Teeth Whitening with Nano Whitewash Whitening Strips

Nano Whitewash Whitening Strips

That Hollywood Smile

Having a beautifully white smile for me is key for my confidence. But, with huge price tags attached to treatments and the risk of painful sensitivity alongside that, getting that bright smile is not always the easiest thing. But this is where Nano Whitewash slips nicely in. A blogger favourite, Nano Whitewash offer a whole range of whitening products to help you achieve white teeth at a fraction of the cost of typical treatments and, what is best, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home, and you know me, I am all about that life!

With toothpaste, mouthwashes, floss and even a tooth sensitivity serum (gimme!), there is definitely something for everyone, something for whatever suits you best. And hey, if you want to go full out, there are plenty of kits too, meaning you can truly tailor their products however you wish. I have been trialling out the Intensive Whitening Strips for the last few weeks to help whiten and brighten my teeth and I am pretty excited to tell you all my thoughts. Teeth whitening strips typically are not easy to get here in the UK, so straight away, I am already all over these purely because they are so accessible!

So without further ado, here are my thoughts on the Nano Whitewash Teeth Whitening Strips!

Nano Whitewash Whitening Strips

Nano Whitewash Whitening Strips

Nano Whitewash Whitening Strips

The idea of these is that you apply them for once a day for half an hour after cleaning your teeth as normal for two weeks to achieve a beautifully bright smile. Once you get the hang of applying them to your teeth and remembering to actually do it, I found myself incorporating them into my routine easily, for me, the best time to apply them was in the evening whilst I did my make-up removal and skincare routine. Super easy and I never really found them to be a chore.

Once they are on your teeth, it takes a few minutes to get used to wearing them and the texture and overall feel. I cannot say it was something I particularly enjoyed but certainly was not unbearable. Once the first few minutes passed, they were fine and I got used to the sensation pretty quickly. The only thing I did not enjoy was taking them off. The gel-like texture sticks to your teeth and the ‘taste’ of this did not feel great and I did not really like it but it is nothing that gargling a bit of water won’t fix. I found this to be the most ‘annoying’ thing about the routine, if anything, trying to get the extra gel off of your teeth after.

One of the things I really loved was that throughout the whole course of the strips, I did not once get any sensitivity or pain. I already suffer from sensitivity and was almost scared of using these, but I did not feel a thing! Which was amazing and again, really added to the ease of using these. As for the results? I am SO impressed. Pesky stains I had from my Cola obsession have lifted and my smile is overall brighter and if I say so myself, looks SO much better than before I had used these. On top of all that, I started to notice results really early in the course, which is a great motivator to keep using these when you already start to notice a change!

All-in-all, I am really impressed with the Nano Whitewash Whitening Strips, more so than I thought I would be! They are effective, affordable, easy to get in the UK and gives such a lovely result and they have certainly encouraged me to try more from the Nano Whitewash range!

Have you tried anything from Nano Whitewash yet?


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The Nano Whitewash Teeth Whitening Strips were sent to me in consideration of a review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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