The Three Bases in Rotation

Three Bases in Rotation

The Base Factor

Foundations. For me, one of the hardest things to buy in the makeup world. With different formulas, undertones, shades, finishes and application methods, it isn’t always an easy job finding your perfect base. Even harder in the UK where samples are almost impossible to come by and companies don’t accept returns on makeup. For this reason alone, I have only ever tried one high-end foundation (thankfully, I liked it! Looking at you NARS Sheer Matte) and despite having a long wishlist full of high-end beauties (Sheer Glow, Double Wear, Luminous Silk are all firmly on that list) I’m just always paranoid of dropping a large sum of money on something that wears differently on every single person.

This is why, for the last few years living on a strict student budget, I’ve stuck with my old favorites, rarely stepping out of my comfort zone buying any new foundations, instead simply re-purchasing what I already know works for me. Gimmie dewy and lightweight finishes and I’m a happy girl. Sure, one day I will most certainly invest in something on my wishlist (just going to add the Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundation on there whilst I’m here as well…) but for now, these are the three bases I’ve been rotating in my makeup bag. All three have a different need and purpose; I have one for those good skin days, one for the everyday ‘I’m just popping down the shops or off to work‘ look and one for when I want or need a little bit more coverage.

Three Bases in Rotation
Three Bases in Rotation SEVENTEEN BB Balm

The No Makeup Makeup

The SEVENTEEN BB Balm is the latest base in my collection and I’m sure am glad it’s made its new home in my makeup bag. For those days where I’m just popping into town, down the shops or on the dog walk, this is what I reach for, something to help disguise blemishes, redness, and help to even everything out. The coverage is really impressive as far as BB Creams go, it’s beautifully dewy (yay!) but doesn’t borderline on shiny and I promise you can go without powder too. That’s what makes this the perfect everyday product, it blends wonderfully which means you can apply it quickly and easily (I use a brush but you can definitely use your fingers for ease) and you and your skin is good to go. Definitely one for when I have a good skin day; this isn’t great at covering really angry blemishes or large patches of redness, but of course, a bit of concealer helps with that too. But, for the most part, I do find myself reaching for this when I’m angry spot free.

It’s got SPF 25, it’s a lovely travel size and perfectly affordable and definitely one of those makeup products that you should just have in your makeup collection, BB balms are wonderful for those ‘I just want a tiny bit of coverage to even me out’ days, the days where you don’t want the faff and feel of  full coverage foundation. My only issue? With only two shades, it’s not going to be ideal for everyone and in a world where Fenty Beauty has 40(!) different shades of foundation, this is an area I would love to see SEVENTEEN improve on. Especially as there isn’t even a dark version, simply just light and medium. For the record, I use light and it’s rather impressively a very near perfect shade match (if it helps, but NARS foundation shade is Mont Blanc).

All-in-all, a shocking shade range but a lovely, lightweight BB cream that does the job as and when I need it too.

The Everyday

BB Creams are lovely but sometimes your skin just needs that little bit more ‘something’ when it comes to your base. On these days, I always reach for the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. A foundation I have truly adored for years, the Healthy Mix foundation is a blogger favourite for a reason! I’m yet to try another foundation that gives me as flawless a finish as this, it’s beautifully dewy, giving a silky finish to the skin, lasts me as long as I need it too and the coverage is buildable. It’s just one of those foundations that looks really lovely on the skin, remaining natural but stays put throughout the day, just what I need for when I’m out and about or at work.

This was always my favourite throughout university too. It’s just so easy to apply (this is a foundation you can apply with anything and it looks pretty good either way, my personal favourite is with a sponge for a lightweight finish but fingers or a brush work just as well) and would last me perfectly well throughout my university days. I didn’t ever need to wear massive amounts to university, just something that was going to even everything out and still give me a little bit of coverage, this was always the perfect choice.

For me though, one of the biggest benefits that the Healthy Mix foundation has is how it makes my skin feel. I mostly suffer from dry skin and foundation can most certainly highlight that or at least feel as if it is making it slightly worse. But, my skin still feels hydrated and most importantly, normal, when I’m wearing Healthy Mix. When I apply it, it doesn’t adhere to any dry patches and it doesn’t look cakey or separated, even on my driest areas (mainly around my nose). This is why I mostly reach for this every day, because, even if my skin isn’t feeling too perky, this can give my skin and I the little extra confidence it needs.

If you were to ask me, I would honestly say that this foundation is one of the very best on the high street. No biggie.

Three Bases in Rotation Bourjois Healthy Mix
Three Bases in Rotation Rimmel Match Perfection

The Going Out One

For those days, or evenings, where I require something a little special, I always, always reach for the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. I’m talking those days where I want all the coverage but a lightweight feel, something that is flawless and something that will cover everythinnng. And Match Perfection hits the nail on the head, every time. Not only does it offer an irresistible coverage, it boasts SPF 20 and similar to Healthy Mix, feels quite hydrating on the skin, not at all heavy or congested.

The finish is lovely as well; dewy but not shiny but can still be powered down without looking too flat. It’s just one of those foundations that looks lovely in photographs too… this is what I wore to my graduation and it lasted me all throughout the ceremony and picture taking sessions and believe me, that was a very hot and long day and my base still looked just as it did after I applied it.

Out of the three bases, this also has the most impressive shade range, with twelve shades compared to Healthy Mix’s nine shades. The drugstore certainly has a long way to go when it comes to shade ranges, but straight away, this foundation is more accessible to people than say the SEVENTEEN or Bourjois one.

All-in-all, when I need a foundation to last or want something a little heavier, this is the foundation I reach for, knowing it’s going to look beautifully dewy and last me all day without having to check my makeup regularly.

I’m always on the hunt for my ‘perfect’ foundation and whilst I think I have come pretty close, I’m always open to more suggestions! What is your favourite base product?

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