My Favourite Bloggers of 2017

My Favourite Bloggers of 2017

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2017 has truly been the year of the blog. This year, more and more bloggers have truly cemented their place in the industry and if you ask me, this has been my favourite year for blogging. Like all good things, there have been some ups and downs (fake followers, bots, declaration) but all-in-all, it has been a wonderful year for the community with bloggers improving left, right and centre. We are seeing boss photography that tells a story, words that captivate and people that inspire. What. A. Year.

I adore reading blogs, always have and more than likely, always will. My perfect evening routine is dinner (of course), a rom-com or sitcom favourite on in the background scrolling down my Bloglovin feed, injecting myself into bloggers’ online worlds reading their latest discoveries, trips and looks. I just adore it.

When it came to whittling down my Bloglovin following list into my four favourite bloggers of 2017, I certainly had a huge task on my hands. I adore so many bloggers and their different content but for me, these are the four ladies who blogs I simply read every time they posted something new. The people who can truly influence me to buy a whole new wardrobe, become my own #GirlBoss and continue to improve my content to reach their high standard. We have got the ultimate blogging babe, the one you go to when you truly want to read something relatable, the one with the truly perfect wardrobe and the one you read on a lazy Sunday afternoon. So, without further ado, here are my favourite bloggers of 2017!

My Favourite Bloggers of 2017
Victoria – In The Frow
My Favourite Bloggers of 2017 InTheFrow

Forget 2017, I think that Victoria is my favourite blogger of all time! I think the main reason I love Victoria, other than her envious writing style that captures you into reading every word and her completely admirable work ethic, is how versatile she is, it doesn’t matter the topic, Victoria will have me engrossed in it completely. She is such a lovely lady and truly inspirational in this industry. Her content is always incredible, captivating and always to the highest standard. Her photographs are seriously swoon-worthy and I can spend hours just scrolling down her blog admiring the truly stunning photography that does so much more than show you an outfit. Her photography always manages to set the scene perfectly whilst drawing emotion. InTheFrow has truly been a joy to read this year and it has been so lovely to follow Victoria’s journey!

Chloe – The Little Plum

It’s not often that I’ll discover a blog and read through the entirety of its’ posts the very evening I discovered it but that is what I most certainly did when I came across The Little Plum early in the year. Chloe is truly an extraordinary writer, a writer that has the ability to quite literally make me howl with laughter (no one does sass like this girl) or leave me deep in thought. She’s brilliant and completely revolutionary as a blogger. I could only dream of being able to convert my thoughts into words that people actually want to read as well as well as she does. 2018 has a lot in store for this lady!

My Favourite Bloggers of 2017 The Little Plum
Josie – The Fashion Mumblr
My Favourite Bloggers of 2017 FashionMumblr

I regularly have those days where I open my wardrobe and nothing inside inspires me and when I do, I head over to Josie’s blog. Her style is simply gorgeous and so so swoon-worthy. She just never gets it wrong! Josie is also so wonderful at telling stories and enchanting you into her online world. Her blog and her achievements have always been a joy to follow. Her photographs have always been some of my favourites in the blogosphere and there simply hasn’t been a post this year that I haven’t adored! I am so excited to keep following Josie’s content through 2018.

Carrie – One Pleasant Day

The perfect way to describe Carrie’s blog is quite frankly, the perfect Sunday afternoon read. Her blog is the perfect addition to any relaxing evening, just grab yourself a hot drink and have a read through. Carrie has such a lovely tone for telling stories and I absolutely love reading what she has to say, her little insights into self-care, the things that have made her happy and beautiful recipes. Her blog is truly a breath of fresh air in the industry full of being busy (not always a bad thing) and I absolutely adore finishing my week by paying a visit to One Pleasant Day.

My Favourite Bloggers of 2017 OnePleasantDay


What a line-up! I am so looking forward to everyone’s content in 2018! Who have been your favourite bloggers this year?

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