How I’m Organising Myself in 2018

How I’m Organising Myself in 2018

Bossing 2018

Spending some time organising my life is literally one of my favourite ‘life admin’ things to do. There is just no better sense of accomplishment than when you have organised yourself and can actually feel the benefits working in your everyday life. Because of my obsession with having everything ever written down or stored somewhere or other and knowing how easily distracted I can get leading me to forget everything, I’m actually not too shabby when it comes to organising myself and I do find myself actually enjoying the process setting up and filling out my bullet journal, finding uses for the riduclous amount of stationary I own and having a very neat and efficient iCal (if I do say so myself!).

Now that is is officially 2018 (how’d that happen?!), one of my missions for the year was to really get myself organised and work out a handy system that truly works for me, long-term. I have a lot going on in terms of part-time work, freelance work, blogging and just life in general (amazing how I can fit Netflix in daily isn’t it really?) and it regularly feels like it is all over the place and I don’t have enough minutes in an hour or hours in a day. I was determined to well and truly organise myself to make way for a somewhat focused and efficient 2018! So, here is How I’m Organising Myself in 2018!

How I’m Organising Myself in 2018
How I’m Organising Myself in 2018 Bullet Journal
How I’m Organising Myself in 2018 The Ultimate Blog Planner
The Blog

When it comes to organising blogging, I think I go slightly OTT as I am currently using three different things to help organise my blogging life but after a few years of on and off blogging, I felt it was time to go hard. The first thing I’m doing this year is starting a bullet journal. I started one last year but it ended up sitting unloved after a few months. This year, I spent the weird limbo between Christmas and New Year spending time researching how other people have set up theirs (so arty!) and how I wanted to set up mine. I’m not arty at all so I’ve kept mine incredibly simple and purely functional and I know it has only been a week or so into January, but it seems to be working for me quite well! I’ve got my calendars in there, my content planners, brain dump and a do-list to help keep everything organised and even better, together.

In terms of actually planning individual blog posts, I didn’t want to dedicate and use up too many pages for individual plans and ideas so I was incredibly grateful that my mum gifted me the Ultimate Blog Planner by Dot Creates for Christmas. This has been perfect for planning each and every post as I am notorious for thinking of all these ideas in a moment of creativeness and then completely forgetting when it is time for implementing them. This has sections for blog title, date, ideas and even handy checkboxes for photography, text and live and honestly, it is just my favourite thing and I love it!

Lastly, I’m taking advantage of the digital world. I have an online content calendar (I use Google Calendar for this) as this is just so easy to add too, remove and edit on the go and I have been spending time colour coordinating it (isn’t this just SO satisfying?!) so I can easily see what I’ve penciled in, what I have actually written and what is scheduled and ready to go. I have also been a little bit obsessed with the Reminders app that comes with IOS. It allows you to create categories, set alarms and obviously, tick things off. It’s so useful to set priorities and keep the reminder on your phone until you’ve done it – such a life-saver for me and my forgetful brain! I used this all of last year and it worked SO well for me so I’m hoping to combine this with my bullet journal and planner, I can really boss my blogging schedule for 2018!

How I’m Organising Myself in 2018

At Home

For at home and just daily life, this year I’m trying to remind myself to devote time every day to organise something. Whether that’s simply tidying up my room, going through my wardrobe, clearing my desk and make-up area and having a small tidy. I’m pretty known for leaving things to build up and because of this I tend to lose and misplace things so this year, I am determined to organise myself every day even just for five minutes just to keep everything clean, tidy and on track!

Alongside that, I aiming to have monthly clear outs. Like I just mentioned, I tend to let things build up until they are difficult to maintain and when it comes to clear outs, I tend to do a mammoth one every now and then and it is one of those situations where it is simply too much to go through and I get bored and distracted. By scheduling a clear-out every month, I’m hoping not to get as overwhelmed and distracted. My aim is in January to start on my makeup and stationary… both are overspilling and I’m hoping by having that clear-out, I re-discover some new loves, give stuff away that could use a new home and have a much more streamlined minimalistic space.

The last thing I want to talk about isn’t so much about directly about organising but especially have a much clearer mind. The last few months I have been using the Headspace app and this has really helped keep me focused and motivated. It helps to give you a dedicated time to just breath and relax and I really do love it. It’s not wishy-washy, it is straight to the point and is really helping with my stress levels, which in turn, definitely help when it comes to motivation levels which help with organising. It’s a win-win all around!

How I’m Organising Myself in 2018


How are you organising yourself this year?


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