How To Start Your Day Better

Wake Up Happy

I’ve learned the hard way that starting your day at the very first point productive is the main key to help to keep it productive. A poor routine used to lead me to 3 am bedtimes, 11 am wake-up call and lazying about for hours until I physically forced myself to do something. It was never healthy and it never helped with… well, just about anything!

After another day of feeling sluggish and tired, I snapped and decided something had to be done about it. I’m someone who can’t go cold-turkey with anything, I have to train my body and mind to work with me, I have to give change time and I have to allow myself patience. I’m currently working two jobs and blogging as well so all-in-all, there isn’t room for laziness. There isn’t room to sleep into 11 am. Things had to change from that university lifestyle.

There were a few ‘rules’ I kept in mind. If I want to sleep in, I won’t turn the alarm on during the weekend. Same goes with late-nights; If I want to stay up till 1 am watching movies or listening to music, I do so on the weekend. Of course, there are moments I still groan when the alarm goes off, there are moments I weaken but mostly, I’m staying on track. And I’m happy with that!

So here are my tips to help you start your day better.

How To Start Your Day Better SimplyAbbi
How To Start Your Day Better SimplyAbbi
How To Start Your Day Better SimplyAbbi
Stick To A Wake-Up Time

For five days a week, I stick to the same wake-up time. 8:00am. The plan is, once my body gets fully used to that, I will start setting my alarm for 7 am. I’m not naturally a morning person at all so I’m well aware it’s all about training my mind to think I am.

I use Sleep Cycle to not only wake me up, but also to track my sleeping. What I love about Sleep Cycle is instead of just blaring the alarm the time you set it, it detects by your movements how ‘awake’ you are and tries to wake you up when you’re most awake, so you don’t get a rude awakening that shocks your body up. I’ve been waking up so much better thanks to this, I simply set it for around 15 minutes of my ‘I have to be up or I’m going to be really late’ time and I’m waking up less annoyed and more content! And I’m also getting a much better idea of how well I’m sleeping which is helping me understand my sleeping pattern more. For example, my body wakes itself up at 3 am every day even if I don’t ‘notice’…. why?!

How To Start Your Day Better SimplyAbbi

Ignore The Phone

As tempting as it is to immediately close down your alarm app and head straight to your emails or Facebook, try and ignore your phone until after you’ve eaten breakfast. When you wake up, turn off your alarm and do some light stretches instead. This wakes up your mind and muscles and you feel relaxed and content. Get out of bed and make and eat breakfast, allow your body the time it needs to adjust and then, check your phone if you wish.

At this point, I’m already up, I’m starting to feel ‘normal’ so checking my social networks isn’t going to tempt me to stay in bed longer. Sometimes the news can be upsetting and sometimes even your Facebook or Twitter feed can be too, so it’s not something I want to start my day with. I leave social media and especially emails till later and I give myself the morning completely to myself.

How To Start Your Day Better SimplyAbbi
How To Start Your Day Better SimplyAbbi

Don’t forget Breakfast

The number of times I’ve left the house without having breakfast over the years is shocking! We all know it’s the most important meal of the day so it’s really important to try and have it every day. After all, breakfast kickstarts everything.

I allow myself time to prepare and enjoy eating breakfast. The second I feel rushed is the second I tend to not want it, so I know allowing myself that time is important. I like to try and make something healthy and nutritious also. Don’t get me wrong, there are still some days where only a bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes or Wheeto’s will do, but I try and make sure to have some yogurt, granola and fruit or porridge with fruit some days throughout the week as well.

If you don’t have much time in the mornings, you can always prepare breakfast the night before, we all know how popular overnight oats are right now, for example!

How To Start Your Day Better SimplyAbbi

Prepare Yourself The Night Before

For me personally, this has been the best change I’ve made yet that has helped with starting my day better. Doing these simple tasks the night before saves me so much time in the morning where I’m obviously much less awake. It allows me more time to prepare and eat breakfast, complete a full skincare routine and just simply… not have to rush.

Every night before an early start, I like to pick out what outfit I’m going to wear and lay it out on my desk chair. I always check the weather app to get a rough guide of what it’s going to be like and plan it from there. I also pack my bag the night before and sometimes sort through what makeup I’m going to be wearing too.

I was actually a little bit shocked how much more productive and ready I felt; no more rush rummaging through the wardrobe attempting to put an outfit together and no more packing my bag in two minutes I have left to leave. I always used to forget something (normally my glasses or pens) and I was just rushed and left the house feeling horrible. This has completely changed that!


Are you a morning person or a night owl?


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