The Christmas Day Photo Album

“It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”

Oh, Christmas Day. How I adore you. From waking up at a ridiculous hour in the morning because mentally, you are still a kid who just wants to open their presents and give the family the presents you brought them eagerly. To sitting down for the ever-so-famous and looked forward to Christmas lunch… turkey, pigs in blankets, telling the ridiculously bad jokes you find in your crackers, wondering which one of you got the red plastic fish that can tell you how you are feeling this year. Dusting off the board games and playing several rounds of Best Of British, realising you can only answer the questions regarding X Factor, I’m A Celeb and Lakeside shopping centre and drinking boatloads of prosecco to numb the embarrassment of losing again at Frustration.

Lazily watching the Christmas television in the evening, nursing your food baby and scrolling through Instagram to see how everyone else spent the picture-perfect day. Once again going through the gifts you received thinking about how lucky you are. Your dad drunkenly making god awful jokes at the TV. And wishing that ultimately, Christmas hadn’t been and gone as quickly as it did this year and every year before.

I hope you had the most magical day filled with love, joy and endless laughter. Here is a little glimpse into ours.

All my love,

Abbi x


Christmas Day Photo Album
Christmas Day Photo Album

Christmas Day Photo Album

Christmas Day Photo Album
Christmas Day Photo Album

Christmas Day Photo Album


I hope you’re having a lovely Boxing day!


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  • These photos are so adorable!!
    liv xx