three favourites because after having a little re-jig after Christmas of my makeup, I’ve found SO many products I loved but these three were truly at the very top of the list. It’s going to be a mission to not feature the same three every month I think. But, without further ado, I hope you enjoy the post and I’ll see you for the next edition this time next month! Introducing the January Makeup: The Top Three.

January Makeup: The Top Three
January Makeup: The Top Three
January Makeup: The Top Three
January Makeup: The Top Three IT cosmetics cc cream
January Makeup: The Top Three
It Cosmetics CC Cream

If you read my post on the standout products of 2017, you would know how much love I gave the IT Cosmetics CC Cream and even though I wanted to switch up my makeup a little as we went in January, I simply couldn’t part from this base product. It has a beautiful medium to high coverage that manages to avoid getting cakey and feeling heavy. It gives me that soft, glowing, even skin that you see all over Instagram and the finish is just so beautiful. I always find that anything heavier than light coverage makes my skin feel congested and pretty ugh with some breakouts to accompany it but this CC Cream leaves my skin feeling completely normal. This foundation sits perfectly on the skin and gives off such a beautiful look I just can’t achieve with anything else. You’ll probably see this in my February top 3 as well!

January Makeup: The Top Three Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink
January Makeup: The Top Three
Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick ‘Penelope Pink’

When I first got this lipstick last year, I actually had a pretty intense love/hate relationship with it. I found it to be quite drying and uncomfortable to wear and after spending £23 on it, I was pretty upset at that so for a long while, it mainly sat unloved in my Muji drawers. Despite this, I couldn’t bring myself to part with such a beautiful product, so decided to try it again at the beginning of the year. Since I have been using the Blistex Lip Relief Cream (i.e a life saver!) I have been able to wear this lipstick so much more comfortable than before. I describe this as a warmish nude with a peach undertone. It isn’t too dark, it isn’t too light and it just the most flattering, simple, every day nude. The perfect shade to quickly apply and run out of the house, chucking the lippy in your bag. Definitely my most used and most loved lipstick of the last month!

January Makeup: The Top Three MAC Eyeshadow Nylon
January Makeup: The Top Three
MAC Cosmetics Eyeshadow ‘Nylon’

After not being best pleased at the inner corner highlight shade the Naked Heat palette offered and considering that is pretty much the only palette I’ve been picking up this month (full review here), I went hunting in my collection for a highlight that truly packed a punch and would offer the intense look that I loved. I found my old, unloved MAC palette and surprisingly found it stored the most perfect inner corner/brow bone highlight. Nylon is a beautiful warm gold with a gorgeous metallic finish that has such stunning pigmentation. It opens up the eyes perfectly and is just the most wonderful finish to every eye look. It’s safe to say that my MAC palette has been feeling a little more loved since re-discovering this shadow!


What has been your most loved makeup product this month?


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