What I love about Christmas

What I love about Christmas

Counting Down The Days

Now, don’t get me wrong… I love everything about Christmas. Everything. If it is Christmassy, I probably have a lot of love for it. It is just simply the best time of the year. It’s just so magical and wonderful and honestly, I have never truly grown out of the Christmas Magic you felt as a child. Which, by the way, is definitely a good thing!

I think one of my truly favourite things about Christmas is the effort that everyone puts in. Whether it is taking the time out to decorate and assemble a gingerbread house with your family, or spending hours decorating the Christmas tree, picking out the truly perfect gift or travelling miles just to see loved ones. Everyone is just happier and perkier at Christmas aren’t they? You make the effort to make sure you get along with every family member, you smile more at strangers, wishing familiar faces and shop assistants Merry Christmas. You come together as a community at Christmas light switch on’s and bazaars, buying beautiful craft gifts from small local businesses and making small talk over a glass of mulled wine. It’s just a beautiful time of year that teaches us that it truly is possible for us to be like this all year round.

That is one of the biggest reasons I love Christmas. The festivities all make us better people and I am never not going to adore that.

But, if you did need a little bit more festivity in your life (there never is enough is there?!), I hope you enjoy today’s post as I share my favourite things about Christmas, and do make sure you pop yours in the comments below! I’d love to know!

What I love about Christmas

01. The festive movies you watch over and over again and have done ever since you were little. The Santa Claus is one of my favourites, my dad and I have watched it together ever since I was a little girl.

02. Fairy lights everywhere! All the lights, whether they are on the tree, dotted around mirrors and bannisters, I just love the look of all the Christmas lights lit up, it’s so beautifully cosy!

03. The shops. Honestly, one of my favourite Christmas things is walking around the shops at Christmas times, I love the lights that high streets go full out with and of course, I love seeing how individual stores decorate.

04. The songs! Again, it’s just the whole nostalgia thing isn’t it? I love turning on the radio, cracking out my Spotify Christmas playlist or turning on the music channels to a bit of Shade, Wham and for once a year only… Cliff Richard.

What I love about Christmas
What I love about Christmas

05. The atmosphere! Even those you dislike Christmas and everything that comes with it tends to be a little happier this time of year. Christmas time can be really stressful with all the shopping and costs associated BUT Christmas spirit and the atmosphere is contagious and everyone is a little cheerier and merrier this time of year.

06. Putting up the tree. Getting all the baubles down from the loft, picking what goes where, completely transforming the house. I just love putting up the tree, Christmas has truly begun when the tree goes up!

07. The food! Our house never has as much food in it as it does at Christmas. The turkey dinner… cheese boards… buffet galore, Twiglets, Snack Mixes and a lifetime supply of chocolate. I. Cannot. Wait.

What I love about Christmas
What I love about Christmas

08. Wrapping peoples present. I love gathering all my Christmas gifts together and dedicating the time to wrapping them, it is just so exciting seeing everyone’s gifts together and picturing their faces when they open them… even if it simply judging my awful wrapping skills!

09. Stockings. This is one of our Christmas traditions that I hope never dies out. My brother and I have had our stockings ever since we were children and they sit proudly on the fireplace until Christmas Eve when we both hang them outside of our door. In the morning, they are magically full up and we spend the early morning opening the little gifts that our nan has prepared before we head downstairs. Even at twenty-two, opening my stocking is one of the best things about Christmas day.

10. And finally… the day itself!

Right, let’s get sharing… what is YOUR favourite thing about Christmas? Can you pick just one thing?!

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