Little Ways To Cheer Yourself Up This December

Little Ways To Cheer Yourself Up This December

Practising Self Care

There is no denying that December is the most magical month there is. The Christmas festivities are all around, twinkling lights in every window, smiles on everyone’s faces, it’s the season of goodwill and making incredible memories you’ll want to remember for years to come. But, even with the touch of magic in the air, it is also an overwhelming month. The pressure for the perfect Christmas, the pressure to perhaps see family you would not typically see for your own reasons, the pressure to make sure everyone has the perfect gifts, the pressure to make sure this year day is as good as the last. The financial pressure can be pretty tough too, it’s an incredibly expensive time of year and the costs associated with Christmas can leave you overwhelmed and anxious.

But, it is such a wonderful time of year and I want you to know that if you are feeling a little overwhelmed this December, it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s important to remember to take care of yourself and even in the season of goodwill and giving, please do devote some time to you too. There’s time for everyone this December, even you. I always encourage self-care and I really do truly encourage it this time of year. It is healthy and ok to take a break if you need to.  Practising self-care does not even have to take a lengthy amount of time too, in fact, most of the things I have listed can take anywhere from half hour to an evening tops. Just small acts of looking after yourself and putting you first can really make a huge difference in your mood and how you approach situations. So, here is how I’m looking after myself and cheering myself up this December.

Little Ways To Cheer Yourself Up This December

01. Call a friend! In the current day, it’s almost on trend to be ‘super busy’ all the time and we all know that sometimes weeks and even months go by without talking to our friends so if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and need to have a good old rant/laugh, give an old friend a call. Someone you know will listen and crack infinite jokes. It is amazing how good you both feel afterwards.

02. Turn Your Phone off. I’m not saying forever (would that even be possible in the 21st century!?) but perhaps just for an hour or so in the evening to allow yourself to relax distraction free. Stick on a heart-warming Christmas movie, grab yourself some tasty snacks and a hot drink and let yourself full relax in a calm zone.

03. Give yourself a pamper evening. December is truly the perfect time to give yourself a little TLC as you can go full-on Christmassy or keep it simple. I love running myself a hot bath, adding some Christmas Lush goodies, popping on my favourite face mask (the T-Zone Charcol Black Peel Off Mask is my current favourite), some calming Christmas music in the background and allowing myself to truly relax.

Little Ways To Cheer Yourself Up This December
Little Ways To Cheer Yourself Up This December

04. Give Yourself a Manicure/Pedicure. I personally love the time of the week I give myself a little manicure/pedicure. I stick on a good movie or Youtube (I already have tons of Vlogmas to catch up with!) and just take that time out to do something for me. Pick a lovely Christmas Colour (at the moment, I’m loving a classic red with a little glitter) and dedicate half hour to it. Plus, we all love the feeling of a manicure don’t we, always makes me feel much more ‘together’.

05. Have a Sing-Along! Open up the Christmas Playlist on Spotify and just have a little sing-along. It’s Christmassy, fun and a great stress reliever whether you are Mariah or not!

06. Enjoy organising yourself. I have always said it is a great idea to write down lists all. The. Time. When it comes to Christmas, I write down a list of the budget I have for every person and then, of course, a list of what I want to buy them. Use pretty stationary, your favourite pen, anything that can make it a little bit more enjoyable. It always pays off to be more organised as it will help keep an eye on your finances and what you buy taking off that stress at this time of year.

Little Ways To Cheer Yourself Up This December
Little Ways To Cheer Yourself Up This December

07. Create a Chill Zone. If I am feeling particularly overwhelmed, I love to create the space around me as calming and relaxing as possible. Lighting a few scented candles is my favourite (the Yankee Christmas Magic one is delightful this time of year), turning on the Christmas and fairy lights and reading through a few pages of my favourite book. This year I am determined to read a Christmas Carol, I have never read it before and because it is a story we all know and love, it will be a comforting and nostalgic read!

08. Treat Yourself To Something Cosy. This time of year is so ideal for treating yourself to something warm and cosy. I recently bought some fluffy Primark reindeer PJ’s but also have my eye on these beautiful Geroge at Asda ones! I also love shopping around for the comfiest throw this time of year too. It’s practical and everyone loves treating themselves to something new!

09. Take Time Out If You Need To. Do not be afraid to say no to social events if you really do feel as if you cannot go or afford it financially. I touched on this in my Surviving The Party Season as an Introvert post but it is really ok to say no sometimes. If you need to wind-down or just spent some alone time, even in December, it is truly ok to do so! There is still plenty of time to catch-up, I promise!


How do you like to cheer yourself up if you feeling overwhelmed this time of year?


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