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Bye, Bye Blackheads!

As a teenager, my skin was my biggest concern in life… alongside boys, puberty, school, bras and all those other teenage things too… obviously. But, my skin was definitely at the top of that list. I had awful acne and alongside those other teenage dramas and seeing perfectly smooth skin in all the magazines, it was so upsetting. On top of that? I did not understand my skin at all, the acne was bad enough but another thing bothering me was blackheads. I didn’t understand what they were and I certainly didn’t know how to get rid of them. Growing up, my acne has been dealt with by medication and the pill, but I still have those stubborn blackheads.

I have tried a lot – scrubs, different kinds of scrubs, steaming, extracting (gross I know), the odd pore strip and whatever else but blackheads are stubborn little things aren’t they? Nothing has really worked long-term so it was back to the drawing board. Then, T-Zone got in contact and asked me if I wanted to try some of their Charcoal and Bamboo range, naturally, I said yes and a few days later the Cleansing Wipes, Pore Strips and Peel-Off mask landed on my doorstep. Social media has been loving those videos of people peeling off their charcoal masks (definitely am guilty of watching them!) so I could not wait to give this range a try!

Here are my thoughts.

T-Zone Skincare


First up, let’s talk ingredients. Charcoal draws bacteria, chemicals and other nasties to the surface of the skin which naturally, makes it the ideal ingredient for pore strips and peel-off masks with the whole idea of ‘pulling’ out the blackheads out. When paired with Bamboo, it ticks all the boxes. Bamboo is a great healer which is perfect for skin that may be slightly irritated after trying to get rid of all your blackheads, not only that, it has some moisturising benefits too, also essential for irritated and possibly inflamed skin. The two main ingredients work together nicely to do the job of removing blackheads but then also to soothe and repair the skin after.

T-Zone Skincare Black Cleansing Wipes

Black Cleansing Wipes

I am always slightly hesitant when ever I use makeup wipes, they don’t have a positive rep in the beauty world with many skin care experts saying they are not even worth using but I do believe that you should always be removing your makeup of an evening and sometimes, cleansers, micellar waters and all that can be lengthy process. Makeup wipes speed that process up and are also perfect for travelling. I’d rather remove my makeup with a wipe than not at all, so I was willing to give these a try.

I have been using these daily for the last two weeks and I gotta say, they do a really good job at removing makeup, especially eye makeup which is normally a little tricky with wipes. My skin feels nice and clean afterwards and not with that horrible tight and irritated feeling some makeup wipes can give you. I have sensitive skin and it hasn’t flared up once when using these, I can see my makeup is removed, my skin feels normal and since I have been using them, I haven’t noticed any breakouts or blemishes.

These definitely get a thumbs up from me. They have those ingredients benefits which are already pretty good for the skin and remove makeup easily, without needing to scrub or combine with another product. These are perfect for festivals, holidays, late-nights etc. A proper cleanse is always ideal but these are a lovely alternative if you don’t have the time or resources. I always think it’s a good idea to have some makeup wipes handy anyway!

Pore Strips

First things thing, I love how affordable these are, priced at just £5.99 for twelve strips, amazing! Most pore strips are a pretty expensive skin care item so these are a great bargain and perfect for those who want to try using pore strips for an inexpensive price. As for how they work? TMI but I have quite a few blackheads on my nose and I am happy to say that these dramatically reduce the appearance of them. Like any skincare, really, they are not miracle workers and I fully expect I will never quite get rid of my pesky blackheads but I am honestly amazed at how different the appearance looked, I was really impressed!

For best results, I use these after I have showered or bathed as the hot water would have helped open up my pores a little, wet your nose as per the instructions and apply. I don’t tend to time it but simply play it by ear, when it has ‘hardened’ to your nose, it’s time to peel it off and let’s be honest… none of us can help but have a real good look at what’s on the strip, can we?! Dare I say it is one of the best things about pore strips… the instant gratification?!

Pore strips are typically quite drying but I find these ok, I personally, once I have removed the strip, I leave my skin to ‘settle’ for a little while then moisturise as normal and my skin feels fine. For me, the result is well worth a little redness and a slight dryness for a short amount of time – I do these in the evening, so it is really not a problem!

All-in-all, I think I’ve found my new favourite pore strips and I’m hoping that with long-term use, my blackheads will continue to reduce over time. Yay!

T-Zone Skincare Nose Pore Strips

Peel-Off Mask

This was the product I was most excited/intrigued about and I’m pretty happy to say it didn’t disappoint! I’ll admit, I was slightly apprehensive to use this as previously mentioned I’ve watched all those videos of red-faced teens trying to pull this off their skin, tears in their eyes and all sorts! But, my experience using this was not like that at all (thank god!). The formula of this is gooey and at first, can feel a little tricky to work with but it’s a texture and feel you soon get used to. I applied this purely on my nose, pores and chin first, I did not feel the need to apply to my less problematic areas or areas where there are typically fine hairs – I’m not very good with pain, can you tell?! Again, after letting it dry (this takes a little longer than the pore strips – a great one to do on a pamper night to keep yourself busy!), I was SO ready to peel this off.

Thankfully, there certainly was not any pain at all. It felt tight on the skin but not uncomfortable and peeling it off felt no different than taking off the pore strip. Those with super sensitive skin or a lower pain threshold than me (and mines not even very high!) may find it slightly more uncomfortable than I did, but this mask feels actually quite gentle on my skin! The result was again, pretty satisfying! I did not notice it removed anymore or less of my blackheads but it certainly did remove something and my skin felt clean afterwards. I found the results more noticeable the next day, my skin just felt nicer and clearer, my chin especially looked better too!

I really do enjoy using this mask! It does a bloomin’ good job of removing nasties and it has the benefit of being able to apply to areas your nose strip cannot – so perfect for your chin and forehead if they get pretty congested too. It’s easy and like I said, the pain is practically non-existent. But, this is definitely one for the PM as this left my chin and nose looking pretty red and for quite a while after too. But when you’re only watching Netflix till stupid hours of the morning… that doesn’t really matter, does it?


All-in-all, I am SO impressed with the T-Zone Skincare range. I can see visible results from affordable products that are easily accessible. It simply ticks every box and I could not recommend these three products enough! 

Have you tried any of the T-Zone Skincare range?


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