Introducing the L’Oreal x Cheryl Lip Kits

The Newest Lip Kit on the Town

You all know how I feel about lip kits. I love them. I’m not sure if it is the novelty of having a lip liner and complimentary lipstick in one little set or the ease of having a lip liner and lipstick that is meant to go together. Either way and for whatever reason, I love them. I sometimes feel like the minority, but I do really like them. Kylie Cosmetics has a wide range of shades not all high street or even high-end brands have and the formulas are wearable. But, long shipping times and high customs charges put me off ordering regularly. I love Makeup Revolution’s offering and that is still one of my go-to’s but my obsession with lip kits meant that when L’Oreal and Cheryl announced that she would be releasing her own lip kits, I just knew I was going to have to get them.

Cheryl has released three limited edition shades, a beautiful peach, a classic burgundy and a grey tinted lilac and even with just three shades in the range, Cheryl has covered the basics whilst taking it one step further. We have a variation of a nude, a red and something a little bit different. The lip kits come in cardboard packaging which features swatches of the lip colours and features a L’Oreal lip liner and complimentary matte liquid lipstick (which has packaging goals!). They are priced at £9 each which for a drugstore item that boasts two products, is, in my opinion, a really good price. Especially when you compare it to Kylie’s offering. I went for all three shades when Boots were having a 3 for 2 offer and it is definitely worth keeping an eye out for the 3 for 2 offer if you’re after all three as naturally, you’ll only pay for two. But, without further ado, here are my thoughts.

L’Oreal x Cheryl Lip Kits

L’Oreal x Cheryl Lip Kits Paint it Burgundy

L’Oreal x Cheryl Lip Kits Paint It Greige

Paint It Peach

L-R: Paint it Burgandy, Paint it Greige, Paint it Peach

The Lipliner and Lipstick

The lip liner is perfectly creamy but not too soft it that it doesn’t offer a precise line. I’ll admit that I am pretty useless at lip liner (anything that requires precision is a no-no from me) but the texture of this makes it super easy to apply and more importantly, wipe away if you have messed up. I love the pigmentation of the liner too, I don’t have to work too hard with it, a light hand is enough.

The liquid lipstick almost has a mousse texture and a velvet finish which I blooming love. Whilst I would say that the finish is definitely matte, the texture is velvety which offers a finish that is not entirely flat and thankfully, this doesn’t sink into my poor dry Winter-suffering lips. Like the liner, it’s beautifully pigmented, a bit sheer, but can definitely be built up if you want that more statement finish.

Regarding the applicator, at first I wasn’t sure if I would like it but the shape and tapered end makes precise application so easy which is just essential when it comes to liquid lipsticks. I do sometimes have to give the applicator a little wiggle before applying as oddly, it doesn’t always come out perfectly coated which can lead to that sheer finish but honestly, the colour and finish are definitely worth it!

L’Oreal x Cheryl Lip Kits Paint It Burgundy

Paint it Burgundy

You cannot go wrong with a burgundy especially in Autumn but I would definitely say that this borders more on a brown than a red. It is still a beautiful shade that is universally flattering but I would have loved it to have had a touch more red as opposed to the true brown I think it is. I also found that this was the most ‘glossy’ of the three and didn’t really dry down matte at all, which is a shame. Out of the three, this is my least favourite shade but still beautiful none the less!

L’Oreal x Cheryl Lip Kits Paint It Burgundy

Paint it Greige

This shade was definitely the most exciting purely because I haven’t got another lipstick that is a similar shade in my collection. I have never really felt I could pull off cool-toned lipsticks but the dash of lilac in this makes it a little more wearable and almost makes it the ‘alternative Autumn shade’… which you know, I just love. Berry’s are all over our lips throughout Autumn, so I love that Cheryl has gone for something a little different, something you don’t see on the high-street typically. This does apply a little sheer at first but can definitely be built up without flaking or feeling uncomfortable. Definitely my go-to Autumn shade this year!

L’Oreal x Cheryl Lip Kits Paint it Greige

L’Oreal x Cheryl Lip Kits Paint it Greige
L’Oreal x Cheryl Lip Kits Paint It Peach

Paint it Peach

Kylie’s peach lip kit has been on my lust list for a little while so I was pretty excited when I saw Cheryl was offering her own version. The peach is a lovely, flattering shade that has a touch of warmth to it which makes this kit universally flattering. In some lights, this definitely looks more like a brown-nude but in direct light, it is definitely peach. At first, I was a tad disappointed that this wasn’t lighter but upon wearing its few more times, I have really grown attached to the shade and if you see me out and about to the shops, cinema, the everyday errands and you ask me what lip colour I am wearing… it is this. The perfect everyday peach that packs a punch making it a little bit more statement. I love it!

L’Oreal x Cheryl Lip Kits Paint It Peach


Have you tried the L’Oreal x Cheryl Lip Kits? Which one is your favourite?


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