Our Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas Eve Traditions

24th December 2017

It’s here, it’s here, it’s really here! Finally, it is Christmas Eve. The countdown to the big day is so near the end and it is well and truly the most magical time of the year. The presents are wrapped, the food shop has arrived, A Christmas Carol has been downloaded on to our Sky box ready for later, I’ve circled what I want to watch this festive season in the Radio Times magazine, I’m about to make shortbread biscuits and the Processco is waiting patiently to be opened and drunk in the fridge. It’s the most wonderful time of the year and I am so excited.

For me, Christmas Eve is just as wonderful as Christmas Day. It is just the magic isn’t it? It’s doing all the last-minute tasks, it’s the excitement setting in, it’s that last final countdown. You can truly enjoy Christmas Eve for all it’s worth because you know that the next morning is just as, if not more exciting than the day before. You don’t always get that with Christmas Day as I have never personally been fussed by Boxing Day, but Christmas Eve? It is just pure magic.

We are not a family that have a huge amount of Christmas traditions, but I wanted to share some of the little things we find ourselves doing seemingly every Christmas Eve. The last-minute things to truly get in the festive spirit. So, here are our last minute Christmas traditions. If you and your family have any, please do leave them in the comments below. I truly love reading these kinds of things!

Christmas Eve Traditions

Baking Something Sweet. Now, I am no Mary Berry, but it just seems that every Christmas Eve I find myself in the kitchen adding an unhealthy amount of cinnamon to something. Baking is already such a lovely, warming activity so it is truly the perfect last-minute festive activity. This year, I’m thinking of whipping up some shortbread. Simple but so blooming tasty!

🎄Last minute supermarket dash. It always seems that no matter how many times we pop into our supermarket or how many times we amend the online food order, we always forget something meaning we have to do a very last-minute dash around the supermarket to grab it. Hey who knows, hopefully, we won’t have to this year!

🎅🏼 Pouring the first Christmas drink. After all the stress of the preparation of Christmas has gone away and you’re ready to just enjoy the evening ahead without having to worry if you’ve got enough cheese for the cheeseboard, whether you’ve wrapped your aunt’s presents or if you’ve missed someone off of the Christmas card list, it is the perfect time to pour the first Christmas drink of the day. We normally always go for a classic Snowball or Baileys, but I am also partial to a glass of prosecco to start the festivities!

⛄️ Sitting Down To Watch A Christmas Carol. Disney’s A Christmas Carol is one of the very best Christmas movies ever and what’s best is that my whole family adore it too. When it comes to the end of the evening, we grab our Christmas drinks and all snuggle up on the sofa to watch the final Christmas movie together, just before the big day! It is one of my favourite moments.

🎁 Putting Stockings on the end of our beds. Or, in my case, on the door handle. It seems no matter how old my brother and I get, we still take our stockings upstairs ready to be filled Christmas morning. This has been a Christmas Eve tradition for as long as I can remember and honestly, I have no idea what I am going to do when I move out… let’s hope I have a nice boyfriend who is prepared to put up with my Christmas stocking ways!


So, here is where I love and leave you to complete my Christmas Eve traditions! Thank you for the best year and I hope you have the most wonderful, magical Christmas!

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