The Haircare that Saved My Blonde Hair

Haircare that Saved My Blonde Hair

The Mix and Match Haircare

Ever since discovering the wonders of bleach five years ago, we have had a long love/hate relationship with each other. I definitely prefer myself as a blonde and people tell me they agree, but I can’t always bare to part with the hundreds of pounds it costs to highlight, maintain, style and care for bleached hair. It is a pretty tough relationship, one that requires a lot of effort, tender-loving care and patience, after all, you cannot just bleach your hair and expect it to be in the same condition it was naturally.

As a student, I would just pick up whatever shampoo and conditioner were on special when I was doing the food shop and would make do until they run out. Even though I was spending a few quid on actually getting my hair bleached, I then wasn’t bothering to maintain it probably, ending up with dry, brittle hair that didn’t like to be styled or dealt with. Not only was it a waste of money spent getting it done, it was also a huge waste of time. What was the point of spending over £100 getting my hair coloured if I wasn’t going to look after it? It looked awful, felt awful and I knew I needed to start looking after my hair more.

So, let me introduce you to my new hair care routine. No more picking up cheap shampoo and conditioner, I have definitely learnt that spending a little bit more money (not even huge amounts) can truly make a huge difference and finally finding a hair mask that doubles up as a miracle worker when it comes to repairing damaged hair. My hair is well and truly thanking me, so for that, here is the haircare that saved my bleached hair!

Haircare that Saved My Blonde Hair
Haircare that Saved My Blonde Hair L'Oreal Silver Shampoo

L’Oreal Professionnel Silver Expert

I’ve been blonde on and off for a good five years now, going from just some simple highlights to full-on platinum, so it is safe to say I have tried a good few purple shampoos in my life. Purple shampoo works by helping reduce brassy tones that bleaching can sometimes present. It’s perfect for easy use at home and can give your blonde hair a little refresh in colour whilst you are between salon appointments.

One of my favourite purple shampoos is the Bleach London one but I did find I was getting through my bottle extremely quickly (bearing in mind I have quite thick and longish hair) so wanted to give something a different a go. After a quick search online, the L’Oreal Professionnel Silver Expert was quickly on it’s way to me.

This is intensely purple – which is always good to see and does a really good job at keeping the brassy tones at bay but what I really love about this is that my hair still feels in the same condition as it did before I used it. Purple shampoos can be notorious for drying out hair and when you have been bleaching it, that is less than ideal but thankfully, the L’Oreal shampoo keeps my hair feeling beautifully soft and doesn’t seem to reverse all the goodness my hair mask has done.

It is wonderfully concentrated, lathers up nicely (a little goes a long way), keeps your hair beautifully soft and actually keeps those pesky gold and brass tones at bay, the L’Oreal Professional Silver Expert shampoo is the only purple I will be re-purchasing at the moment!

Haircare that Saved My Blonde Hair Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture

Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo

When I was a teenager, I always used to steal my mum’s Paul Mitchell Shampoo and Conditioner and honestly, I always remember my hair being in really good condition, so when it came around to bleaching my hair again, I decided to go back to what I already know. Bleaching your hair strips the hair of its moisture so I definitely wanted a shampoo that’s going to do its job of thoroughly cleaning the scalp but wouldn’t strip my hair of any more moisture and continue to dry it out.

Considering I was someone who used to hate shampooing my hair (hello tangles), the Paul Mitchell Shampoo is a joy to use. It lathers up beautifully but my leaves my hair feeling completely normal and soft. This shampoo has added panthenol which penetrates the hair to help repair the damage which is so wonderfully ideal. For me, this shampoo is definitely worth every penny as I have never used a shampoo before this that’s made my hair actually feel healthy!

Haircare that Saved My Blonde Hair Pureology Strength Cure

Pureology Strength Cure Conditioner

Typically, it is encouraged to use a complimentary conditioner to your shampoo but I decided to step out of this routine as I tend to require different things from my shampoo and then my conditioner. I need something that is going to inject a healthy dollop of moisture, tame frizz and in general, improve the overall appearance and health of the hair. It’s a big ask, but after reading countless reviews, I settled on trying the Strength Cure Conditioner Pureology as on paper, it ticked every box.

This leaves my hair feeling truly wonderful. Soft, manageable and even feeling strong. Since using this, my hair doesn’t break as much and is easier than ever to style, which is just amazing! This conditioner is ideal if you have colour treated hair that has grown weaker and damaged over time and one use of this completely transformed my hair, it’s honestly as if it’s strengthening and softening each strand in the process. I had so much hair chopped off when I did my first round of bleaching again and only after six weeks my hair has already grown so much fuller and thicker and amazingly, other people have noticed too. Pureology wasn’t a brand I had used before, but this conditioner has well and truly won me over!

Haircare that Saved My Blonde Hair Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus

Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus

If you were to ask me, Abbi, out of the four products you’ve talked about, what is the one you’d recommend the most and my answer would one hundred percent be the Redken Mask. I purchased this at a time I was completely down with how my hair looked, it was flat, breaking constantly, I was unable to style it and it just looked awful. I coated my hair entire with the mask, left it on for most of the day and could feel the difference straight away when washing it out.

I recommend this to anyone whose hair is brittle and frizzy as this mask definitely works on both of those qualities perfectly, taming frizz effortlessly meaning I don’t have to use as many heat products which of course, definitely helps in the long-run for my overall condition for my hair. This mask is definitely a hair saver and the perfect starting point if you are truly at a loss with your hair and it’s condition. It rescues and repairs the hair whilst giving it a good dollop of TLC and is the perfect treat for your hair. Because I use a lot of heat and my hair is bleached, I tend to use this every other wash and it’s definitely maintained the quality nicely.

What is your favourite hair care product?


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