Surviving The Party Season as an Introvert

Surviving The Party Season as an Introvert

Avoiding that FOMO

I adore Christmas. I adore the festivities and ultimately, I do enjoy the parties and social interactions that come with the season. I love seeing family, friends and the front door feels like it is always open with random drop-ins. I love Christmas parties and gatherings. But, there is also another part of me, a big part that is well aware that realistically, I am an introvert. Christmas is already an overwhelming time of year with everything that is going on and missing out on anything definitely gives me a severe case of FOMO in this world of constantly updated social media. Add a long-list of invitations and commitments to that and you’ve got yourself a bit of a situation as an introvert.

Being introverted at any time in any social situation can feel mentally draining and I know I’m not alone when I talk about the need to ‘recover’. There has been many a social situation that I have loved, enjoyed and created amazing memories but then needed the rest of the day/evening to myself just to re-gather my thoughts and potter about. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the odd night out, drinking Prosseco and jamming to a bit of Mariah’s’ All I Want For Christmas Is You wearing something specifically covered in sequins, but I also adore sitting indoors, comfy PJ’s on with a hot chocolate watching The Polar Express and more than once I have turned a social event down to do just that. But, for the past few years, I have learnt to enjoy and embrace parties and social gatherings more, especially this time of year. After all, that’s where some of the very best memories are made. If you are an introvert like me, I hope you benefit from these tips I have picked up along the way for surviving the party season!

Surviving The Party Season as an Introvert


If you have found yourself with a few invitations, Facebook event requests and opportunities that are leaving you feeling a tad overwhelmed and exhausted, I find it’s best to prioritise them. I will never advise avoiding social events unless of course there is a genuine reason as I do find this makes me feel more left out than ever, but if you honestly cannot face every event you get invited to, prioritise them in order of the ones you really want to go to and the ones you should really go to. I’m talking, your best friends pub visit for a few drinks, your Nan’s pre-Christmas gathering and the office party. But, if you are really not up for it, you could probably cancel politely on the random house gathering with that girl from school you haven’t spoken to in years.

Rest-Up & Recharge

Every introvert will know how much energy it can wipe going to social events and as fun as they are, you definitely feel the need to recharge and it is definitely ok for you to allow yourself to do that. If you have gone to the office party the night before, spend the evening getting yourself comfortable, warm and stick on your favourite Christmas movie. If I am feeling like this, I like to turn my phone on silent and ignore the incoming messages, only for a little while to give my brain a chance to switch off and truly relax. Treat yourself to a little pamper evening giving yourself some TLC, anything which makes you feel happy and chilled out.

If possible, it is always great a re-charge whilst you’re at your social event as well. Even if it is as simple as grabbing some fresh air, going to the bathroom or simply finding a quiet spot just to spend a few minutes recharging. I know when I’m feeling a little overwhelmed or tired, getting outside and away from everything that’s happening, even just for a few minutes, really helps.

Surviving The Party Season as an Introvert
Surviving The Party Season as an Introvert

Think of the Benefits

For me, this always gives me a real push to go out even if I’m not feeling it. And these don’t have to be completely ‘selfish’ benefits either. For me, nine times out of ten the main benefit is simply ‘you are going to have fun and make lovely memories’. There are tons of benefits you can think of, ‘this event will be great for networking’, ‘I get to eat really lovely food at this event’, ‘I get to spend time with loved ones’, or even ‘this event is going to put me in a great festive mood!’. It doesn’t matter what your ‘benefit’ is and no one needs to know, but just remembering that can really help as an introvert.

Remember You Won’t Be The Only One

I think this is so healthy and important to remember. If you are going to a fairly large event, I can guarantee there will be someone else there who is also introverted but I bet without asking, you wouldn’t know it. As well, it really helps that being an introvert is something that is talked about so much more now, which really helps with the false stereotype that introverts don’t want to have fun or socialise.

I can assure you at any gathering you attend, you will not be the only introvert there. I can assure you that going to any gathering will make you happy that you have gone, in turn creating wonderful memories and strengthing relationships. I always try to tell myself there is always enough time to relax and be a homebody afterwards!


I wish you the very best of time this festive period and I truly hope that this post has helped you if you are introverted (like me!). If you are, what are your top tips for handling the party season?


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