June Favourites

June Favourites


I cannot believe I am writing out my June favourites… how on earth are we in JULY?! I am super excited though, July is looking to be a pretty exciting month. First up we have my birthday on Monday (I can confirm that I will be having the T Swift on repeat all day). It is only a few days away now and I have not really considered any plans, birthdays are always typically a quiet affair, I do not like to go too over the top with them so it will probably be a nice meal out with the family in the evening and perhaps a day-time trip down to Old Leigh which is my favourite place to spend a sunny day. Next up is my graduation, I am so looking forward to heading back to Brighton and celebrating the last three years of hard work! Next up is G’s 21st, I am so looking forward to spoiling her for her birthday especially considering I missed her birthday celebrations last year! I have got an idea for her present already, I am pretty skint right now (oh the joys of post-university) so I have to get pretty creative, but I am super excited for it!

So, so far, three major things are planned and I am hoping more fun stuff pops up soon but I am also well aware I have just come back from holiday and with Disney planned in September, I need to save, save, save but can we believe that when I come around to writing up my July favourites, I will be 22 and a graduate? No, I cannot either.

But for now, we have only just finished June so here are the products I have adored this month!

June Favourites

The Lipsticks

KKW by Kylie Cosmetics Lipsticks

I’ve spoken a few times before about my love/hate relationship with Kylie Cosmetics but this time, Kylie (and Kim) really got it right. If you had asked me at any point this month what lipstick I was wearing, it would have been one of these four beauties.

I find the cream finish much more favourable than her matte offerings, they are still ever so slightly drying but are much more comfortable on the lips with the much creamier texture. The colours are flattering on my skin tone but everyone who knows me knows that pinks and nudes are right are my street so I welcomed these much more everyday friendly nudes into my arms willingly. Not only that, the packaging is better too with a pink matte finish (including the box) which means I am more likely to keep these together and on display. Kylie… your prices and shipping may be slightly ridiculous, but this collection ticked every box.

The Eyeshadow

MAC Cosmetics Paintpot in ‘Bare Study’

As much as I love to play around to create different eyeshadow looks, when it has been as hot as it has been (we all remember the little mini heatwave, right?!), I just want to go with something quick, light and easy which is still pretty and still ‘something there’. Thankfully, MAC’s Bare Study Paint Pot ticks every box. This cream shadow is a beautiful champagne shade that has a little addition of shimmer, it looks truly beautiful on the lid, captures the light effortlessly and is just perfect for a simple, everyday look.

This MAC Paint Pot is a creamy texture that applies effortlessly to the lid and I always find this is applied best with your fingers for a fuss-free application! As always by MAC’s standards, the pigmentation is impressive and lasts me as long as I need it to. A beautiful shade that looks truly beautiful in this Summer heat.

The Hair Product

Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is my savior and you can trust me when I say that I have tried ridiculous amounts of brands, different types, all with the same function of helping reduce the appearance of grease and giving you an extra day without a hair wash. Batiste has always been my personal favourite brand; I can always rely on their products, the scent is always lovely and the dry shampoo itself is not overly heavy nor does it show too much.

As of right now, the tropical scent is my current favourite one, given it is Summer and all that! There is a hint of coconut and that overall, typical Summer holiday smell I have always loved. It naturally uplifts and refreshes my hair and with the scent, my mood too! One of my must have Summer products!

The Nail Polish

Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polishes

I have already reviewed these (post here) but I could not not mention them in my June favourites – purely because, nail-wise, these are the only polishes I have been wearing!

All five colours are beautiful, with the red (Flamenco Beach) being my ultimate favourite! They are long-lasting (a good four/five day solid wear time on me), beautifully shiny and a shine that is just so impressive and beautiful.

The best part? I have not had to spend a few hours in a salon getting my nails done nor have I had to pay over £30 to get them done, these help me to achieve a very similar look to salon nails and for someone who likes to change their colour regularly but still want the quality and shine of salon nails, these are just so ideal!

The Moisturiser

Garnier Moisture Bomb Skin Active Moisturiser

It occurred to me at the beginning of the month that I did not have a face product that featured SPF in and especially as we enter the Summer months, it was definitely time to purchase one! With the little money I had (student joys), I went for something from Garnier, a brand I trust and have loved for many years. I choose their Garnier Moisture Bomb Skin Active Moisturiser.

As a moisturiser this does what I need it to; hydrate and not leave a greasy layer on top of my skin after application, the added addition of SPF is a perfect and just so ideal for a quick get up and go product every day! At £7.99, this is a pretty fab budget option too!

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What has been your favourite product of June?

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