How To Stay Productive This Winter

How To Stay Productive This Winter

Staying Motivated

Even though we are currently going through all the excitement of Christmas and everything that brings, Winter can be a specially hard season. It is cold. It is dark. The days feel incredibly short with the nights dragging and feeling as if they last forever. I know that I personally always struggle with this time of year, once Christmas has been and gone and there isn’t the excitement of the festivities, everything just goes by a little slower and there can almost seem to feel as if there is this bleak outlook on life.

I know that in a few weeks time all I will want to do is curl up on the sofa in my cosiest PJ’s cracking open the leftover tub of Quality Street watching cheesy rom-coms until it’s time to sleep. I find it hard to get on with work in winter and find any motivation at all to get on with the simplest of tasks. SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is a very real thing and can be summed up as depression that comes and goes in a seasonal pattern with Winter regularly showing the hardest of symptoms. Even if you do not suffer from SAD, Winter can still be a very hard month, especially as we lead into the New Year.

But, we all know that sometimes doing the littlest of things can help in the biggest ways and today I wanted to share some of my tips for keeping yourself productive during Winter. Keeping those motivation levels and trying to find the very best in this season! Here’s to a wonderful Winter!

How To Stay Productive This Winter

Get Enough Sleep (And wake up earlier!)

Getting enough sleep is essential any of time of the year to help stay productive (and awake!) but I certainly find that I need my full eight hours in Winter more than anytime. With it getting dark and bleak so early, it’s already so easy to feel tired and lethargic so by making sure you’ve had the right amount of sleep your body needs, you can help tell between the feelings of actual tiredness due to lack of sleep and tiredness due to it being Winter and everything that involves. Getting a good nights sleep is so effective on our mood as well, I know that I am always that little bit happier with a small spring in my step if I feel as if I have had a decent nights slumber!

I’m personally yet to try it (it’s on my wishlist though) but the This Works Can’t Sleep Kit┬áis meant to be amazing at helping you fall asleep easily alongside Lush’s Sleepy. Anything to help, eh!

Believe me, waking up in the dark and when it’s minus god knows what outside doesn’t equal me jumping out of bed to start the day. But, by setting your alarm a little earlier (and going to bed a little earlier too) means that once your up and about, you’ll experience more daylight, equalling in the nights not feeling as long (thankfully!). When Winter really started to kick in, I found myself sleeping into about ten or even eleven in the morning just because I wanted to stay warm in bed. But by not sleeping till about one am, it was so dark for long and I just hated it. Instead, I now go to bed around eleven pm and wake up around half eight. The difference it has may in my mood is amazing! And because I’m up earlier, even just seeing the daylight for longer outside my Window whilst I’m typing away really helps to keep me productive!

See the Daylight

Even just getting outside for ten minutes a day can really help with your productivity. We all know that being in the daylight is good but fresh, the crisp air also really helps to wake me up and revitalize me. A short walk around the local park or even to the shops can really make the difference to my day and it is always lovely to see the delights of Winter whilst you’re out and about, honestly, there is something very beautiful about a frosty morning!

One of my favourite things to do to get me out and productive is to use the time out and about effectively. For instance, if I am going for a short walk around the park, I will just let my mind wander and find inspiration in the beauty of Winter. Or I’ll grab my laptop and to-do list and walk to the local coffee shop to do some work there and lastly, bringing the dogs out with me which of course, benefits them too! Just make sure to bring all your Winter woollies with you! Onesie: optional.

How To Stay Productive This Winter
How To Stay Productive This Winter

Find The Magic in Winter

Winter, despite its arctic temperatures and short days, is a truly beautiful season and we are lucky to get to experience it here in England. We typically have negative thoughts surrounding Winter and sometimes, just changing those thoughts can really play a huge part in improving your mood and therefore improving your productivity.

Frosty mornings, ice crystals, cosy nights in, hot chocolates, warm apple pies, snow, ice skating, fluffy scards and hats, Christmas, new beginnings, the beginning of Spring, fairy lights, cosy fires, dogs wearing coats, rosy cheeks, pumpkin spice, nutmeg, cinnamon, spending gloomy Sundays baking, bright days, relaxing with a good book, homemade soup, lighting up a room with candlelight and last but not least,bubble baths. Winter truly is a magical season.

Set Goals & Reward Yourself

One of my biggest motivators to stay productive is that feeling when you have finally achieved a goal. Nothing beats that feeling of pure accomplishment when you have worked hard and it has eventually paid off. Winter is the perfect time of year to re-evaluate your goals and gives you the chance to think about what you would like to achieve before the end of the year.

For me, my goal to achieve before 2018 starts is Blogmas! It is my first year of giving it a go and it takes up so much time. Not a complaint at all, I’m really enjoying this and by having this new project, it is keeping me motivated and actually excites me which is just fab!

Rewarding yourself when you complete your goals is a great motivator too. Whether that reward is simply a break or a little shop on ASOS heading straight towards your saved list, having something to look forward too can help you race towards the finish line. Talking of rewards, I am yet to figure out just what I am going to reward myself with if I post all twenty-five days of Blogmas… any ideas?!


I hope these tips help you with your productivity levels this Winter? What is your number one tip for staying productive in the colder months?


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