Glossier Haul and First Impressions

Glossier Haul and First Impressions

The Hype is Very Real

Glossier. The beauty brand that has truly taken the world by storm with its’ simplistic and functional packaging, dreamy skincare and makeup products with an affordable price tag attached. I have no doubt that your Twitter and Instagram feeds have been full of endless hauls and photographs of that pink packaging and even I’ll admit, I may have seen enough bottles of Milky Jelly cleanser to last at least a few months.

I love the idea of Glossier: clean, simple products that I can afford. Yes, I do adore luxurious packaging but I have been truly sucked into the clean aesthetic Glossier have adopted. The products are beautifully straight-forward and I think they have made it easy to find what you are looking for. Some skin care brands go to luxury to the point I can feel slightly alienated by their products, especially when it isn’t always straight-forward what they are and what the function is, whereas that isn’t a problem over at Glossier. Their make-up follows the same philosophy too, allowing the product to really do the talking and that’s what I’m all about.

I placed my order on the Monday launch and received my order on Friday which I thought was really impressive considering I didn’t go for the express delivery option, the delivery was free and I had even received an email from Glossier apologising for the delay. Customer service at its finest. The order comes wonderfully packaged with even the cardboard box adorned with a Glossier sticker and inside was a little ‘welcome and hello’ card, a pack of stickers (which, yes, are already all over my laptop) and my products sealed in the now-iconic pink bubble-wrap package. All-in-all, I was really impressed and it got me super excited to order from them again… naturally.

Here are the products I choose for my first Glossier order and my first impressions!

Glossier Haul and First Impressions

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Glossier Haul and First Impressions

Milky Jelly Cleanser

When I first heard of Glossier it was way back, months ago even and I’m pretty sure it was Anna who was talking about the brand and straight off the bat, I knew the Milky Jelly Cleanser was going straight into my online basket. Priced at £15 (super reasonable if you ask me!) and described as a conditioning face wash, this has become a cult beauty item, something everyone needs in their bathroom type product.

Sadly, I do think this may have been a victim of its own hype as this didn’t wow me. Maybe I was expecting more, I’m not sure but my skin doesn’t feel much different than after my first cleanse (this cleanser really isn’t one for makeup removal) but I’m hoping the benefits are perhaps more visible long term.

Though, saying that, this is fresh, a dream to apply to the skin and doesn’t flare up any redness or sensitivity for me. I tend to avoid using creamy cleansers purely because my sensitive skin cannot always handle them, so whilst this didn’t exactly knock me off my feet, it works wonderfully with my sensitive skin and may be the reason I continue to buy this! Definitely, one for if you want something simple and ideal for sensitive skin, but perhaps miss this if you are looking for something that is heavy duty and can remove all your makeup.

Glossier Haul and First Impressions

Cloud Paint in ‘Beam’

In terms of that ‘wow’ factor, that is how I felt when I tried the Cloud Paint for the very first time. I have such a love/hate relationship with blusher, I don’t always like the finish look, cream blushers can sometimes highlight my pores and I nearly always go slightly OTT with the look so for me, Cloud Paint is perfect!

I dab the tiniest bit (literally, not even pea-sized, go smaller) on the back of my hand, dab it delicately into the skin with my fingers, then use a blending sponge to blend it out and soften the look and it looks fabulous. It offers a lovely hint of colour (that’s buildable, by the way) that isn’t greasy or shiny and is completely natural. In fact, I think I may have found my new holy grail blusher, it’s beautiful and Beam is truly the most perfect colour for me.

Like the cleanser, this is also priced at £15 with four shades, which again, I think is really reasonable. If you think you’re going to love yourself a bit of Cloud Paint, you can also get a duo set where you can pick two of the four shades for just £25. Which is pretty amazing if you ask me (and also what I should have done…).

Glossier Haul and First Impressions

Boy Brow in ‘Brown’

I have always loved Benefit’s Gimme Brow (hello dupe) but could never really justify the price for it, I was always looking for a cheaper alternative that lived up to same standards and finally, I think I may have found it. Boy Brow is £6 cheaper than the Gimmie Brow and I won’t lie, the two are incredibly similar, but I think Boy Brow may have just won it based on the price point alone. Boy Brow thickens, fills in and grooms your brows using the teeny-tiny spooli and let me tell you, it does a pretty good job! This grips onto my brow hairs nicely and my favourite thing is that this shapes and sets your brows. I can get all the little hairs exactly where I want them and then set them using the product, so I’m really happy with that.

Again, similarly to Gimme Brow, this definitely deposits way too much product at first and can make your brows look and feel super stiff and feeling a bit like hair gel so I do recommend for the first few times scraping off the excess product and I guarantee your brows will look and feel pretty good! I like this so much I already have the clear one on my wishlist, I’ve recently put more blonde in my hair so I feel as if my brows are really bold at the moment, the clear Boy Brow would be perfect for this, as I can shape and set my brows without adding any pigment!

This product is definitely small but mighty and priced at £14. More expensive than your drugstore offerings but it really is one of the better eyebrow products I have tried so far!

Glossier Haul and First Impressions

Haloscope in ‘Quartz’

I was never going to place a makeup order and not get a highlighter, was I?! I adore highlighters, not only are they just stunning, they are definitely my favourite part of my makeup routine, I just love the glow. Haloscope is Glossier’s offering, citing it as a skincare and makeup product all in one. The outer halo, as they call it, has crystal extracts for that glow and the inside is solid oil with vitamin-rich moisturisers. As fully, expected, I love this. This delivers the perfect amount of glow (again, very buildable if need be) and really does look beautiful. It’s not an in your face highlighter, but it’s the perfect every day and I can’t help but think it’s a lovely natural glow – almost as if you haven’t got a highlighter on at all, but your skin naturally catches the light like that.

I think this kind of highlighter application takes a little while to get used to, especially when you are so used to using a brush which allows you for precise application. On the cheekbones and down the nose this glides beautifully on (it’s even creamier once you have used it a few times) but it gets a little tricky when applying to the cupids bow and under the brow bone, but, still, the glow is worth it. I love the colour too and it is perfect for my skin tone. Though you can guarantee that next summer, Topaz will be firmly in my makeup bag…

Haloscope is priced at £18 and just perfect if you want to avoid the chunky glittery texture or just looking for something a little more natural.


I may of only have bought four products this time around but my wishlist is still looking pretty huge! Have you ordered from Glossier yet? What have you got your eye on?


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