Staying Cosy This Winter

Ready For The Chill

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I don’t know about you guys… but I am blooming cold! This week alone I have dug out the electric blanket (what a beauty that is!), wrapped myself up in my rather impressive collection of throws and blankets, found my favourite bobble hat and slept in the fluffy PJ’s for the first time since February. It’s cold, Winter is definitely upon us and right about now, it’s time to get cosy.

As the temperatures drop, my wardrobe full of t-shirts, shirts and playsuits is replaced by hoodies galore, fluffy jumpers and waaaay too many coats in a bid to stay cosy, comfy and warm in the Winter. I crave stupid amounts of homemade soups and rummage around my house to find the ol’ Harry Potter box sets. In fact, you will most likely find me, Chamber of Secrets on in the background, wrapped in my classic Primark Christmas throw doing my Christmas gift shopping online. After all, what better way to spend your spare time when it’s only a few degrees outside!

Here are my tips for staying cosy (and happy!) as Winter starts to come closer!

Staying Cosy This Winter
Staying Cosy This Winter
Staying Cosy This Winter

Invest In Some Cosy Knitwear

The first step to getting cosy in Winter is investing in some warm and cosy knitwear. I’m talking fluff, thick, cable-knit, roll-neck, you name it, it will be in my wardrobe. I have been wearing this yellow Primark knit now almost permanently over the last few weeks, I just can’t help it! It is so soft and the high neck is perfect for those days I forget to pick up a scarf. Primark is obviously perfect for knitwear, but I also love H&M, Missguided and the knitwear and cosy wear staple, Jack Wills.

With Christmas coming up as well, I love to give cosy knitwear as gifts as typically, as long as you know the basic style of the person you are buying for, you cannot go wrong with a classic, timeless piece that will be worn in Winters to come. This year, I’ve been eyeing up Jack Wills knitwear as it is beautifully classic and Jack Wills is a brand we all know and love. In fact, the jumpers in their menswear section (here: Christmas gift ideas for men) are amazing (I’ve always brought my jumpers from JW in the menswear section, I just love the fit) and I reckon my brother and dad would love some of the pieces! The perfect cosy gift that can be loved by all!

Get Outside

Honestly, I feel you, when it’s blooming freezing outside the last thing I want to do is go and explore but let’s admit it… doesn’t everywhere look so beautiful at the moment?! The beautiful remains of the Autumn colours, the Christmas lights dotted down the high street, Christmas Markets and Lights Switch on all make me feel super cosy. There is nothing like standing down your local high street at the Christmas lights switch on with some mulled wine, your comfiest coat and carol singers.

Plus, getting outside and getting some fresh will always make you feel amazing and refreshed which in turn definitely makes you feel cosy, especially when you finally get home after a brisk afternoon walk out!

Staying Cosy This Winter
Staying Cosy This Winter

Get In The Kitchen

In Summer, the last thing you want to do is stand over a hot oven when the sun is shining outside, so this time of year is truly the ultimate time to get yourself in the kitchen and start making some wonderful homemade food. After all, there is truly nothing a homemade soup, stew or pie cannot fix! At the moment, I’m truly obsessed with alllll the comfort food and it is just so warming isn’t it?!

I may not be the best cook, but I recently been making my own hot chocolate with Nutella, a dash of cinaamon, marshmallows and cream recently and it has been delightful. It’s so tasty and comforting the just the perfect Winter drink!

That doesn’t exclude baking either, I am loving all the festive inspired baking which is basically me adding a ridiculous amount of cinnamon to things. Beautiful.

Create a Blanket Fort

It’s just got to be done, hasn’t it?! There is nothing cosier than being draped in your favourite throws and blankets and it’s just the perfect way to spend a chilly and rainy evening.

If you can, definitely invest in an electric blanket and I promise you won’t even feel love like the first moment you try out that bad boy. My university housemate Becca kindly gave me hers and honestly… I think it’s truly the best thing she ever did for me. It’s so soft and cosy and on those nights where getting into bed feels like you are stepping into an igloo, an electric blanket will truly be your best friend forever and ever (or, at least till Spring).


What are your top tips for staying cosy this Winter?


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