The 2018 Goals

The 2018 Goals

Hello 2018

How the blooming hell, when the clock strikes midnight tonight, will it be 2018? I just cannot fathom how quickly this year has flown by and I know we say it every. single. year but this year truly feels like it has escaped me quicker than ever before.

I think that 2018 will be one of the scarier years I’ve had yet simply because I no longer have that comfort blanket of school, college or university. I’m still working part-time, which is my own personal choice, and I’m really enjoying how everything is working out at the moment, but there is definitely still that part of me that is a little bit apprehensive of what 2018 will entail.

We are all guilty of making New Year wishes and resolutions aren’t we? Yet, so much can change in a year. I’m certainly not the same girl I was back on the 31st December 2016. I have grown, softer in some ways, harder in others and I am at a completely different life point. This time last year all that crossed my mind was my dissertation and the constant state of panic I felt whenever I remembered that it existed. I would have been collecting my survey results around about this time last year and feeling very thankful that everyone’s answers interested me enough, showing I still had interest in my subject! This year, thankfully I do not have the pressures of a dissertation and degree on my shoulders, but pressures in others way. Mainly financially and the whole stigma about not having a full-time job – for the record – I’m not just sitting at home lazing about, I freelance and create – it’s just not in an office with a regular paycheck and a boss. But, this is life, isn’t it? And it’s a little bit exciting for the first time not having a ‘next year’ plan as we go into the New Year.

Regardless, I hope 2018 is magical. I hope I continue to grow, continue to learn things and continue to love to create. I hope I meet some amazing people this year, I hope to step out of my comfort zone more and more and I hope that this year, I pray, sees more peace and love than the last.

So, goodbye 2017, what a blast. From getting a degree to travelling more and more, ultimately, you were fab and a year I certainly will never forget!

The 2018 Goals

Give More of Myself To People

I don’t mean literally by the way… but give my time and my presence to more people. I’m not saying that in a ‘huuuuge ego’ way but simply, make the time to see the people I love more. The world continually shows us that not everything will last forever and truly, none of us knows how long we’ve got, I need to make the most of that and the special people around me. No more forgetting to reply to texts. More Facetime calls to those not near. More trips out. More family visits.

I didn’t even see some of my university friends as much as I would have liked this year. With third-year stress and a dip in my mental health, it meant that most days I was just trying to get to the end and to the point I could go to sleep again. One of my besties is going travelling throughout most of 2018 and there is a huge part of me that wishes I had put more effort into hanging out in 2017 but simply, other life things got in the way. In fact, I haven’t seen one of my university friends for over a year! Life is busy and sometimes that in unavoidable, but it is all about the people who get you through it, isn’t it?

The 2018 Goals
The 2018 Goals
Continue To Work Hard

This year has been the year where I have well and truly put the hardest work and effort into everything I have done. Last year, I was so determined to do so much better at university because there was truly a terrifying moment of fear where I was convinced that I was going to fail and all I wanted to do was feel incredibly proud of my mark. I put the effort in and came out with very nearly all high firsts and only narrowly missed out on a first overall. I was so happy with the work I put in and it certainly paid off. The same with my blog, when university finally finished and I managed to truly sort myself out, I worked really hard on my blog, the design, the content, everything. And slowly but surely it is paying off and I am falling in love with it more and more every day.

I took up other hobbies too, starting to sort out my freelance life and business. It is just a start, but I am determined more than ever to continue to work hard and enjoy working hard. 2017 truly showed me that putting that effort in really does feel fantastic and the final result is all worth it so I am determined to carry that on that mentally and effort throughout 2018!

The 2018 Goals

Take Care Of My Mental Health

In September of this year, I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and given appropriate treatment. This, for me, has helped to soften the ever-lasting blow that anxiety delivered but around this time, I also realised that I wasn’t taking care of myself. At all. I was sleeping all day, I wasn’t eating, I was simply counting down the seconds until I could sleep again and I was struggling to do the smallest tasks. Once I was diagnosed and I realised that I was ill and not just being ‘lazy’ and ‘difficult’ and started my treatment options, I started to realise the value and necessity of taking care of your mental health, even if you aren’t ill. Near the end of the year, I started to take care of my mental health, prioritising how I feel and practising self-care and it definitely helped to make a difference. For me, self-care and putting my health first is taking priority in 2018. I am going to continue to look after myself and take care of myself as and when I need too. It is simply too important to ignore.

The 2018 Goals
The 2018 Goals
Make Happiness the Final Goal

I always, always, always talk about how happiness should always be the final goal. Life is simply too short to not find happiness in everything we do. This relates to so many points in life. People, things, feelings, anything. If something no longer makes you happy or fulfils you, there is simply no need to have it around bringing you down. My biggest lesson learnt in this area in 2017 was people, I couldn’t understand or provide reasons why I was continuing to let toxic people stay in my life. Some relationships could be fixed, others were simply toxic and there wasn’t a way they were going to make me happy. This year, I’m not hanging around, we all have to do things we don’t want to to do, but if you have a choice in something and it isn’t making you happy, it is time to say goodbye.

The 2018 Goals

Start Putting Money Away

I am pretty awful with money. Let’s put it this way, it certainly burns a hole in my pocket! In Summer I managed to spilt half my wages weekly, putting half into my savings account and leaving half for whatever else which helped essentially pay my entire Disney trip. It was amazing and so reassuring knowing I had that money put away. But, after Disney, I never quite got back into the swings of things and found myself spending money without even really thinking about it and realising I never had any put away for days out or emergencies. For 2018, I want to get into the habit of putting half my wages away again, purely to have the money put away for a rainy day, a holiday, a deposit, anything.

The 2018 Goals
The 2018 Goals
Learn Sign Language

I am determined to fully take on a new hobby next year and train myself to continually learn something new. Gotta keep the ol’ brain young and all that! I have always, always, always wanted to learn sign language, I think it’s such an essential skill to have and naturally, gives you the option to help communicate with someone who is deaf or has trouble hearing. I am determined to learn this year, at the very least, at a basic level. Definitely one of those skills I think is essential to have!


What are your 2018 goals?


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