Underarm Skincare with Dove

Underarm Skincare with Dove

Introducing the new Dove Anti-perspirants

Growing up as a teenager, my one requirement for deodorant was that it would work its’ anti-sweating magic all day whilst I was at school. I just wanted something that worked and whilst I know that the risk of irritation has always been present (we have all been there) it is not something I particularly cared about until recently.

I apply moisturiser to my face and my body to add hydration and help prevent my skin from becoming dry and irritated and I hate the feeling when I do not, so why, when I regularly shave and therefore, potentially irritate my underarms, do I not do the same there? The underarm area is an area that is prone to sensitivity and dryness from repeated shaving, waxing and deodorants, so I was so excited by Doves’ new release, reformulated deodorants that help protect and care for underarm skin whilst still serving their original purpose to help keep sweat and odour at bay.

With four new formulated deodorants that are moisturising and protecting, there is a deodorant for every person. For those who like to keep things simple, the Original and Invisible Dry is ideal, those with sensitive skin can reach for the Sensitive spray, and for those who like a scent, the Fresh Cucumber and Green Tea, Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena, Grapefruit and Lemongrass and finally, the Fresher Pear and Aloe Vera, provide you with a wide range of choice for protecting your underarms.

Underarm Skincare with Dove
Underarm Skincare with Dove
Underarm Skincare with Dove

With their signature moisturising cream and skin-care ingredients that you will see in face creams, the deodorants feel beautifully soft and comfortable on the skin, in both the spray and roll-on format. Dove has always been known for their overall gentle and comforting feel, and it is no surprise, but these newly formulated deodorants are no different, carrying on the standards Dove are known for.

Scent wise, I adore the Grapefruit and Lemongrass roll-on, it is so unbelievably fresh and instantly uplifts my overall mood, helping me to wake up in the morning and feel energised if I feel the need to re-apply at any point in the day to freshen up. The scent is long-lasting and makes me feel confident, knowing that any sweat and odour is under control, especially when we have a little heat wave like we did last month!

Dove Deodorants can be found in Superdrug, Boots and in supermarkets and prices range from £2.59 to £4.19 and with roll-ons, and differently sized sprays, there is a deodorant suited to everyone!

Have you tried Dove deodorants before? What do you think of the newly reformulated deodorants?


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