Introducing: The Unibox

The Unibox

Calling all students, this one is for you!

Being a student definitely has its perks. You may not feel that way when you are knee deep in assignments, dissertation planning and lectures but when you consider the offers and deals aimed specifically at students (holla at me 10% off ASOS), the perks can definitely ease the blow of the workload. This is why I am in love with the Unibox. A monthly subscription box aimed specifically for students featuring six to eight full-sized (!!) products including healthy treats, stationary and all-around useful student things. I.e, one of the best ideas ever. I just love the idea of the Unibox. As a student sometimes just looking at your calendar can be a mood-killer, with the only things to look forward to are deadlines, meetings and the weekly food shop which is where Unibox really sells itself, inspiring balance into students lives by giving you something to look forward to and something to get excited about. Of course, Unibox understands that money can be pretty tight as a student (especially a month or so before loan drops) so have created several plans for you to choose from, dependent on your budget. You can go for a one-off box or pick from the three other plans, whichever suits you. What’s best is that you can cancel and rejoin at any time which could not be more convenient for students.

Unibox very kindly sent me their September box and I couldn’t wait to show you the contents. As I have just graduated, I obviously cannot benefit from Unibox anymore (why didn’t I know about it before I graduated?!) but if you are currently a student, you certainly can! The September box is aimed at going back (or starting) university and every month the box has a different theme – think exam season, Halloween etc. AND if you want to get yourself a Unibox, make sure to use BLOG5 to get you £5 off of your first order – so perfect for giving Unibox a try! So, without further ado, here is the September Unibox!

The Unibox

The Unibox September

The Unibox Plans

1 Month – £21.95
3 Months – £62.85
6 Months – £119.70 – Save £12
1 Year – £189.50 – Save £30


Let’s Take a Look Inside, shall we?

  • The Unibox Magazine

The magazine is based around the theming of the box for that month. This month’s magazine featured a little description of the products inside, some fun little features such as ‘Freshers Fails’, a guide to Goal Planning and Surviving Freshers, an interview and even some recipes which I really liked.

I was actually really excited to see some tea in here (who doesn’t love tea?!)! Recently, I have been getting into more teas outside of the typical Breakfast Tea so I’m excited to give this a try! When I was a student doing my weekly food shop, I rarely bought anything outside of the stuff I knew I liked and was going to use (more money for the university student union shop meal deal basically) so would of loved to receive something like this that I can try or stick in the house for my housemates to try as well! Matcha Tea is also calming, energising and let’s’ be honest, there is nothing a cuppa can’t fix!

Again, another item that I doubt I would have picked up when doing my food shop yet is lovely and healthy. BE is a healthy, natural drink that is made from fruit and vegetables and counts as one of your five a day which is amazing! The one in my box was orange, carrot with a splash of water and considering the only drinks I really consumer are Coca-Cola and tea, I really liked this! Perfect for taking with you to lectures, obviously for keeping you hydrated which in turn helps with focusing and also healthy and good for you!

It is safe to say that I was pretty excited to see this, especially when I saw the words ‘good-for-you dessert bar’, is there anything better?! This is gluten-free, 1 of your 5 a day, organic and doesn’t have any added sugar. Not only that, you can enjoy it on the go (a cheeky snack in lectures!) or pop it in the microwave for 10-20 seconds instead and enjoy warm. This was truly delicious and I’m definitely going to have to look into this brand and see if they have any more healthy, delicious treats.

  • Munchy Seeds Omega Sprinkles

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t that excited by these but actually, they are really nice! These little sachets are full of all the good stuff, sesame seeds, sunflower, pumpkin, linseed and more making them high in fibre, Iron, Zinc AND more. Ideal for a small snack of perfect other salads, lovely if you like a bit of a crunch, like me, apparently they are pretty brill blended in a smoothie too!

  • Optiat Hungover Coffee Scrub

This is one of those times I wished that the internet had smellavision because this coffee scrub smells incredible, really strong but such a fresh, awakening coffee smell with added peppermint. It just feels incredibly energizing, perfect for a morning shower and also has tons of benefits for your skin, the main one being getting rid of dry and dead skin cells. The coffee grounds work as a natural scrub and the caffeine helps to improve blow flow and even cellulite. Natural, smells amazing and works. I’ve fallen pretty in love with this product!

This really made me smile when I saw this in the box. We always need reminders that mental health is really, really important and this served as that little reminder. This is an iron-on patch meaning you can add this to your denim jackets/jeans, bags and more to go on and serve that reminder as you go about as well. ‘Warrior Not worrier’ is just a really lovely message in general and this was a lovely, thoughtful addition to the box. Mental health awareness is also really important at university’s in general, it’s never not important.

  • The Unibox Card Holder

You have got to just love a little useful item, haven’t you? This handy little rubber holder sticks nicely to the back of your phone meaning you can carry your cards/id around. Perfect for nights out if you don’t want to carry a bag around or just want something secure that you can constantly have your eye on (that’s if you’re like me and always physically carry your phone around). Perfect for Freshers!

  • The Unibox Goal Planner

You guys know me, I am obsessed with stationary so you can imagine I got pretty excited when I saw this in the box. You guys also know I am pretty obsessed with the whole palm print thing that’s pretty on trend at the moment, so this goal planner ticks all the boxes. It is especially useful to have and implement goals when you are at university. Whether that’s to get focused on what you need to do in order to pass or to serve as a reminder of the things you want to do that aren’t just university-themed. Or both! Either way, this planner allows you to keep track

This is definitely one of those items that I would probably never have thought about buying or needing but, now that I have it, this is definitely useful! I am guilty of leaving my razor on the floor of the shower but this little gadget is definitely going to come into use. Certainly a useful addition to any university house!

My Thoughts

All-in-all, I am SO impressed with the Unibox subscription box! I think the product selection is pretty amazing, there really is an impressive mixture of items, with different functions and uses which I just cannot help but think is so perfect for students. All the items would definitely get lots of use and I love that the box is going to introduce you to new brands/products that you may not have heard of or wouldn’t typically try. As a graduate, I can definitely say that I would have LOVED this box at university. The treats are just perfect, healthy and definitely would have been in my university bag and taken with me for lectures. We all know I love stationary anyway and the little extras would have been the little something extra that either I would have made use of or if I didn’t think I would find a use, someone else I know would.

I think it is such a brilliant idea and the fact that you do not have to commit to a fixed plan is ideal – money isn’t going to stretch that month? Cancel and concrete on what you need to and then simply start up again when you do have the extra cash. Definitely, in my third and final year when all I could think about was my dissertation and the ever-growing workload, knowing that I had a surprise coming in the post every month really would’ve given me something to look forward and just a little something to open.

I love Unibox and I am very jealous if you can take advantage of Unibox – oh, how I wish I had known this had existed when I was student! If you can take advantage, remember to use the code BLOG5 over on the Unibox website for £5 off of your first box – you have until October 16th to order the Hocus Focus October box (doesn’t this sound amazing?!)

What do you think of the Unibox? If you are a student, do you think it is something you would like? Or, if you have been a student, would you have wanted this whilst you were at university?

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