Top Beauty Hacks with SEVENTEEN

Top Beauty Hacks with SEVENTEEN

The SEVENTEEN Blogger Relay

I am so excited to be working with one of my favourite drugstore brands, SEVENTEEN on this post! They came up with fab idea to create a blogger relay, so me and ten other bloggers will be posting all our beauty hacks over the last few weeks of July and into August! I am SO excited to be involved and I cannot wait to see what the other bloggers’ post and what beauty hacks I am going to learn from them too!

How it works: every week a different blogger will post their beauty hacks and then at the end of the post, they will pass the baton on and link you to the next blogger so you can go off and read their post the following week, if you happen to come across a post that is doing the SEVENTEEN blogger relay, they will also have a link to the post before, so you can read everyone’s posts! It is so exciting, I love a good blogger collab me! I am so excited to be kicking the relay off and at the bottom of this post will be the link to the next blogger, so we would love it if you could follow along!

But for now, we’re talking beauty hacks. Those little secret tips and tricks to help make applying makeup a little easier. Little hacks that can take your makeup application from a  7/10 to a pretty solid 9/10. I have been applying makeup since I was 16 years old so naturally, I’ve picked up a few little nifty beauty hacks along the way and now… I am sharing them with you! Passing the knowledge on, however you wish to put it, regardless, I hope you find it useful! And remember to share your secret beauty hacks too, I want to know!

Top Beauty Hacks with SEVENTEEN
Top Beauty Hacks with SEVENTEEN
Top Beauty Hacks with SEVENTEEN
Top Beauty Hacks with SEVENTEEN

Dab Highlighter in the centre of your eye

This is one of my favourite little nifty hacks so definitely needed to go first on my list! I have no blooming idea where I read this but it is such a great little hack to open up your eyes more. No matter the eye look, whether simple or smokey, dabbing a little highlighter in the centre of your eyelid really opens the eye up in a natural way. It is one of those you do not notice it until you do it, but now I do it every time I do my eye makeup!

Use a contour/bronzer for an eye crease

If you want to save space in your makeup bag, a bronzer and/or contour can easily double up as a beautiful crease shade for your eye makeup. In fact, I use this when, for example, I have a palette that does not have any matte shades or simply no brown shades, a contour shade is normally the perfect shade to add a little definition and shape to my eye!

The SEVENTEEN Define and Conquer Kit is perfect for this – the contour shade is a beautiful crease shade, warm but not too dark and the highlighting powder works perfectly as an all-over-the lid shadow. I do love a versatile product and this is perfect!

Top Beauty Hacks with SEVENTEEN

Apply Concealer in a Triangle Shape

Don’t ask me why, but applying your under-eye concealer in a triangle shape instead of a straight line or whatever, really helps to lift and brighten the eye area. I have been doing this for yonks now and I find it really makes the difference. I completely cover my pesky dark circles and looks so much more flawless than just a little dab under the eye. Magic, really!

Use Concealer Lighter Than Your Skintone

On the subject of concealer, using a concealer at least two shades lighter than your skin tone on those under eye areas really helps to brighten your skin creating a beautiful finish that I don’t get when I use a concealer that matches my skin tone. See, it really is the little things that make allll the difference isn’t it?! This can be pretty hard if you are fair skinned, but the SEVENTEEN Stay Time Concealer in Extra Fair may be a perfect choice for those needing something really light!

Top Beauty Hacks with SEVENTEEN

Highlighter is fab if you’re stuck for time

I personally find that if you’re running out of time to do your makeup, skipping bronzer and blusher and going straight to highlighter works to give you such a healthy, glowy look that means you can get away with a little less base makeup. For me personally, the highlighter is enough for me to feel put together and lets me honest, we all know how fab highlighter is. This one might just be me, but who knows, next time you’re stuck for time, skip the contour, skip the blusher and go straight for a highlighter, and you’re guaranteed a beautiful dewy look all day! Add some mascara (it’s gotta be SEVENTEEN Long Lash, hasn’t it?) and a bit of lippy and you’re truly ready to go!

And there we have it! I hope you found some of these beauty hacks useful, if you did not already know them but now it is time to pass on the baton. Next week, *drum roll* the wonderful Monochrome Daisies will be posting her very own beauty hacks, so make sure to pop along over there to catch the post! I can’t wait to see what she writes!

What is your top beauty hack?


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