Thoughts on Turning 22

Thoughts on Turning 22 SimplyAbbi

I’m feeling twenty twoooo

I cannot believe I am writing my birthday post, the last year has whizzed past since I wrote my 21st birthday post about the 21 lessons I have learnt in 21 years and now I am at the official age where I can stick on Taylor Swift’s 22 and finally *relate*. It is actually my birthday today so you will be able to find me on my sofa, hopefully, surrounded by cake, boomeranging the sh*t out of my birthday balloon.

Birthdays are funny ones, aren’t they? It is a day that is expected to be *amazing* and just full of good things but over the years I have allowed my birthdays to be less extravagant (apart from the big ones – my 18th and 21st and all that), the day typically spent mooching around town and the evening spent in the company of my family at one of my favourite restaurants chomping on some good food. I have got used to spending my birthday primarily with my mum, my dad will work until the afternoon (gotta earn that ££ after all), some of my family do not drive or will pop around for a birthday cuppa when they have the chance. It has been this way for the last couple of years, my closest friends have come from university so are scattered about and I can never be bothered to make a huge fuss for a get-together when we have all got busy lives and things to do, we tend to fit that in whenever we are free and plan something fun then. At 21 22 I have finally learnt that I like things to be quiet and simple, growing up I thought it was abnormal not to have a big party or stay out till 4/5am, now, I just embrace it.

Thoughts on Turning 22 SimplyAbbi

Where I am at

So what are my thoughts on turning 22? It is a strange birthday as this is one of the first years in my life where nothing in concrete, nothing is technically planned. I want to avoid using the word ‘lost’ but I almost am lost? I do not have university or school to fall back onto. I am in that dreaded limbo that every graduate fears, the time between finishing university and finding that first job. I have talked before about not rushing into the full-time, post-uni job and taking a little bit of time to work out truly what I want to do whilst doing this blogging thang and working part-time, but with everyone else around me having their own say on things (why what I am doing with my degree matters to strangers I do not know) and everyone else seemingly having a plan, I feel a little lost, without direction, without any stability.

Despite this, I am also trying to embrace the freedom. I work part-time in a pub so when I serve that last pint at 11 o clock I can go home and truly switch off, not carrying the baggage of work with me. It means I can wake up in the morning and hours of ‘free’ time to blog. I am the worst at saving money (it is one of my birthday resolutions… is that a thing?!) and one of my biggest fears was getting a job in London (or anywhere that required money and/or travel) and not having a penny to get to that point. At 22, I feel like I perhaps should be a little bit more ‘together’ but as I have said, I am trying to simply embrace where I am at, and take it step by step!

Thoughts on Turning 22 SimplyAbbi
Thoughts on Turning 22 SimplyAbbi

Happiness is the most important thing

It has also taken me a full 22 years to realise that happiness, always, always, always is the most important thing. I have spent days, weeks and sometimes even months wallowing in my own sadness and this past year especially has taught me that that just is not what life is about. It is about being happy and doing things that make you happy, laughing out loud, cosy nights in with Harry Potter on the telly, eating big handfuls of sweets without feeling guilty, spending way too long playing with the Snapchat filters, gossiping about boys with your besties like you’re 15 years old again and listening to the Cheesy Hits playlist on Spotify in your car and singing along proudly to every word. Yes, there is going to be bad days, weeks and maybe even months, but just knowing in the back of your mind that happiness truly is the answer…. I promise everything will be alright.

Kindness & Compassion

And lastly, my final thought of turning 22… I want this to be the year of being nicer, sharing more positivity and love around without a limit. I have the tendency to read texts and messages and forget to reply, I have the tendency to lose the track of time and not speak to my favourite humans for weeks and I have the tendency to forget to just send my friends and family a little love sometimes. Negativity does not help anyone and I want to make sure I am being the very best human I can be.

Thoughts on Turning 22 SimplyAbbi
Thoughts on Turning 22 SimplyAbbi
Thoughts on Turning 22 SimplyAbbi

The Outfit

Let me tell you, I have been so keen to photograph this beautiful shirt dress for you. It is originally from Topshop but I managed to snap this up for a bargain price on Freddy’s Depop. It is such a timeless piece, the material soft and lightweight and the colour so perfect for Summer. I have been wearing it non-stop, it looks so lovely with a tan and is just so easy to dress up and down i.e my perfect wardrobe piece.

This beautiful bag is also something I have been wearing plenty of. It is a stunning Koko Couture faux leather bag* (you can find them in Topshop!) combining three of my favourite things: pink, tassels and gold. You have probably already seen this in my Gran Canaria post last week, I took it with me and ended up using it every single day. It is just the perfect Summer bag, it is roomy enough to have your essentials in there with a tiny bit of space left for any extras (portable phone chargers, mirrors and lipstick etc) and the cross-body style makes it comfortable and it is just my favourite style.


And that is that, I am officially 22. Another year older? Where has all the time gone, eh! I hope you are having a lovely Monday whatever you are doing!


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