Putting Too Much Pressure on the Perfect Christmas

Putting Too Much Pressure on the Perfect Christmas

With only two days to go…

When the 25th of the twelfth month rolls around, there is nothing we want more than when Christmas Day comes around than for it to be a wonderful day full of lots of magical memories. In the last few years, I have always strived for the perfect Christmas. Dreamed of a Christmas surrounded by a large family, sharing gifts, eating together and playing games. A relaxed, fun atmosphere that you just cannot beat. Seeing the family you haven’t seen in months, sharing gifts and stories of Christmas past whilst reading out all the dodgy jokes in crackers and getting a bit competitive when you crack out the Trivia Pursuit. We all know that we shouldn’t base romantic expectations on what we see in the movies, or so they say, so I guess the same can be said for Christmas movies too.

Because, the truth is… it doesn’t always happen like that, does it? This post isn’t intended to point out the negatives of that, but the joy of not trying to strive for the perfect Christmas. And why, taking off that pressure can sometimes lead to your very own perfect Christmas, even if it is not what you originally had in mind. Because after all, the 25th day of the twelfth month still has magic sprinkled all over it, one way or another.

Putting Too Much Pressure on the Perfect Christmas

Gone are the days of huge family gatherings in our house where every family would turn up at the door, gifts in hand, a drink about to be put in the other, ready to tuck into the festive lunch. Now, it is a much quieter affair with just the four of us. For me, this certainly wasn’t the idea of the perfect Christmas and I used to hate the fact that our family wasn’t together on the big day but I’ve come to realise that now, this is ok. People have different plans, people travel, people choose to spend the day quietly. And that’s ok. Because family is family, it doesn’t matter if it is a huge gathering or not, the four of us still put in an effort to make the day special and even if we aren’t all together on the 25th, we still see our other family and have a mini Christmas day on the days before. As long as I’m spending Christmas with my direct family, we’ll still have a lovely, lovely day.

There isn’t the pressure to be well behaved in my own home around my grandparents who don’t appreciate me swearing all the time (not saying my parents do either, but you know…), there isn’t the pressure to get perfeclty dressed up if I don’t want to, there won’t be a family argument over who sits where, who eats what and most importantly, I can spend the time with three people who know me best, there’s no pressure and even if it isn’t my idea of perfect, it’s pretty darn close to it.

Putting Too Much Pressure on the Perfect Christmas
Putting Too Much Pressure on the Perfect Christmas

This year, I’m trying not to strive for perfection on the little things too. I would love to spend millions of pounds on decorations to make my home look truly wonderful on Instagram and there is always a little bit of sadness decorating the house as our house isn’t perfect, in dire of a lick of paint and decorating but hey, it is still our home and every year, my parents put in the effort to make it work.

For me, over time I have learnt that the perfect Christmas is whatever you make it. Yes, the Christmas’s in the movies is a massive, Winter Wonderland style affair but is that real life? For the majority of us, probably not. The same with what you have seen online, it is just the very surface and not the whole picture. I may not have a huge family, but I have got my mum, my dad and my brother who always put in so much effort to make sure that Christmas Day is as memorable and as wonderful as it could be. I may not have the picture-perfect house but we are lucky to have a roof over our heads and somewhere to call home. This year, I am no longer feeling the pressure to try and have the perfect Christmas. Because, hey, it’s pretty darn good as it is.


I will be posting both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in the spirit of Blogmas, but I am well aware that most of you and going to be out and about, with family and friends or simply celebrating relaxing just before the big day, so I will take the time now to wish you a very Merry Christmas. I hope you have the most wonderful day, however you are spending it! – Abbi x


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